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# Name:      Dina Orlova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Phone:    +380957282204

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 28%

# Scam scenarios:   I want to report a professional scammer! Passport scam / travel scam She is Dina Orlova (international name) from Lugansk, Ukraine / LPR (Lugansk People Replubic). I did contact her on and after that we talk mainly on skype

# Details: I want to report a professional scammer! Passport scam / travel scamrnShe is Dina Orlova (international name) from Lugansk, Ukraine / LPR (Lugansk People Replubic). I did contact her on and after that we talk mainly on skype. Only writing and reading! Because I want to see her on skype if she is real, so we did 1 time face to face on skype, but that was just a few minutes?.. rnWe came on the moment where we will meet first?.. she already told me she want to come to Netherlands. So I told her I can buy online airplane tickets and you can come, because she had a passport, but she told me later she didn?t had a biometric passport, so she need money for that and I did pay 400 usd to her bank account (her bankaccount is in usd). The money is for passport and traveling from Lugansk to Charkov.rnAfter that she is asking for more money, because even without visa she need to have 1000 euro on her bank account to travel to Netherlands. And she show me her passport. A passport with a wrong date, because passport is already 1 year old! rnI told her now that I will visit her first, because this give me a strange feeling, but she doesn?t want to meet me in Ukraine! And she sad it is not allowed to meet me in LPR. And even in Russia she don?t want to meet me. Even not on the Krim which she visit every year?. She only want to meet me in Netherlands?. if I send her money!rnThen she say that she have a new opportunity from her boss that she need more time for her new job! She doesn?t have time anymore for a relationship with a foreign man. So she choose for her new job and not for me? And that after a story that in LPR everything was bad and that she doesn?t want to live there and she want to live aboard?.. and now in the end everything is good?rnWe did communicate from begin January to April 2018?. rnAnd what happen in May 2018?.. she put a new advertisement on different dating websites! So she scam me!!!!rnHer bankdetails:rnBeneficiary: Orlova Dina Grigorievna (ukraine name) rnIBAN: UA503052990004731185612351467rnI don?t know her address, because she didn?t want to tell me that. And it wasn?t important for me.rnHer email:rndina.dinochka2014@yandex.uarnHer phone number:rn+380957282204rnHer new passport number:rnFG766015rnHer old passport number:rnEE354849rnShe is born on 21-06-1989rnI don?t like if she will scam other men too, because she is a professional scammer!rn

# Date: 2018-07-20

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