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# Name:      Susan Williams

# E-mail:

# Address:  USA , Springfield

# Phone:    011-353-1-851014034

# Seen at:   InterKontakt

# Dangerous: 22%

# Related reports: 2992   

# Scam scenarios:   money for hospital

# Details: Sort of standard scam with an American twist. Says she is an only child, her parents are dead, that she has fallen madly in love and wants to have my babies, within a few emails, and then needs to travel to Ireland to visit sick grandmother. Then she says she has exhausted her money and needs financial assistance to purchse medicine for grandmother and food for herself to live. Of course, she promises that upon return to USA she will pick up $25,000.00 check for modeling she has completed and then visit me and we will live happily ever after in the enraptued ecstacy of love. Says she is a "God fearing Christia": So she better be afraid and change her wicked wicked ways. She also says she graduated from Boston University; Unfortunately, Farmer Browns cow probably writes with better grammar and vocabulary than she does. And EVEN MORE DISAPPOINTING, HER CELL PHONE DOES NOT WORK AND THIS BABE CANT EVEN SPEAK RUSSIAN LIKE A REAL SCAMMER!

# Date: 2007-09-25

She wants the money sent via Western Union to the following Irish address: 176 Crann Nua Portarlington. County Laois, Dublin 7 Ireland. Incidentially, this place is in a highly publicised development on the internet....of $400,000.00 homes. So, with all that dough in her family, why does she need a couple of hundred bucks from me? Her home address is English Avenue, Springfield, IL 62702 USA.

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