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# Name:      Alexandra Ignatieva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Ukhta

# Seen at:   American Singles

# Dangerous: 17%

# Related reports: 2011   

# Scam scenarios:   She used - instead of attaching photos to e-mails. I received an e-mail out of the clear blue sky. She was a dentist coming to America and wanted to meet someone first. Everything was ready for her trip

# Details: She used - instead of attaching photos to e-mails.rnrnI received an e-mail out of the clear blue sky. She was a dentist coming to America and wanted to meet someone first. Everything was ready for her trip and then Mum got sick and she had to use all her money for Mums surgery. I was her only chance to fulfill her dream and she would pay me back with interest. So sweet of her.

# Date: 2006-12-20

Hello my dear *****.
>How are you today? Are you ok? How is the weather there? Today is cold a little. I missed you and your letter.
>I have some good and not very good news. I think I have to share my news with you. First thing the surgery was
>made successful to my mom and now her life in safety. I am glad. Doctor said my mom will recover soon and can
>back to the home after 2-3 days. This is very good news. It made me happy! So I prayed the god and he heard me.
>But then doctor said that surgery cost is 125345 rubles! It's 4730 American dollars! This is second thing.
>He said, if my mom would not have medical insurance it will be more expensive. I these news made me sad. I have
>tried to get money to pay for surgery as soon as I could. I had some money for my trip to America, I have asked some
>of my friends for help and we could collect some part of money. It was about 3440 American dollars. But I was still
>need 1290 dollars. I didn't know what to do. I had to pay for mom's surgery during some days. I went to the bank
>and I tried to get a loan but they said first: it will takes about month not earlier and second they can't give
>me any loan and any credit because I will leave my country for work and for a living during long time or forever.
>They said they can't help me in this case. So it's impossible for me to get money from bank. I was very upset and
>my mood was bad. I think a lot about opportunity to pay for surgery and I could find only one way. I went to agency
>where I had made registration to move to America and asked them about give me money back I paid them for my movement
>and other necessary procedures of my transportation. Some time ago when I have started my work to get documents and to get
>possibility to move to America I have paid to agency about 2500 dollars and now I have asked them to get my money back.
>I have explained them my situation and they said that they understand my difficulties and this bad situation. They
>answered that I can get money but not all the sum I have paid before. Because some part of money was spent to prepare
>my documents such as visa, passport, certificates, license of dentist in America and medical tests. They can't get back
>these money. Also they can't get money back for work they made to prepare the process of my transportation and for work
>of their American colleagues. So I could get only 1320$. I was glad for these kind of money, because it will be enough
>to pay for surgery completely! But they notified me if I will not be able to pay these kind of money until
>27 December I will lose my opportunity to come to America. I have told my mom that I have paid for her surgery.
>She was glad. But she was upset when she knew where I found these money. My mom always wished me happy and good life and tried
>to help me. But now she said that because of her I can't my dream make happen. I said here: don't worry mom, it's a life and
>any things may happen. Frankie I want to tell you the agency will refuse from my registration and all my documents will
>be lost. I will lost opportunity to get new documents to work and to live in America for some of years!! All work of my
>movement to America they made there and here in Russia will be lost!! It mean I wasted all my resources and all my forces!!
>I don't want to think that I will lose my dream for happy future. I don't want to lose you and want to meet you in reality!!!
>I want to get work there and change my life and life of my mom to more better life. I want to find good man and create
>family together with him! I don't want to think that I can't reach all of it because of money! I don't know what to do!
>I don't know what to think! All I could to think up is if you will help me. I understand that it looks not very good but
>I am almost in inextricable situation and the single way out from these situation is you. I want to tell you that
>if you could help me to get money to pay for my coming to America it would be great! I don't know do you remember I have
>told you in my earlier letters when I will come to America to NYC and after I will reach agency who worked for getting
>work for me I will get some papers, direction to my work, tickets for train or plane if I will chose other place for a work
>and advance (7000 dollars) for the first time, before I start my work. I will be glad to give you your money back
>immediately and I could give you some extra money for your help. I am not greedy person and I will be generous when I will
>come. Of course we will need to meet each other but I think it will not be a problem for us. I will tell you all details
>of my coming to your region and you can meet me in the airport and I will return all your money you will send. I will give
>you little more if you want. It will be pleasure for me because you are my good friends and I think friends have to help
>to each other. What do you think about it? Can you help me? I have asked you about it because I see no any other
>way to Move to America. I want my dream will come true soon and only you can help me! I hope for you . Please let
>me know what do you think? I will wait for your reply with great impatience! I want to attach copies of some of my documents
>to you. I just want to show you that my coming to America is real intention and I will come there with your help of course.
>I am sending you my passport and ticket to New York. So you can see when I am coming. Also you can meet me there but if it
>will be hard for you we can meet some later after I come back from agency and will move to my work place. Therefore I have
>asked you about your convenient phone number and about your address. When I will come I would call you and we could talk
>about where we can meet or I could visit you at your home! When I went to bank I have found out about company who can help
>me to get your help if you will be agree to help me. The name of this company is western union. I think I even watched
>advertising of this company on TV here. I have learned about all working details of this company and I think we could use
>their service easily. Here is information I have learned. You can learn more about western union here
>The sender(this is you) if he will send money will have to send to receiver( this is me) necessary information about
>transfer. Because the receiver will have to know it to pick transfer of sender. The receiver have to know : address of sender,
>full name of sender, confirmation number of transfer( you will get it in western union branch, whose service you will use)
>and sum of transfer. Only then receiver can pick transfer up. Here is information where and whom to send money:
>You will have to send money to address of western union branch here in Ukhta:
>UKHTA , 169300
>Send your help to my name: Ignatieva Alexandra. I need only 1290$.
>Please help me and send me all necessary information I need!!! My mom and me hope for you! Because you are a good man
>and good my friend! I hope these news will not change your mind to me and we can be friends and will meet soon. I will wait
>for your next e-mail with good news.
>Here is information for you about my flight to NYC:
>1:25 pm Depart Moscow (SVO)
>Arrive New York (JFK) 3:50 pm Wed 27-Dec
>Duration: 10hr 25mn
>Aeroflot-Russian Airlines Aeroflot-Russian Airlines 315
>Nonstop flight
>Bye for now,
>With hope and sincerity your Sasha.
>P.S. I want to remind you if you will help me please don't forget to e-mail me your home address, your full name, confirmation
>number of transfer and sum of transfer. I will have to pay until 27 December. Don't forget it and remember I will
>reimburse you all your expenses. It will not be a problem for me when I will come to NYC.