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# Name:      Ann Cooney

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ireland , Dublin

# Phone:    011+(353) 8 30-04-90

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 28%

# Related reports: 2932   

# Scam scenarios:   Illness scenario

# Details: Illness scenario: She wrote letters to me regularly and they are full of happiness and love and she said that she was so happy to find the Christian man of her dreams and that she wanted to have kids with me. I also felt attraction for her and you began to consider how we could meet. But suddenly I received letters and instant messages from her that said that her grandmother in Ireland was ill and she needs money for surgery and for expensive medicine. She acted like it was a question of life or death and she said that she was broke. So I sent her $100.00. This did not appease her, and she did not disappear. Rather, this only caused her to increase her pressure on me for more money. She even thought she could get me to send her $5,000.00. She also uses the name "Susan Williams" but I had to send the money to the name Ann Cooney because she said that that was the name on her passport. Her USA address is: 207 North English Avenue, Springfield, IL 62702. She also uses the following phone numbers: 011+353-861-609-370; 011+(353) 8 30-04-90-51; 011+353-185-101-4034. She lives in Ireland with guys named Hosani and Patrick. I know because they answered several times when I tried to call.

# Date: 2007-10-22

She asked for the $100.00 to be sent by Western Union.