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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Ekaterina Moskvich

# Address:  Ukraine , Cheboksary

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 36%

# Details: I would like to report to you about a scammer who has resurfaced at Matchdoctor and is featured under the profile name of "Katerine" . She has already had a report about her on Elena Petrova's site a report on Natasha Machihina . This is her supposed address:
  Katerine Moskvich, room 263, 47, Petra Kotova Street, Krasnodon, Ukraine, 94400.
  This Lonely Agency is trying to get me to send them money so that I may continue to write her letters "FAT CHANCE" of that happening! I would not be surprised at all if this Lonely Agency as well as many of the other women on their site are also scammers such as this Katherine Moskvich. Here is a copy of the letter the Agency will send to you after you have written a couple of letters to her which she some how fails to answer any of your questions from your previous ones:
  Dear Sir,
  If you want to continue corresponding with your girl Katerine (067), you should become a member of our agency. You may visit our site and take into your consideration all information, which can be useful for you. In case you have any questions, please, contact us by e-mail.We will be grateful for your cooperation.
  Head of Lonely Marriage Agency,
  Galina Gdanova.
  Here are the copies of the letters she has written to me so far:

# Date: 2005-04-13
Her letters to me;


Hello, XXXXXX!

I was glad to receive your letter. Thank you for having chosen me among the other girls and for your compliments. I hope our correspondence will help us to become close friends and maybe much more.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them.

I'm from Ukrainian town Krasnodon. I�m looking for a sincere, honest and careful man. My dream is to have somebody really caring by my side and to love and to be loved.
Many things can make me happy. I spend my free time listening to music, reading books or riding horses. I lead an active life and try to keep myself fit. I enjoy traveling and some kinds of sport. I like to make my home cozy and nice.

I'm open-minded, kind and sincere.

Comfort at home, romantic candle-light dinner, picnics with my future husband and children on weekends, arm - chairs around a fireplace in a cold evening, a bouquet of roses and a kiss from my beloved - these are the things I always highly estimate. It seems to me that happy home is more important than career or money. What is your attitude to family? Do you love children?
I believe that somewhere in the world there is a man who feels the same as I do, who needs love as much as I do.

My English isn't very good but enough for a more or less good conversation.

I'm waiting for your next letter and photos.





Thank you for the letter and photo. Having read your letter, I understood that you are kind and sincere person. I share your thoughts about love and family. I think real love makes people fly and even sing. Understanding and care about each other help to live in peace and harmony. It's always better to share everything in our life with others, especially
with those whom you love. I would like to have a husband and 2 children. I
would always support my man in all his thoughts and in his work. I dream of
bouquets of flowers which he would often give me, of picnics with our noisy
joyful children, and of warm hugs on a cold winter night. I think love,
respect and mutual understanding are the basis of family life. If one of
these components misses, the relationship will lead to divorce sooner or
later. A husband and a wife must be partners. I want to be educated so that
I could help my man in everything. I want to make him happy and be happy
with him myself.

I am the only one child and I would like to have at least two children. My parents are divorced for a long time. My father has another family. My mother is 43 years old. She works as a nurse in the hospital. I am a student and now I live in the hostel. From the very beginning I missed her very much, but now I have already got accustomed to live alone. I was born in 1979, on April 29. I like listening to music, dancing, going to cinema and traveling. I have been to some counties of former Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova and Kazakhstan). I enjoy spending my free time out of town, like going on picnics. Also I adore reading romantic novels. I take care of my body. So I go in for some kinds of sports, such as tennis and volleyball. I am a little disappointed in Ukrainian men, so I have decided to look for a man all over the world. The address of my hostel is room 263, 47, Petra Kotova Street, Krasnodon, Ukraine, 94400. My full name is Katerine Moskvich.

My English is not so good as you think. So translator helps me with them. I think understanding is very important, especially in the beginning of relationship.

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