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# Name:      Katerina Lonova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Galich

# Phone:    +380995649905

# Seen at:   My Beloved net

# Dangerous: 53%

# Scam scenarios:   money for VISA, travel

# Details: VisarnMoney transfer for triprnair tickets bought via internet, but not usedrnmoney to pay university fees

# Date: 2009-05-12

After several months of exchanging love mails, we finally decided that it was time for Katya to visit my country. We planned every detail, she got the visa and I got the tickets so she could fly on the 19 of April. On the 4th of April she requested US$ 2000 to pay the university fees that were pending; otherwise she could have problems getting out of the country. I thought it was awkward, but considering her eminent trip and the fact that she had not requested money before, except for the visa and travelling expenses to Kiev, I decide to send the money. I also added US$ 700 for eventual trip expenses. In total US$ 2.700. Her last mail was on the 14th and we spoke on the phone on the 16th. Everything was fine and she was very glad and happy to travel. But she finally didnĀ“t take the plane. After that I called several times with no answer, until my call went through, but as soon as she recognized my voice she hung up. She never sent a mail explaining the reasons. In summary all the love letters and beautiful feelings were just lies. Incredibly she kept this story for several months, just to get the US$ 2.700 at the end. I hope my story prevents others from falling into her trap.