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Mail order brides scam, international marriage scam, Russian women scam - let's fight it!

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Photos used in most scams belong to other people. The same set of photos is often used under many names. The same name can be used with different photos.
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russian scammers Jula Maya Phongkomsing
There are 100's of email copies and internet chat copies and receipts for wired money and receipts for all household appliances, furniture and market purchases as well as all travel expenses, utility payments loans to pay for house more

scammers black list michelle carter
after a brief contact to the scammer in the site she give me a mail outside, then recounts her life as an orphan who lives in Malaysia and then asks for help to come to Italy, the first ?éČ 360, then 1500 for airplan, then 1000 more

scammers black list Lyubov Krasava
Befriending me. Must of got contact info from dating site. Wanted airfare and travel money, $ more

russian scammers Mia Williams
Person is claiming to be an attractive female. Is asking for money for visa, passport, and plane ticket. Claiming to to have two masters degrees but cannot write or spell English very well. They are phishing for information like date of more

russian scammers Aisha Dysert
First it started off she needed visa money, then it was passport, then airfare.It just kept on and on.this happened about four times, she be at the airport I get a call immagration she need something else.Travel money , then travel more

scammers black list Ella Powella
I am single i broke up with my ex 2 months back due to some problemns betwwen both o us but its over i forgot about him you are making me feel so good and more like a lady its being long i heard this LOL thanks dear Babe i want to celebarte more

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