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# Name:      Elena Gordeeva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Velikie Luki

# Seen at:   Elena actually contacted me on Out of the blue about a year ago. At first I was interested then later on I knew something was up.

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: Elena used to send me e-mails often she used to tell me how she loved me. How she wanted to see me. How she couldnt live without me. All kinds of wacky bullshit even went so far and said she dream of me every night. I started to know something was going on. So I just played along. I wanted to know what the motive was. So she e-mailed me last Friday and wanted me to send her 380.00.. I felt VERY insulted by that so I cursed her out and then she sent me this long e-mail. On how I destroyed everything she dreamed of. Telling me crap how she hates me and hate men. How Ironic she hates me because I wont send her money. That is truly pathetic and even had the gall to tell this site I wrote her dirty sex e-mails.. I had her info on here before but it was deleted because of her lying on me. This woman is a true scam artist. I was NOT going to fall for it!
  2d report:
  First name: Elena
  Last name: Gordeeva
  Country: Russia
  City: Abakan
  Details: She didn't ask for money yet but I was insecure about it because I didn't know where she got my email address and my cousin gave me the hint to search for her on a black list for russian scammer. So I searched and found couple pictures of her with same name but different email address.
  She got my home address and phone number, don't know if she can need it for something.
  Reported by: Tobias

# First reported: Rashidi
# Date: 2006-03-02

Date: 1/30/2006 10:22:57 PM Central Standard Time
File: (102837 bytes) DL Time (TCP/IP): < 1 minute
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello my dear Rashidi!
How are you? I am fine.
And my dear Rashidi, once again I want to sorry for not writing you for a long
time. Just something terrible has happened in my family for the last weeks.
My father was very ill, he had very hard and difficult heart attack and I was
taking care of him. I was sitting at the hospital close to him, while he
was there, and I was doing everything that he needed and I was helping to
do everything in order he could recover as soon as possible, so I just didn't
have any time for anything. That's why I didn't write you. So please forgive
me for that. But now everything is good, my father is feeling much better.
But I want to continue our correspondence and I want to know more about
each other. I like your letters very much because they always bring so much
pleasure for me. Now I am free and I will write you the letters almost every day,
I promise. So please forgive me. I am very very sorry, my dear Rashidi.

I was glad to receive your letter. When I receive yours letter, I became a pleased life. Sensation at me arises , that you beside and we together. I want to admit that last time I frequently think of you very much. Today I think about
you and to try to present that you do now. Write, you frequently think of me?
It is interesting to me, what you think of me? Tell me about dreams? It is very interesting. I think that we should share
dreams. Dreams are very important thing and I believe that on dreams it is possible to learn much about the person. I want to learn more about you. You
Think that I the big dreamer? (Smile). I like to dream. I now to present as you sit at the computer and write to me the letter. (Smile). I see you now in black trousers and dark-blue to a shirt.

Interestingly, what voice do you have ??? I would like to speak by with you on the phone. I think it probably will be in the future. Unfortunately
Now I have no phone and I can not call to you. I think, that installation of phone will be some months last. In
Russia nothing is done quickly. But I do not lose hope to hear your voice.

I had not enough time, therefore could not write to you the letter. I hope you do not become angry!
Unfortunately there is not enough work for my trade now. Therefore I do not miss the chance to earn. If I interesting to you can
To tell......
Recently I did a mini garden. I send you a pair of pictures of my masterpiece.

In the first picture there are small cascade from a natural stone and a small reservoir. In the second picture there are a composition with a palm tree. On
the third picture a plant monsterra, very beautiful plant! This mini garden settles down in ordinary to apartment! I hope for you it is pleasant.

Today I am going to go for an exhibition of cats of various breeds. It is very interesting to me as you usually carry out the evening? I would like to introduce that you usually do in the evening. Tell to me very curiously to learn.

I hope very much to receive your new letter soon.
Please do not overlook to attach to your letter some your photos. I want to have a collection of your photos.
I write very soon.
Yours Elena.

Date: 2/7/2006 5:30:16 AM Central Standard Time
File: (77177 bytes) DL Time (TCP/IP): < 1 minute
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello my dear Rashidi!

How are you? I am fine!

I have visited an exhibition of cats. It was great.
I really saw many beautiful breeds of cats.
I like cats with a long wool.
For example Persian.
Thanks for your perfect letter. Interestingly, when I writing you this letter, what are you doing?
Probably you are at a job or at home or may be with friends. I often think about it. For example when I
wake up and go to get a bath, what are you doing at this time. Did you think about it?
Tell me more about your day. Do You spend a lot of time at job??
My working day depends on amount of orders.
In the morning I wake up and washing. I drink morning coffee and go to office. At office I find out
about quantity of orders. My working day is formed depending on it.
I go to the necessary address and start work. One project may occupies 3 hours or may 3 days! It
depends on desire of the customer.
Some peoples wont a huge fountain with lot of palms near the house, some want simply green site.
I finish job approximately at 18.00. Sometimes I am late till 22.00.

My mum always worries for me when I am late at job. She does not know that I already adult person! :-)
In the evening I accept bath - when you work with the ground, it possible to soil hands!
Then I lie down to sleep or I watch TV.
Now I have told you about my working day.
It is interesting me to learn more about yours! Will you tell me in the following letter?
I would like to know you better. I want to find understanding and care. I want to find happiness and
calm heart. It is necessary to be with me a man with great soul and kind heart was. It is necessary
for me to feel sincere heat. I am as a flower which grows and blossom at beams of the sun. When
the sun disappears a flower hides the petals and leaves. But when the sun appears a flower again
straightens the petals and gives the beauty.
My sun is necessary for me!
Seems I have written much..... Wow.
Now I am finishing the letter.
I wait your answer soon!

Kiss you
Your Elena.

Date: 2/13/2006 6:37:36 PM Central Standard Time
File: (104242 bytes) DL Time (TCP/IP): < 1 minute
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello my Rashidi!

How are you my dearest? I think you are fine, and I am too!
I am very happy to see your letter again. Thanks for your kind lines.
In this letter I want to say something important.

I am so happy, that we have met among millions people. I thank the God for our meeting.
How do you think, maybe we have met not casually? Maybe it was destiny? Do You believe in destiny?..
Just for the last time I am thinking about you every minute, every second, every moment of my life.
I have never felt such feelings, when I understand that somebody is very close for me in this world.
You know sometimes I can feel not so good, because of different troubles or difficulties in life. In
such moments my mood becomes very bad and earlier I couldn't do anything with that. But now
something has changed. Now in such moments in my dreams I begin thinking about you and this
dreams make me feel better. It becomes warmer in my soul and I understand that somebody very
close is waiting for me in the world and I want to be with him. And it is you...

Simply I have understood, that it is difficult for me to live without your letters. Your
letters became an important event of my day. I think, that it will be difficult for me to
live without your letters.
And I feel very sad because sometimes I just don't have the opportunity to write to you
very often. But each letter from you is the great event for me. I feel the warmth of your soul
in your letters and I always want to show the same feelings in my letters to you. You are always
telling me something very close, or may be warm in the letters, and I understand that you are
very important for me, and I hope that I am the same for you too... I feel your warmth, your care
for me and I am really happy to know that you exist and I always can think about you and
I hope that you are thinking about me too...

You have presented me a sunlight. You have given me light of your soul.In your heat I can
blossom and give beauty as that flower! I think, that you are my special man. You can
say, that I am crazy, but I will try to admit you something!
Your words have touched my soul, caused my heart to yearn for your existence,
and filled many hours of my thoughts. I LOVE YOU!
And it not nonsenses. I have searched for you for long time and now founded.
Probably you think differently. But I dream, that my feeling was mutual! Probably I
should not speak it, but my heart speaks me something. My heart speaks me about you,
about my love to you. I do not want to be silent.
You should know about my love!

Maybe you will write to me Never, but I want you to know about my feelings. I hope for
understanding and reciprocity.
Now I finishing this letter. I will wait for your answer With great impatience.

With hope Elena!
Date: 2/17/2006 7:03:03 AM Central Standard Time
File: HappyValentine' (173093 bytes) DL Time (TCP/IP): < 1 minute
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello my love Rashidi!

I am so excited.. I am very happy to see your letter! You have calmed my heart. Thanks.
And my love, Rashidi! I want to congratulate you with Happy Valentine's Day.
It's the wonderful holiday of all loved people all over the world and now
it is the most dear, the most close and the most wonderful holiday for me.
I love you and this is our common holiday. I wish you all the best for this
day. I want all your wishes to become true soon and I hope that this day
will bring you only the best and very warm moments and feelings for you,
which will be remembered by you all your future life. And I hope that this
holiday will bring something great for us and someday soon we will be
I love you... Happy Valentine's Day, my love.

I fear that you will not write never back. I have been searching for a long time kind,
careful, understanding for the man, with great soul and heart. At last the God has
heard my prays and has sent me you!!!!!
I am so happy now to know that the man, whom I love so much, feels the same feelings
to me too. You know it is the greatest pleasure for the woman to be loved and I feel it
now and I am so happy to know it.

It means, that we have lit a flame of our love. Our hearts aspire to each other.
This is a huge event. I will inform this news to the parents. My mum will be happy
to know it. She thinks, that you are that special man for me. And I think she is right!
Now I am thinking about you every moment of my life. You are like the bright sun for me,
you are giving the bright lights for me and I feel your warmth and I feel that I am not
lonely in this world now. I am ready to give you all my love through the ocean, to bring
you all my warm feelings from the bottom of my heart. I love you so much, my dear.
I was feeling lonely for a long time, nobody was caring of me and nobody was giving me
the warm feelings and love. There was nobody close to me. But now there is the man
in the world, who is ready to give me the new steps in my life, the breathes of fresh air.
I can think about this man every minute, every second of my life, and when I am thinking
about this man, I am feeling that I am really happy. And this man is you...

Unfortunately we are not together... But my soul aspires to you. Aspires to meeting
to my sun! My petals and leaves are heated in beams of our love.
I love you my sun! You gave me hope. Our love will grow and will turn in the fine and
harmonious world! We will enjoy this feeling. I would like
to be in your arms. To nestle on your courageous shoulder. To embrace you and kiss!
I dream, that once it will take place also we can create the harmonious world. In which
there will be a happiness, a cosiness and beauty. We will construct the own world and
nobody can break it. When I think about it my heart starts to knock more strongly.
If you could touch my heart you really would hear it. Unfortunately there is huge
distance between us. But I think, that the true love is capable to overcome
any barriers. I wish to be with you...

I dreamed of you last night and my thoughts will be on you through out the day...
take care and I cant wait to hear from you.
You have my heart and soul.
I am sending you all my love through the ocean...
I want to tell you again: I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE... YOU...

With cherish
Eternal your
Date: 2/24/2006 11:48:16 AM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello my love Rashidi!

How are you my dear? I am fine!

Now I have received your letter and I am very excited. Your words have touched
my soul, caused my heart to yearn for your existence, and filled many hours of
my thoughts. I am happy, that you like idea about my travel. It will be a huge event
in our life! Imagine, we can meet and spend our time together. It reminds a sweet
dream. As if a fairy tale. And I think, that should be so. I think, that we are special
people. And our life will be especial. We will have the especial destiny not similar
destinies of other people!
I start to prepare to trip, all my friends very happy for me!

I have an important news. I found out about my travel and have found the following
information. It is necessary for me to make a visa and a passport for travel abroad.
The consulting firm will help to issue all documents. They can legalize all papers and
give to the Embassy of your country in Moscow. It will waste time approximately two weeks.
After that I can fly to you!

Unfortunately there is also a bad news. A cost of services of consulting firm expensive.
It costs about ten thousand Russian roubles. Or about three hundred eighty the American
dollars. Now I am in a hard situation, I don't know what to do. Unfortunately I have a low
salary and I cannot pay all charges. I asked my family and relatives. They cannot help
too. I do not know who can help me to come to you.
I am eaten with my conscience to ask you the help. I don't know is it right. Probably
you can help me with payment of these charges. I just want to be with you soon!
But please, don't think bad of me. You know I feel so bad now after asking your help
because it is like the border for me. But I just don't have another way. I want to come
to you, I want to be with you... What should I do? I don't want money to create the borders
for the real human feelings. I want to go through everything in order to be with you finally.
I want to struggle. Why do the state borders become the borders for our love? I think it is
not right. I just don't know what to do now. I want to cry, because I just don't have another
way. I don't want to loose you, I want to continue everything that is between us now. Everything
that we created, all our love, all our warm and deep feelings.

I have known something. I have found a way you can help me. It is the world company
Western Union. ( It is engaged in remittances between the countries.
You should know this information:
Country: Russia
City: Velikie Luki
Name: Elena
Lastname: Gordeeva
Address of filial WU:
NEKRASOVA 19, 182113

My dear if it will not cause inconvenience to you, help me please. Because nobody
can help me. You became for me very much close and special man. Our love should develop
further. The god has chosen us among millions people and has arranged our meeting. It is our
destiny, it is our chance. We should be happy together. We should not suffer in loneliness.
You have presented me hope, you have warmed me a heat of soul. Has illuminated my petals
with light of heart. You have given me new hopes.
I love you so much. I want to come to you, I want to show you all my love, to show you all my
warm feelings from the bottom of my heart. I want you to be the happiest man in the world and
I want to do everything in order we will be happy together. Now I know that I just can't live without
you. I am thinking about you every minute, every second of my life, you are like the breathe of
fresh air for me. I want to be with you. I even can't imagine my future life without you.
My love, I don't know what you will say about all of it, but I hope that everything will be good and
we will solve all of it together. I know that may be you will not want to write me anymore after it,
but please just tell me everything you think about it, ok?
I just feel that I am asking something very great and it is not my right to ask you for it.
I understand it very good. And I feel very confused after it. But I know that without your help
I just won't have the chance to come to you and this idea is just killing me. When I begin to
think that everything is against us and in order to meet we must do something very hard that even
overloads our possibilities, I begin to cry, because it is not right, when such difficulties can
destroy everything, love, happiness and real human feelings. I don't want it and I am trying to
think only about the better way now.

My dear. I wish to be with you now.
I will wait your answer with impatience and hope.

Forever yours,

Her letters.. Now my letters to her I NEVER not one time asked for sex here is the headers and dates. I also will included my last e-mail where I went off on her and hers when she e-mails me back. Please noone fall for her shit. I am serious with this story..
Subj: Re:
Date: 2/17/2006 7:05:49 AM Central Standard Time
From: KWi8674417

Thank you very much same to you as well. Listen Elena I cant write much a friend of mine passed away from a heart attack. I am pretty sad right now so I am sorry that I cant write as much.. But I appreciate the nice words I am sorry this e-mail is going to be very short.

But take care Rashidi

Subj: Re:
Date: 2/21/2006 11:23:51 PM Central Standard Time
From: KWi8674417

It's okay Elena I understand. I have no problems with that whatsoever. I still am flattered by the things you say to me. I never had anyone talk this way to me before. I dont know what I done to you lol. I hope everything is going well for you. I missed you as well never know though maybe we will meet one day.

Only time will tell I am not so sure on the love thing yet though. It takes me time to fall for a person. I hope that dont bother you whatsoever. My question is how do you know I am the one? What makes you so sure of this? Not mad or anything I am just interested in hearing this though. I hope everything is good for you though. Feel free to write anytime take care Rashidi

Subj: Re:
Date: 2/13/2006 9:03:15 PM Central Standard Time
From: KWi8674417

Oh my Lovely Elena that was so sweet of you to say that. I never have anyone in all my life say those three words to me. I am not sure if I feel the same way. I used to love but I ended up getting hurt in the past. So I kinda stopped but I am so flattered. That was so nice of you to say the things you say about me all the time.

I like you you are so sweet and gentle. I honestly dont know what to say I am in complete shock. Dont hide your feelings though if thats how you feel I cant change that. I wont stop writing you because of the way you feel. It sucks that you are so far away wish we can one day meet.

I am not the type to rush into things but I am glad you write me all the time. Its nice to know someone out there actually cares. A person in another country can write me and see how I am doing. But someone in the US cant. You are a sweet person and very attractive. I am just in shock about what I read. But I wont stop e-mailing you. Get back to me when you can my friend. I hope one day we can meet. And to be honest I was pretty moody last week myself. Just wasnt feeling well I must say your letter has brought a smile to me.
Subj: Re: (no subject)
Date: 2/7/2006 9:43:24 AM Central Standard Time
From: KWi8674417

Hello, Elena

How are you today? I am at work right now. If you must know I work from 9-6 five days a week. I love cats as well I used have a cat but we put her to sleep back in 1996. She was getting old I felt she could of lasted 5 years or more. I think about you as well the things you say to me are very kind and sincere. I appreciate your kind words. What I do is deliver packages and I answer the phone. My mother worries about me alot even though I dont live with her anymore. She still worries about me thats a mother though. I watch alot tv as well I record alot stuff. So my house is filled with Videos and DVDS. I love my hobby. The next letter I will write a poem since you wrote me one. I am good at writing I am sorry to cut this letter short. I am working right now. Take care my friend Rashidi

Subj: Re: (no subject)
Date: 2/22/2006 12:28:14 PM Central Standard Time
From: KWi8674417

I again am flattered I just dont see how I am truly the one for you. Its really up to you if you want to come see me. I just want to know where would you stay at? I work during the day and noone is ever at home in my house. So not so sure if you can stay there. I appreciate the kind words. You would make anyone happy. I have to get to know you first though. I am happy to see your e-mails as well. Yes I think about you. I am going to make this short. I am at work right now.. But we will try to work something out if you really are serious about seeing me. Take care Rashidi

Subj: GO AWAY!
Date: 2/24/2006 3:49:52 PM Central Standard Time
From: KWi8674417

Okay I have to say I am fucking INSULTED! You would even ask me to send you money so you can come to the United States. If you loved me you WOULD never ask me to send you any kind of money for that. What I think of that?!! I think you are a scam and just another typical woman trying to use someone so you can get your Visa. Not me I wasnt born yesterday I am NOT sending you shit!!!.. Are you kidding me??!! I am not in love I never was in love I never NOT ONE time said I loved you. But you doing this is a fucking insult. Who do you think you are fooling with this pathetic story. You probably dream of over 100 men and think someone is going to fall for your bullshit. Do me a favor DONT EVER e-mail me again. As a matter of fact forget that I fucking exist.!! Please stop saying you are sending me your love through the ocean. Thats disgusting and you are a fucking psycho. I cant believe you had the fucking nerve to ask me for money. I dont need you I dont love you I dont dream of you. You make me fucking SICK asking me some pathetic garbage like this. First it was cute of you saying this shit to me. Now its gotten beyond pathetic psychotic and plain STUPID!!!

Date: 2/27/2006 4:49:35 PM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello Rashidi,
I have just received your letter and I am very disappointed. Whatever
do you think about me? You think that you can say everything about me,
you can call me in such bad words? Why do you do this? Please tell me
why? I have never done anything bad to you. I am really feel very
At first I want to say that I really felt very deep feelings to you. I
really thought that something very deep and serious could be between
us. I thought so, because at first I liked you, then I liked your
letters, and then I felt something very deep to you. I thought that
everything could be very good between us. I thought it was love and I
thought you felt the same. Of course I understand very good that there
can't be the real feeling in such great distance, but I am sure that
there can be the sympathies, which can raise into something great
later after the personal meeting. And I felt that sympathies, I felt
them and I was sure that we will feel something serious after the
personal meeting. That's why I wanted to come to you. I wanted to meet
with you and to begin the relations which could raise into great love.
I really believed in it and I was ready to do everything in order it
could be between us. And you act so with me. You even didn't want to
explain me everything. You begin to write me such letters with that
very disgusting words. I didn't think that you are so. I didn't think
that you are so bad man. How stupid I was. Once again I am left, once
again the man is leaving me, he is calling me in very bad words and he
is thinking that he is the best man in the world and he can call me
and think about me like he wants. Once again I am lied. I am very
disappointed, I don't love men anymore, I hate men and I hate you. How
could you do so with me. You could just explain everything to me
normally without calling me the "fucking bitch". Exactly this you were
meaning by your words. You could explain me everything normally
without saying this words to my address. Now I know very good that you
just were kidding on me and you were lying to me. You have never had
the serious intentions for me and you were lying about everything. You
acted like the last coward in the world. If you were the good man, you
would tell me honestly that you didn't feel anything serious and you
even didn't wanted me to come to you. And I was like the stupid girl,
I believed you, I really wanted to come, I was doing everything for
my coming to you, and you were lying. Thank you that you said
everything now, not after I could come to you to America. All men are
usual in the world. You all only want sex and nothing more from the
women. I was ready to do everything for you. And you... How could you?
I really felt that serious sympathies which you call paranoia. I felt
them and I thought you felt them too. And I was sure that everything
could be good after meeting, after we could know more about each
other, after we could see each other face to face. I really thought
that we could feel love and I was ready even to go through the ocean
in order it could happen, and you... If you didn't want it from the
beginning you just could tell it to me in normal words and not to say
such words. And I believed you, how stupid I was, I thought that it
was like the fairy tale, but now I know that all of it was just the
lie and nothing more... I am crying now because I understand that you
destroyed everything that I was dreaming about, you destroyed
everything... And I thought you are intelligent. Please tell me how
can an intelligent man call the woman in such words? I guess you are
not intelligent. I hate all the men in the world and I hate you. I
even don't know how I will be able to forget all of it. Even today two
hours ago I was thinking that everything is good and now everything is
destroyed. I don't know how I will forget you, because I really feel
something to you still but your last letter will help me to forget
you. Once again I am suffering but I will never be so stupid like now.
I will never use internet for getting acquainted, I don't want to know
men anymore and I don't want to know you anymore. I will be strong and
I will find the powers in order to forget you.
Of course I understand very good that you wrote it after I asked you
the money. If you are so clever, it is on your own, it is your right.
But you have never been to Russia and I guess you have never even
heard about life here. If I had that money I would never ask you for
the help. But don't you know, that I only asked your help, and if you
didn't want to help, you could just tell me in normal words not in
such bad words. I guess you didn't help anyone in your country, not
your friends, anyone... You just could tell me that you didn't want to
help normally, like the real intelligent.
And as for money, in this letter I wanted to inform you that I didn't
need your help anymore. I wanted to tell you the happy news and I
found your letter now... How could you...Yesterday I was talking to my
father and we decided to take the loan at the bank. Today we were at
the bank and we found out that it is possible to take the loan at the
bank for the visa. And today in the evening my father signed the
necessary papers for it. He took the money as the loan at the bank for
the visa and the next six months he will be paying this credit to the
bank in order to finish the loan. And for these money I could form the
visa and fly to you without any problems.
Now I wanted to tell you these happy news and I found your disgusting
letter. How could you act so with me. Now I am crying because I am
understanding that everything was the lie and my powers don't value
anything for you. I will have to tell all the truth to my parents and
to my father. I even don't know what will be, they have bad health and
I am really afraid for their health because they can really feel bad
after hearing such disgusting new. And all of it because of you. Thank
you very much, Rashidi, I didn't expect it from you...
I am finishing it, my face is in tears and all is because of you. I
really didn't think... I feel the great insult on you. You just left
Anyway I wish you only the happy life and I wish that you will find
your real love. I wish that your future wife or girlfriend will love
you like I loved you and I wish that you will feel the same for her. I
wish you only the happy life and I want that all your wishes will come
Anyway you gave me a bit of dream and a bit of love that I felt for
you and so you gave me a bit of time when I was feeling myself really
happy. Thank you for it. I hope that everything will be good with you
and soon you will meet your real love for all your life...
Good bye,