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# Name:      Anna Balan

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Zhitomyr

# Seen at:   None she emailed out of the blue

# Dangerous: 17%

# Scam scenarios:   See the email attached for the request for money. She claims she could not leave Ukraine without certain bills being paid for which she had no money and therefore could not travel to meet me.

# Details: See the email attached for the request for money. She claims she could not leave Ukraine without certain bills being paid for which she had no money and therefore could not travel to meet me.

# Date: 2021-12-29

Hello my dear Stanford
I arrived safely in Kiev and am happy to see your letter.
Now I am very sad and hard to speak, my eyes are full of tears. I do
not want to lose you. I am having a problem and if it is not resolved,
I will be prohibited from boarding and flying to usa. The problem is a small amount of money, but I am ashamed to ask you for help Stanford, and I am very worried that you will no longer want to talk to me and may think badly of me.
I tried to fix the problem myself, but it didn't work, I really tried. And I wouldn’t bother you, but I have no solutions left.
I am worried about the current situation, and I ask you to treat me with understanding. Stanford, you have become a dear person for me to whom I have a special attraction. Now I am at a loss, I am afraid of losing you and my future life forever.
I am very worried because our meeting is under threat and I can ruin my future in your country, because it is also important for me to complete an internship, after which I can get a decent job.
I was so stupid that I thought that I would soon meet you and my new life would begin! The problem is, I have utility bills in arrears. I knew that I had a debt, but I did not even think that it could somehow prevent me from leaving Ukraine.
I just learned today that a law was recently adopted in Ukraine stating that if a citizen has monetary debts to the state, he cannot leave the country, he simply will not be allowed through customs.
This law was passed in connection with the fact that people could not hide from debt in another country.
Before the trip, I needed to buy certain things that I would take with me. This trip to another country is the first for me. I didn't have a suitcase for things, I bought it. As you know, in many countries they are fighting the Covid virus, in this regard, everyone who travels to another country must undergo antibody testing. I had to pay more for this test.
I don't have much cash with me, about $ 125. The total amount of my
debt is $ 415. To pay off the debt in full, I need $ 290. Stanford, can you help me with this amount?
As soon as I can pay the debt, I will have an official document confirming that I have no debts and can easily leave the country.
I tried to find money, but in Kiev I have no savings. This is an unfamiliar city for me, I have no friends here whom I could ask for help. I also tried to get money from the program for which I am traveling to you. But I was told that they would pay all my travel expenses, but not my debt. You are the only person who can help me. If you refuse me, then my future will be destroyed, and most importantly, I will not be able to meet with you. I really hope for your help, I promise that I will return the money to you as soon as I arrive and receive $ 7000 at the embassy. But first I have to come. I really hope for your help!
There is an office for fast money transfers Western Union, Ria Money Transfer or MoneyGram or xoom (I was told this as PayPal) near the hotel where I stayed. Can you make a money transfer through any of these services in the near future? For a money transfer, you need my full name (Anna Balan). which you can see in my passport. Since I am in Kiev now, I need to specify this particular city. I had no experience with money transfer systems, so I don't know exactly what other information might be needed. This is my address of residence: Ukraine, Zhytomyr, Ivan Mazepa street, 139, apartment 48, index 10001. You may need it to establish my identity at the money transfer department.
I only need $ 290 and the problem will be solved. My flight is already the day after tomorrow. Dear, try to help me, I have no one else to turn to.
Your Anna

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