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# Name:      Viktoriia Takoohlo

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Tokmak

# Phone:    +380 68 117 1411

# Seen at:   she contact me using my profile in Russian Cupid dating site

# Dangerous: 17%

# Scam scenarios:   I was contacted by Viktoriia by e-mail and we set up a long correspondence to deepen our knowledge until the day you decide for your trip to Italy for actual meeting. He says he works with a travel agency of the place with address Via Shevche

# Details: I was contacted by Viktoriia by e-mail and we set up arnlong correspondence to deepenrnour knowledge until the day you decide for your trip to Italyrnfor actual meeting. He says he works with a travel agencyrnof the place with address Via Shevchenko 52 Tokmak "Your Rest" with mail travelagency.yourrest@gmail.comrnand manager Baranova Olha +3806344277067.rnI also checked the existence of this agency with google map but not seeing it I askedrna check by the Zaporizzja police district but they told me they wouldrndelegated the research to the Tokmak district (but I did not hear more).rnhowever I made a first transfer of money imposed by the aforementioned agencyrnto Viktoriia through western union for 740 euros for documents and travel tickets and I knew that more or less the figure was honest andrnrequested by all. After a few weeks she was all happy because the agency tells him thatrnboth the documents and the flight to Milan were ready but ... first strange thing: the customs do not allowrnthe departure because Victoriia is insolvent (it must hold at least ?éČ 1630 perrndemonstrate his possibility of staying abroad for 3 months as a tourist but that would then bernbeen returned at the end of the trip, all this to avoid human trafficking or immigration) and not having them I sent them to him via western union and money gramrn(here I started sniffing out a possible scam because the agency should have warned me before all the possible expenses instead it playedrnraise like poker players) while Victory speaking to him directly by phone seemed totally unrelated to the situationrnshe was desperate and embarrassed by the situation.rnHowever sent the money, the agency sends me an email again sayingrnthat it would take another 1630 euros to prove the stay in the Hotel della Vittoria despite having said that I was availablernto give food and lodging to the Viktoria (but as usual the money would be returned). At that point I got angry and told the agent to invent another one and that I would have contactedrnto the lawyer and they said they would do the same thing.rnthe Viktoria send me a subsequent email apologizing for the situation but that was the bureaucracy (but I have other contactsrnin Ukraine in particular a Ukrainian citizen who in the meantime has made a 7-day trip to Rome and tells me that the second 1630rneuros are not required) and I replied that I did not have them and to give me back the money I had given her.rnOf course, she didnt make herself heard anymore and neither did the agency.

# Date: 2021-12-29

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