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# Name:      Alina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kazan

# Seen at:   DateMeFree

# Dangerous: 26%

# Scam scenarios:   money for travel

# Details: She want only moneyrnI too thought, that the agency demands much for arntrip. But to me have explained, that medicalrninsurance costs is expensive.rnIn agency to me have painted all about the prices.rnThe ticket aboard the plane costs about 400 evros.rnThe prices for the ticket the same, as everywhere.rnThat is will not be expensive what you could buyrnfor me on the Internet or in airline. Ticketsrnshould be necessarily paid to agency if therncontract is concluded. That is they will bookrntickets in those companies where they have anyrnspecial contracts, it is necessary only to definernfor them date of travel.rnVisa cost about 30 evros. It is obligatoryrnconsular gathering. It does not depend on visarnterm.rnI also can fill all papers itself in embassy, butrnI should do a way to Moscow and back MANY TIMES.rnIn agency I fill the same papers, as in embassy.rnBut without a superfluous way by the bus.rnPassport 50 cost evros. Convenience agency herernthat I fill all papers without turn. Now many gornabroad and to receive the passport for travelrnabroad it is necessary to stay long time in turn.rnMedical insurance of the international samplerncosts 550 evros. I thought, that it is veryrnexpensive, but it is a real price. I went in therninsurance company, and have found out there therninformation about it. The international insurancernis really expensive! Since I leave abroad dangerrnto my life raises, and so high payment is raised.rnIt is the standard for our insurance companies.rn rnAnd without the insurance, I have no right to takernoff for other country.rnI as have made some research on the Internet ifrnyou did insurance for me we would save nearby 120rnevros, but I am not the citizen of your country,rnand the insurance companies have no right torninsure me. And the more so, the insurance of thernRussian sample includes in insurance of my life onrnall let, but only in territory.rn rn100 evros is a fee of agency. If we want to savernon it I should most go to Moscow, then back. Therntrip to Moscow by the bus costs approximately 30rnevros + back, after all the visa demands some daysrnfor processing. That is, if not to use agency wernwill save 10 evros, but I will have the bigrninconveniences, if we did so. I think 10 evros arnsmall payment for the big convenience. You do notrnconsider so? I hope that I will receive from yournthe answer! Alina!

# Date: 2008-06-14