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# Name:      Elena Zhikulina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Enakievo

# Phone:    380979683360

# Seen at:   Matchdoctor profile Rose4you

# Dangerous: 36%

# Details: We have correspondance more than 40 letters and diceded to meet.She ask me to contact Interstar Agency to arrange her travel to me in Denmark. I got a letter from the agency about the travel details with flight plans i was check the flight plans and everthing was okay.The agency ask me to send 1013$ for her travel incl Visa and airciket.
  2d report:
  First name: Elena
  Last name: Zhikulina
  Country: Russia
  City: Yoshkar Ola
  Details: Elena Zhikulina alias Olga komarova,alias Tatyana surikova alias Natalya kortunova alias olga ozhiganova alias olga olskutova etc...are fakes names used for the mafias.A I.P. trace expose that back is Volga Telecom Mari El Branch ,Yoshkar ola.Name that appear also in bank accounts.
  This girl is real but her name is Lera,the sexy lera and she is model in Odessa (Ucrania),and She have a thousands of photos in the network.
  If you want to see it.
  Reported by: Jose

# Date: 2005-05-22
I send the money transfare by Westernunion to Interstar Agency by name Ekaterina Sedristaya agency address:52 Bogdan Hmelnitskily Avenue Donetsk. Phone number 380623338626.
Elena should have arrive to me the 12th of may the day before i got 2 letter form her.
1 Letter:My Honey, i am writing from KIEV!!! Yes, my honey I am in Kiev!!! And soon I will take my flight to you!!! So it just a short message to let you know where I am and that I love you!!!
Honey,Please, meet me at the airport! I will be in blue jeans and blue jacket!!!
With great shiny smile on my face-you will see me at once!!! I love yuo and I would better go back to the airport because the Internet cafe at the airport does not work and I had to go my metro some stations to write to you!!!
I love you and send you my kisses from Kiev,Your Helen.
I like you to know i have been in the airport in Kiev and thre is no Internet cafe in the airport so that was a lie to me. And i have drive in Kiev by taxi and i have never seen any Metro....
10 min after the first letter the second letter was coming to my mailbox.
My Svende!!!
The terrible thing had happend!!!! I can´t find all neccessary words for explanation, my Svende! How the fate mamaybe so cruel for us? Dear, can you imagine the situation I´vegot into day after writing to you when I was on my way to the airport. I just wanted drop you a line that everything is allright and I´m flying to you. But when I was going back to the airport and wnet to the bus station, you know,it´s very dangerous plave,overcrowded with peoble. I was in the very crowd. You know my dear thre are a lot of peoble who are living dishonstly, I mena thiefs and pickup-pockets. So you can guess, my love what I,m driving at,so somebody has stolen my handback where i have all the documents. the planetickets and the money. I creied, I shouted, but nobody could help me to find the person who had stolen my handbag! Can you imagine , my dear Svende, how i felt? Now i don´t know what to do. I was alone in the bus stop in Kiev without the money and documents!!! I felt miserable,shocked and disappointed...I was about to die... the policeman helped me to get to the police office to ask for help. Now im going to come back home.
The officers were so kind to ask the train collector to help to get home... I phoned my parents and they are shocked.
Dear i cried the hole day.... The luck and happiness was so near...
I was almost in your strong and tender arms, my sweet heart!
What should i do now???? I´m at a loss...I´m so much shocked after the tragedy....
I dont know how can i go on after all that... I love you dear Svende... I kiss you and hug you tightly..I know that is was my second chance and you would never forgive me...Ilove you I will take my train in the evening to go back to Donetsk, I will be in donetsk tomorrow morning.
Your forever Helen.
Afte those letters i have understand she and the Interstar Agency was fake. Because Elena should have been departure Donetsk the 12th of may 9:30 am Im wondering what she was doing in Kiev the 11th may. Then i understand she was decived me and never had got a visa and planeciket but she have stolen my money by the fake agency. I hope this will help to stop her and decived other peoble incl. The Interstar Agency be Ekaterina Sedristaya.

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