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Photos used in most scams belong to other people. The same set of photos is often used under many names. The same name can be used with different photos.
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russian scammers Vladislava Kovach
She will promise to meet and then some thing will come up at the last minute preventing it. She will pretend to give contact info, but it will be fake. She works with a group of people using her images and videos to attract people to pay more

russian scammers Emily Morris
Moved from Tamale to Accra into a hotel to get the gold transferred to her name. I paid the hotel and living expenses for about five months. Sold the bullion and shipping to my US bank but blocked by Bank of Ghana (BoG) July 20, 2020. I more

russian scammers Angie
We have been talking for almost 3 years and the hole time she said she was going to come see me and that's why she needs the money,, so I have been sending her money for a long time and she just stopped talking to me, more

scammers black list Darya Kolpakova
Hey. I'll start with my name, "DARI." What's your name? We recently met on a dating site. First I want to know why you signed up for the dating page. Where we met. I want to meet the right man. I'm looking for a more

russian scammers Anastasia Sergeevna Garayshina
"She" liked my profile on Plenty of Fish, I messaged her and she gave me her Gmail. For a month of "getting to know" each other, no mention of money was made, but she initially ignored my request of providing a leaflet more

russian scammers Trisha haggard
Was speaking to someone claiming to be Trisha for a while i stated she wouldnt be getting any money out of me although she did ask several times she then wanted to keeping talking on whatsapp she first gave me one number +44 7563 064696 then more

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