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# Name:      Evgenija Cherepanova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , St. Petersburg

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: This scammer euses pre written letter. She doesn't answer specific questions. She is so stupid that when she sent me her cpontact information to send money [I never asked] she sent the monet in Euro Dollars. I am from Canada.
  How are you Today my Sweet heart? I today for a long time could not
  fall asleep, as me all tormented ideas about you and about our first
  meeting. Today I do not work. I am glad, that I shall be soon capable
  to arrive to you. I went to transport campaign to learn, what
  documents to me need to be issued and in what term. To me have told,
  that I need to make out the visa, and the insurance document, and also
  the medical inquiry. I all over again was very much afflicted, as to
  me have told, that 2 months is required to legalize these papers as it
  will be necessary to give inquiry in embassy for reception of the
  visa, and now the big turns! Then it is necessary to wait approval of
  the visa. The passport for travel abroad will be ready in one week
  after payment. I informed about it to the mum. She did not begin to
  waste time all for nothing. We with her went to the Ministry of
  Internal Affairs. I am very grateful to her, as she has solved my
  problem with reception of the visa. I have written the application on
  reception of the visa and they at once have made inquiry in embassy
  directly! Now I shall be capable to receive the tourist visa for Two
  weeks without any problems! My visa will be open for 30 days. To me
  her to make out during two weeks. I now do not need to wait for 2
  months. Only 2 weeks and the visa will be at me! Also I have met with
  approval from fund of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for reception
  of the discount of 50 at purchase of air tickets! Now it is a little
  about sad. Not all so is smooth as me it would be desirable. There
  were problems with payment of documents and the ticket. To me need 600
  euro to capture all cost of my documents and the ticket plus transport
  campaign keeps the commission for rendering of services and for speed
  of official registration of papers, and also an insurance sheet on 150
  euro. I yesterday have received my wage payment 100 euro. Some
  accumulation. Also my mum has given me all money which at her were in
  a coin box. For me it is a pity nothing to her. But all the same it is
  not enough money to capture all charges of my travel! I now everywhere
  to try to borrow money, but everywhere was refused. It me very much to
  afflict as my happiness was so close. I have thought and have decided
  to write to you about this problem as I know, that you to not give up
  to me and I think, that will be capable to help me as I all to make,
  that was in my forces and even little bit more! Certainly it is not
  convenient for me to ask you about such help and in other situation I
  would not ask you about it, now I do not have more other output. I was
  always fair with you and to want, that you trusted me, as the trust
  always stands on the first place in relations. It is required to me
  480 more euro. Please transfer me this money today or tomorrow. I
  know, that there is a fast way of transfer of money between the
  countries. Systems of monetary transfers western union and money gram.
  You can use any of these monetary systems. Their addresses in my city.
  Address for Western Union: PETRO-AERO-BANK, Street: LOMONOSOVA 1 City:
  SAINT PETERSBURG Post code: 191011 Name: Evgenija Cherepanova I sent
  my home address to you in the previous letter! That there were no
  disagreements and doubts in me I to you send a copy of my passport. I
  was necessary to return you all this money when there will be at me
  such opportunity. I do not like to be the debtor. Nevertheless I am
  very happy what to find you! By the way what weather at you in the
  near future will be? At us colds will be prolonged up to the end of
  month. Today (-1) degrees are lower than zero! Forgive if I to write,
  something not so. I should go now home. I shall wait for your letter
  today! More Love and more kisses!
  Your Evgenija.

# Date: 2006-04-04