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Photos used in most scams belong to other people. The same set of photos is often used under many names. The same name can be used with different photos.
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russian scammers Tina Beeman
Started as an online romance. A story about her needing a husband to pay "FEES" to get her inheritance then we would spend life together. Scammer used multiple bitcoin accounts to get money from me for "living" expenses, more

scammers black list Mary Martin
Will promise you pictures of herself. Both with clothes and without. We?€™ll play with herself on video as long as you keep paying and she promised to be your wife if you bring her to states more

russian scammers omaira angelina Parra Bastidas
scammed money telling lyes , dating multiple men for airfare passport vise , call me on whatsapp and play sex exposing her self to get money tell me her mom was sick needed money, toothache needed money for dentist got me for about $13,000 more

scammers black list Brenda Arias
She will befriend and claim love for the opportunity to have clothes purchased and tickets for family purchased.. she will have her family impersonate her after words she will claim they fight and she was abused by her brother to obtain help more

russian scammers Michelle Johnston
Steals credit card numbers, asks for flight tickets by paypal to her "uncle" Ted Myers and his friend Emmanuel more

russian scammers Viktoriia Takoohlo
I was contacted by Viktoriia by e-mail and we set up a long correspondence to deepen our knowledge until the day you decide for your trip to Italy for actual meeting. He says he works with a travel agency of the place with address Via more

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