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Photos used in most scams belong to other people. The same set of photos is often used under many names. The same name can be used with different photos.
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russian scammers Caroline Hamel
money for becoming wife to old men in Italy, money sent with prepaid credit card on behalf of Arouna more

russian scammers Malee Kangwan
wanted to come here to the USA, talked me into to sending financial aide only to say they needed a sin sod paid at the last hour before getting on a scheduled flight to come here, to the usa. more

russian scammers Irina Evdokimova
Correspondence scam, sends a new letter almost every day or every 3 days even if you havent' written any replies to her. She will hook you and keep you feeding the meter without any intention of ever meeting you in person. This woman more

russian scammers evie rosen
After chatting in private chat on xhamsterlive and a little while on chaturbate and livejasmine she has asked me on 15 occasions to send her between 300 to 600 usd via e-wallets and has conned me into buying her lovense gifts that cost me a more

russian scammers Valeria Tereshenko
lured me to kazakhstan from New Jersey for 18 days and i gave her 7500. for school and her sick dad. I left the second day of o fully paid trip because she told me she was a lesbian and stayed in my two rooms for the rest of the trip with more

scammers black list Olena
Money for escaping from war and to arange a more