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# Name:      Alexis

# E-mail:

# Address:  Senegal , Dakar

# Seen at:   Was IM'd on American Singles. She requested conversation to move to Yahoo Instant Messaging. She sent one e-mail with great pictures and pre-written letter. She is supposedly a British National

# Dangerous: 27%

# Details: Chatted on-line for about 30 minutes - Conversation went to my sending her money very quickly. Daddy died, Mommy lives in Africa and who knows what other catastrophe's. She wishes to come to the USA and make my life perfect. I disconnected after I got bored.
  I have since seen her on many web-sites posing as a Russia also.

# Date: 2006-01-31
Only Letter:I am Alexis,i read business administration.I was
in late dad is a medical
died 7yrs mom is a retired nurse matron.My only
brother just finished from the medical college.We are
just two in our home.I lost my job since early
january,this year,i use to work for a consulting firm
over here.Right now i live in Dakar-Senegal,west
africa because my
mom lived here all her life,i had to relocate meet
her.I grew up in London-united kingdom.This my setback
right now,because i cant afford my ticket to United
States and
travelling allowance.I have dual
nationality.Ihave valid passport and visa to fly to
you we know how compatible we are and chemistry
between us.I like listening to
movies,working out,taking longwalk,going to live
shows,cinema,dinner parties.i love the
outdoors,playing tennis,snooker,golf.I am
am very good in bed,oral sex too.I would always
satisfy your sexual desires as well as you do the same
to me.i would always make you happy emotionally and
spiritually all through your life.I promise you a
wonderful and lovely relationship with me so far we
are compatible and there is chemistry.I love to
show affection both in public and private.Please i
cant wait to meet you,i believe we would click,be
compatible too.I am always positive in life and God
always bless me.I wish you goodluck and prosperity.I
hope to hear from you soonest.Age,colour is irrelevant
to me,i look at the mind.I would like you to tell me
things about you your hobbies,what turns you on and
off.I was in Queens-Newyork in April
2001.I have my valid passport to fly to you we know
how compatible we are and chemistry between us.I have
British nationality i dont need visa to fly to
you.Thanks so much about all you said about yourself
in your profile,
must tell you are my kind of man.I have never been
married,i dont have kids.You can give me your phone no
i call you so you know i am for real.You can give me
your cell and land phone no.I believe we will click.I lost my job early this year and i couldnt affor my phone bills and i was cut off.You can give me your phone no.Your cell and land phone no i will buy calling card or call you from public phone.
kisesssssssss & hugsssssss

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