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Records: 2

# From Frank

  Your website save me alot of money. Thank you very much. Julia Sihova is no good.
Date: 2005-07-26  to top ^

# From Marcel

  Dear sir
  I want to thank you for your information. Everything you wrote became true for me the last
  couple of months. I used cupidbay(free site) and since then I have been asked money for
  translation, operation(2000 dollars), medicine for sick mother. The last one wanted to see me in
  Kiev and offered to arrange everything. I am careful myself but being aware of the information
  given by your site and used the golden rule, never send money, has probably saved me from being
  scamed. These scammers are really inventive, one of them even tried to let me call to a
  phonenumber with special rates. Fortunately I had a friend in Bulgary who checked the number and
  he warned me. I think I would have choked if I had received my phonebill after a month. Now I
  think I try an agency but even the "honest"ones have pictures of scammers on their site. I saw a
  picture on Elena models which was the same as a scammer I wrote to on cpidbay. You probably have
  heard this before but keep up the good work with your site, I have really appreciated it.
Date: 2005-07-21  to top ^

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