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# Name:      Anna Shatskaya

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Ufa

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 37%

# Scam scenarios:   money for VISA, travel

# Details: After a while, we found out that we should meet. First she told that she could pay by herself, after a day or two, she ask for money to the travelticket. Then for visum and then for money to exit the country. After that she did show in the airport or answar the mail.

# Date: 2009-02-04
Have transfer money three times via Western Union
2009.01.09 Money Transfer Control Number 9383363040
2009.01.12 MTCN 7441097517
2009.01.15 MTCN 6361250572

Scammers letters

Mail from 20081210
Hello, Mads!
For the beginning I would like to speak once again to you my name, washing a name it Anna.
I for the first time was registered on this site and consequently I probably did what that a mistake and consequently my structure is spoken that by me from Denmark, but it not the truth. I from Russia, and I never was to Denmark.
Therefore please be not surprised to it.
Many people now speak that acquaintance on the Internet very popularly, and I too have decided to try this kind of acquaintance because at us in Russia almost that it is impossible to meet the good person.
I have noticed your structure, Mads and that that was pleasant to me in your structure and therefore I have decided to write to you. You live in Denmark, and I think that this very good place to live
And to create family. You think so?
I think that Denmark is very beautiful country, and the good place to live. I never was in Denmark, but I heard in your country much. In your country each person has equal
Opportunities, and each person has the right on a good life. And each person has freedom that the most important is for the person.
Now Russia it not the best place to live and create family. But even in such country I now have normal work and a normal life. I like to work, I have values of family,
And I wish to have the best life with the good person, the person whom I shall love also who will love me also. I have much, but only I have no person of my love.
I think, that women here are good enough to be the wife of the man from your country.
I always liked Denmark, and I have solved that for me will be better if I shall meet the person from your country. And then probably we became more close.
I can tell about myself, that I the woman which estimate the present love, fidelity and honesty. And I have been never spoiled by an easy and carefree life. This that little that I
I can tell to you for the beginning our acquaintance.
I have noticed your structure on the Internet, and you have drawn my attention. So I have solved that we could know each other better? To answer me or not, it will be already your decision.
I shall not write much today, I only wish to draw your attention the small story about myself.
My age of 28 years, my growth of 170 centimeters, and my weight of 53 kg.
I hope that you understand that the purpose of my acquaintance this creation of family, and I would like to live in Denmark and to have there the best life.
I have already reached in my life of much, and I am usual always reached that that I wished and to achieve my purpose.
I have almost that all in this life, except for family and the loving husband, and I search for it now.
I not the poor woman, and I belong to middle class in Russia. I have good work and I have enough money to live here.
And also I wish to ask to write to you to me in English as I very badly know the Danish language and for me it is heavy
to write on Danish and as you can not understand my Danish language as I can suppose mistakes and on it I would ask you
that you wrote to me in English.
And most important this that that I always appreciate cultural wealth.
I think that you can see my picture in this letter.
With hope, Anna.

Mail from 20081218
I want to tell that did not receive from you any letters!!!
Why, what occurs? With you all is good?
Well I very much hope that you will write even the reason of that why I do not receive the letter from you.
I very much would like to continue our acquaintance.
Yours faithfully Anna.


Mads, I knew that you will answer me! I probably even felt it! It brings to me a lot of pleasure that I have received the answer from you on my letter.
I wish to tell at once, that I have still written to two more other men. However they have not answered the letter nevertheless. Possibly later they will write to me. I hope, that you not against, I have written not only you. But you have written to me the letter the first and for this reason I shall concern your letter especially close!
My first letter to you was short. I do not know, whether I can write to you very much. I do not know what to write to you in my letters. Our dialogue on mutual questions and answers will be probably the best way to write each other. Except for that I want, that you have told to me about your life!
Mads, I wish to know, whether you understand my purposes of our acquaintance? I wish to explain to you the purposes of my acquaintance. I - now 28 years, it am good age to create family. I search for my soul mate. I wish to marry the person from your country. I wish to live in Denmark, and I wish to have happy family. In Denmark I can give more to my future family and my future children. For this reason I wish to live and work in Denmark. Denmark - the beautiful country. I wish to hope that your purposes - the same, and you also wish to be married to the person. I hope, that you too search for love and happiness. I shall hope, that both of us we wish to live a worthy enamoured and happy life. It was about my purposes, and I possibly should speak now about me. I shall write only the truth about me.
I do not think, that there is any sense to speak lie. You, agree with me? Both of us we search for love. I want, that my love was strong, pure, true and that it was up to the end of my life!
The Internet this not so reliable place to meet the person, and I shall hope only for your honesty, and I shall trust you. I in general am in the habit to trust people. I do not trust the Internet however, but I heard many happy histories about other people. Those people spoke, that they have found each other on distance of several thousand kilometers and have fallen in love. Now they are happy and live together. You heard such histories?
My work allows me to use a computer, and I have found time to read it. I cannot imagine at all, how many people search for love on the Internet!!!! There are many websites which suggest to find people. I could write to you irrespective of my computer. It costed for me approximately 30 dollars to be a member and to write to you. I wished to open again today a site of acquaintances, but to me spoke, that I should pay money again, and I have refused service. I cannot come on a site now, and I cannot search more for people so I very much hope for that that you will write to me! Otherwise it will be necessary to pay for me 30 dollars again!
I wish to tell to you a lot of prophetic! Please excuse me if I be able to not tell to you very much today. We shall have a lot of time with you to speak about all! We have no place to hasten, and we with you have a lot of time to study each other! Today I had a lot of work. We shall soon have a meeting, and I should prepare the message. By the way! I have not told to you anything about my work. I work in the small building company. Our company is engaged in development and carrying out of greater repairs in our city.
I work as the senior manager of a commercial department.
I am on it to a post within 2,5 years! My work gives me good money. I have worthy residing. I work, I have been tired on work. I receive fair money for work. Mads, tell to me about your work. You are glad to your work? Because I think what very important to love the work and to receive from it pleasure.
Today I wish to send you some photos. Later I shall send you of more photo, I have a computer of the house, and I have more photo on it. But my computer is not connected with the Internet and consequently I should take a photo for work, and to send them from my work. I shall try to send you a photo every day. Well? And I want that you sent me your photos too!
By the way I live in the city of Ufa ! You heard about this city? It is really historical city and we to have many sights.
Well, I shall wait for your following letter. You probably already have many questions for me? Write to me as soon as possible!
All good to you, Anna.

I waited for yours the letter!!! And I am very glad to it!
Today I have woken up very much early, usually I wake up at 6.30. Then I have included my computer and worked a little. I was prepared for my meeting with experts. I have already told to you, that it is necessary for me to do the message on my work. Yesterday I prepared for it till 23.00!
Still I have copied some photos, and today I shall send you some of them. Well?
You really love my photos? We just drank tea on work, and now I write to you! How there was your day? How your work?
You know, today I have received the letter from another the man, It from Denmark. Its name Samu, but I should tell to you that it does not wish to have serious attitudes. And I have written to it that I do not wish to spend time on
It, and I have told that I search only for serious attitudes.
I shall not write to it more. I promise it to you. I wish to ask to you a question. Than I so have drawn your attention that you have written the answer to my letter? Interest? Curiosity?
I still hope that you can understand my English language. I do not think that I speak on English very well, but I think that it will sound not so awfully! I think that will be possible to understand me nevertheless :-)
I like to have an active way of life, and sometimes I should work not only in our city. And then me send to a business trip. Though it happens not so often.
I was some times on a business trip in Moscow, and to St.-Petersburg. You heard about these cities in Russia? You often travel?
I like to travel in the summer. I travelled to many cities to Russia, and still I was in Turkey. In the world there are many fine places, and we in Russia too have many fine places.
Mads, I wish to tell to you about my life now. I think, that it is very important for knowing for us about each other as much as possible.
I have big enough family. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is much more senior than I, and my sister is younger than me and to it only 20 years.
My senior brother is already married. A name of my brother it Aleksandr. And my sister just studies at university, and it lives in the house of my parents. I live in a separate apartment. And my brother now lives with its family in other city, the name of city it Pskov.
We receive chance to meet only one or two once a year. And then we gather all family in the house of my parents. My parents live near to my house, they live together with my grandmother.
Name of mine of the daddy - Nikolay, and a name of my mum - Anna. A name of my grandmother - Alina.
Mine mum and the daddy still work. My daddy the engineer. It works at our factory which makes bread, and this factory does bread for all our city. My mum works in hospital, it works as the doctor which treats small children. And I very much respect with its trade because I think that it is very necessary trade.
I often invite my parents to visit me, and I too very often visit my parents. Ìîb mum and the daddy are already married in current of 35 years!
Mads, you are from the big family? Tell to me please more about your family! Well?
I wish to tell to you that we celebrate Christmas but in Russia it celebrate at night since January, 6-7th. We also dress up a fur-tree and also we turn around of it we sing songs we give each other gifts and also we cook different food.
My city big but it is less than Moscow in my city 800 òÿñÿ÷ü than the population.
I should work much today. I should give my report well. It is very important for me.
I shall wait for your letter. I hope that this good letter for you. Sincerely yours, Anna

Hi Mads!
It is always very fine to receive your photos. Please continue send to me your photos. It always decorates my day and I can represent you and your life better!
How are things going with you? Today in our city very solar weather. I work right now. I usually work till 18.00. I rose today at 6.30. My day today has begun very well.
Last night I dealed with my clothes, I erased yesterday greater of my clothes. I have a good washing machine. It is an automatic washing machine. It helps me very much. In general I like to remain at home and to do work on the house! How I like to prepare! I think that I very well prepare! I am assured that you love a pizza! I like to eat houses, and I do not like to go to cafe of a fast food. I care about we wash health. I try to use only natural products. I do not drink alcohol. I do not smoke also. The woman should possess natural beauty! I care of my body. I am engaged in sports meets. I go in for sports! I go to sports club very often. And sometimes I very much like to go to pool a few to float there with my girlfriends.
Well, I wish to tell to you, that your life is very interesting to me. Please, tell to me in the greatest possible degree. Well? We - all people, and I understand you as the person, but we have various cultures, and I possibly do not know some things. I shall be glad to receive news from you about it! Your letters help me to represent your life better. Mads, I would like to ask you about your hobbies. What you especially like to do? You like to watch TV?
You like to go on shops? You play on musical instruments? I know, that anyway you should have a hobby! You love music? I like to listen to various types of music! It possibly depends on my mood. I love classical music! I have many disks of the house! Besides I like to go to cinema. When show new film I and my girlfriends we gather, we buy tickets and we go to cinema!
Theatre? I was not at theatre during long time, but I think, that it is real art! I was at theatre approximately 2 years ago. Unfortunately in our life we have a lot of work and various affairs. For this reason not always probably to find time suffices for entertainment.
You agree with me? We - already adult, and many other cares are specific to us.
I hope, that my letters are not boring for you, and you are interested in that I write to you. I only wish to show you my life and to tell, who I. I can sometimes be very curious and for this reason I ask you that you were not surprised! Well?
Sometimes I imagine your voice. My accent differs from yours and if we shall speak by with you to phone in the future, we shall possibly notice it. I think, that I would like to speak by with you to phone. I believe, that is important to speak by phone
And to listen to a voice. I have no phone of the house, but recently I have bought to myself directly cellular telephone. It refers to Nokia. It is very convenient to use a cellular telephone, it is especially very conveniently for my work. But recently my cellular telephone has ceased to work. I have given it to restore, but to me spoke, that a lot of time will be required to make repair by my phone.
I in general think, that the man should the first offer me any things all over again. I think, that the man should be the initiator. Usually men ask the first that will meet the woman, men the first invite women in restaurant, and at cinema. Men offer heart all over again. I the independent woman. I wish to feel the present woman. Some men do not estimate the woman. Mads, You should consider me first of all as the woman. Unfortunately we now the distant friend from the friend, and we have no opportunity to meet. Though I would like to see you personally! Anyway our very unusual acquaintance is very interesting to me! Frankly speaking here in Russia some men offer me their friendship. I am young and attractive enough. But I have already told to you, that I want serious attitudes, and I wish to create my family in Denmark.
You involve me very much, and it is very interesting to me for speaking with you! I shall hope, that you also wish to speak with me, and it is interesting to you.
You - now my good friend! Anything to itself! I have the friend in other country! The Internet - a remarkable thing!
Please, only consider me seriously. Well? Possibly you are a person of my dream? I shall be always frank with you. I promise it to you.
I wish to tell to you that I was in St. Petersburg on a business trip.
I wish to congratulate you on Christmas and to wish you what your dreams always came true and that you always would be happy.
Well, I should will come back to work. I shall possibly close this letter. Write to me soon!!! Your pictures have gone! I shall wait for your letter!
Yours faithfully, Anna..

Hello Mads!
Today - good day! Today at us in city it is a lot of sun, and it is fine.
I am an optimist, and I try to find the best in each thing! How at you business? Whether really you are an optimist or the pessimist? Today I rose enough early. For me it was necessary to repeat my message. Today on work I have made the message for my boss. And it was very successful! I worked above this message of the house and consequently today I am a success on work much! My colleagues admire! My boss also is very glad, that it has good experts! I would like to ask, you have what weather today? How your business today?
You thought of me? I thought of you last night! It is the truth! I had a lot of work, but anyway I thought of you! I knew, that you will write to me, and it was very interesting to me to receive your letter today. I would like to hope, that it is interesting to you for speaking also with me! It is very a pity, that you do not live in my city. Otherwise I would invite you at cinema!
Whether really it is good idea? But … … you are not in my city! Possibly you would like to visit Russia once?
What do you think of it?
Mads, today I go to cafe with my girlfriend. Today in the afternoon I saw it, and it has invited me for a cup of tea! We shall meet after work! In our city there is a cafe by name "Kofeyna"! It is cafe very popularly in our city.
Tell to me please about your last attitudes with the woman. I think, what it not such a personal question? You understand, that I consider you very seriously and for this reason it interests me. You prefer long attitudes? What do you do not love in the woman? What involves you in the woman? What wife you want in the future? It should be formed? Clever? Beautiful? Cheerful?
I think, that between the man and the woman there should be a understanding. Also there should be a trust and a physical inclination! The man and the woman should be first of all friends. The love begins with friendship. If friendship strong and mutual the love also will be pure and mutual! I very much wish to grow fond of the man! I wish from this love to be happy! I wish to give from this love my smile to all people! First of all my favourite! I now shall distract and in 20 minutes I shall continue again the letter.

So I again at a computer. I should solve the problem with a delivery service. I bought last week a leather sofa home. Tonight to me promised to bring it home. I live on 4 floor. Our house in general 6 floors in height. I could not lift itself this sofa and consequently there will arrive men to help to lift a sofa! I in general like to buy home any things! I love a cosiness and cleanliness of the house. Now it is a lot of services in city and it demands money. I would like, that my husband himself cared of the house! Very pleasantly when the man does any repair of the house.
You often are engaged house have put? You have flowers of the house? I in general love flowers and at my place many colors! I love very much roses, but I have no house of a rose.
Roses usually give!
I wish to tell to you that my birthday on January, 30th.
And also should tell to you that for me is not present what problem that you would visit me but I very much would wish to go about the beginning to you and after that we could go in a place to my city.
O! I possibly should send this letter now. I spent a lot of time!
Write to me! I wait your letter. Thanks, Anna.

Good day!
I am again glad to read your letter! I am grateful to you for good answers! I hope, that at you all is good! Right now I listen to a song. It is a song in Russian! It is group MONOKINI. The song refers to “ Up to a meeting on a star ”. I would think that you very much liked to listen to this song it is a romantic song! It has good sense! I have a similar voice and I like to sing this song! I sing this song of the house. I have karaoke and I sing often! I have a full collection of songs MONOKINI. And I think that if I sang this song for you that you very much would love it.
I in general love music with sense. I like to think of a life under quiet music.
I also have small radio with headphones, and I very often listen to it when I not houses. In the morning on a way to work I listen to my radio, and together with a good morning song I finally wake up! Mads, all is interesting to me about you. Please, write to me as much as possible. Write to me as your day, what you did? I am very interested by you. Whether I often wonder there can be we? You would like me to meet? I think, that I could find enough money for our meeting. I probably would wish to arrive to Denmark and to remain with you some time. Or probably you would like to arrive to Russia? Please, tell to me in more detail that you think of our meeting? I travelled only in Prague. I never was in Denmark and fairly to tell, I to be afraid to go to other country a little. Denmark far enough from Russia and I should be confident, that I shall be in safety and that you will care of me.
It is very interesting to me to see as you you live. I read your letters and I understand much about you and your life, but anyhow that I am better to know each other would like to meet you. I the independent woman. I am capable to make of the decision. Whether also I should know seriously you would like to meet me? At me feeling, that you good the man. You caught my interest. I the purposeful woman and if both of us we wish to meet I shall think of it more seriously!
I should you tell that in my husband I to want first of all the friend and loving the man! It is very important for me that the husband helped me about difficult minute always and cared of the wife. Also he should be courageous and brave that could care of family!
Well, I should go now. I shall think of you. I should go today to the Supermarket and buy products. Write to me soon. Remember, that I serious in my words. It is not simple words. Thanks, Anna.

Hello my dear Mads!
You again today have made my day very good! I went for work with especial feeling and I waited your letter! How your business? How at you weather? How your native and friends? My family by way of! Last night my daddy came to me home. We drank tea and I spoke mine to the daddy about you. I told, that have got acquainted with good the man and we speak within two weeks on the Internet! The daddy asked what is your name? I spoke the daddy, that you call Mads! It at once asked from what country that the man? And I to it have told, that from Denmark! The daddy spoke, that it is very far and has been a little surprised! It has told why I before spoke nothing about it. I have told, that to all the time, I have told also that we good friends now and we want sometime will meet you. The daddy has asked, and whether mum knows about it? I have told there is no also I promised the daddy, that today I shall come home to parents and to tell about you. I am confident, that they will be very curious to know about you. So, tonight I shall go home to parents and I shall tell about you! Well?
Mads, I also thought of you much. I do not know as you it to speak, but I have to you some feelings. I do not know how to you it to describe. I love you? I do not know.... I cannot be confident for 100 percent it. This inclination is possible? I do not know. But I constantly think of you. Whether to me you very interestingly think of me? Allow me to ask you a question. You think of me? Only tell to me fairly. For me it is very important. Your life has really changed after our acquaintance? You have to me any feelings? I shall seems to not sleep today much. I shall think of you! I now write to you the letter and I write it with warm feelings to you. It is very bad, that in this letter it is impossible to place my feelings. I do not wish to rush. But I should you tell, that you are very interesting to me also I think of you. Yes! I think of you. It has occured very quickly. I only not so long ago have written to you and here I already have to you feelings. I do not wish to frighten you mine Mads.
You write to other women except for me? Only please tell to me it fairly. I do not write to anybody except for you. You understand about it? Mads, I would like to be now in Denmark and to meet you! You think, what the meeting is necessary for us? I very much would wish to meet you. So both of us could solve many things for us! You can which be created the person specially for me? I wish to make sure of it.
You would invite me to yourself to Denmark? We could is better learn each other. If you want, that I arrived to you inform me. I think, that I can find enough of money to arrive to you. How many it will demand money? It should not be very dear. I visited Prague and I received the visa. I think, that I also can receive the visa to Denmark and arrive to you. We are separated only with one flight at self-summer! I probably shall find out more how it is possible to visit Denmark. There can be you know as it better to make?
Today I shall speak with my mum. I shall tell to mum, that I wish to go to Denmark and to meet you. I am ready to change my life to the best. I wish to start to build my happiness. Be possible we can together are very happy. I think, that my family wishes me only happiness and they will not be against we met.
I also should think about my works. The matter is that I do not wish to lose my work. To me very well pay on my work and if suddenly our attitudes will not grow I should live in Russia and me work will be necessary. I do not wish to lose my work. If you really seriously to concern to me and wish to meet me I shall take a vacation on work on account of my salary. I think, that my boss will allow to go to me to Denmark and it will give me 1месяц for this purpose. We could spend happy time together.
To the birthday my best gift would be you I very much wished to meet to you.
I would not think yet of that that I did next year.
I seriously consider ours with you attitudes and I wish to have with you a real meeting. Write to me your ideas on our meeting in the following letter.. Know, that I shall not regret money for our meeting and I think, that I am capable to arrive independently to you.
I shall come back now to work and to wait your letter.

My Mads,
How are things going with you? Today I have difficult day on work. I am very tired already. Still it is necessary for me to go home and I should spend some time to reach my house. I want, that somewhat quicker again there were days off!
Yesterday I as well as spoke, that I went home to parents. I talked to my family about you. Now all my family knows about you. I spoke them about you. You know, it was very interesting to my sister also it also asked about you. Mum asked how old are you, whether and my daddy has asked you have children. I answered their questions and we discussed you last night. I spoke my family, that you the good person. After a supper we spoke about you only with my mum. You are probable only can guess, that at mum and at the daughter
There can be secrets and nobody understands better the daughter as own mother. Mum however warned me that I to not rush to enter with you attitudes. I am itself perfectly I understand. I have told, that you kind the man and decent. If we had with you attitudes it would be possibly necessary for you to speak with my daddy! It also very good person. It to care very much of our family. My brother also helps parents sometimes. Everyone wish for me only happiness. I have told to mum, that I wish to go to Denmark and to look as you live. Whether mum asked you invited me to Denmark. I have told, that you would be very glad, if we met you and had some time together.
Dear Mads, I also very much wanted, that you arrived to me to Russia. I very much would like to acquaint you with my family.
I should you tell, that it will be probable to visit Denmark dearly. Here in our city the average salary of the worker of 200-250 dollars in a month. I do approximately 400-450 dollars a month and these are good money for our city. Anyhow, I think, that I can independently arrive to Denmark. Tell to me, you want, that I arrived to Denmark the first? I wish to see as you live, your country. If all will be good, I should move to Denmark and consequently I should visit the first you. After that we can go to Russia together. I think, that it is a good idea. You are ready to meet me? We could know each other better. I shall not stir very much to you if I arrive? Where I would remain? It is dear to live in Denmark? I ask about the foodstuffs and about hotel?
I can probably remain in yours the house? Write to me about it. Well? I very seriously to speak with you. You lit my interest and I wish to meet you. We already adult people. I already enough time work also I think, that I presume to myself this trip. A question now in you. You want it? If you want, that I arrived to you then I shall choose for me the most convenient time. I should solve questions on work before. Besides I should be prepared independently and to prepare my family, that I shall be absent some time. I also should find out more information on travel.
It seems, you that the man which I long searched. You kind and gentle. You loyal and fair the man. I am confident, that you the man of your word and you can be for me the good partner in a life. I think, that at us all will be good. If we solve, that our attitudes should not proceed, I shall come back back home and we shall be as good friends.
Well, I shall finish now the letter. I trust you and I to trust, that you are serious to me to concern. I wait your letter tomorrow. Kisses, Anna.

Mads, I am happy, that you wish to meet me in the person and that you invite me to Denmark. I really very much wish to see your country and your way of life. I should see it my eyes, and I think, that we with you shall have happy time together. We now very good friends and I should tell, that our friendship can grow in love. You are valid very important are for me. In my life now there is a good friend and it you. I am always true to my friends and I never to betray my friends. Besides I very much hope, that we with you shall love each other! I really want, that between us there was a love and warm feelings. I want, that between us there was also a trust and understanding. I respect with you very much, and I love you as the man! You that type of the man which I would like for the husband. I think, that there where do you live, this very good place to live and have family.
You thought of me today? Tell to me please as you consider your future? What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your future want? You would like that your future wife was up to the end of your life?
I wish to marry only once and to be happy.
What you today did especial? My day today usual. Yesterday I have laid down to sleep enough late and I thought of you. In the morning I came to my mum, and now in the evening we with it shall speak again. Also to me my girlfriend home came. By the way a name of my girlfriend Kseniya. It also asked what plans I have on this day off. I think, that we would go with parents to our garden near to city. We have a few grounds and the small house. I like to remain there in the summer and in the winter because there there is an oven and there very warmly in the winter. I invited Kseniya to me home.
My Mads, I very much wish you to meet as soon as possible. I really to look at things and I think, that is necessary to prepare for it well. As you understand, I should speak all over again with mine the boss and also with my parents. I think, that all will be good and then I should define time when I shall be prepared for a meeting. I already travelled earlier to Prague and I know to make travel to other country it is necessary to be well ready. I think that I am ready to meet you, but I am not ready to go to Denmark yet. So, if you agree, that I arrived to you then I shall start to prepare for it! Well? First I shall speak with my boss and family and then I shall go to travel agency. I am already familiar with some rules for visiting, but I think, that for a trip to Denmark it is a little variously. I shall inform you later as I will have all things for preparation to arrive to you. Well? Inform me also when you would want, that I arrived. Well? I understand, that you also work, but I think, that if you cannot take a short vacation anyhow it will not stir to us. I could remain with you the house while you on work and then in the evening we could be one and we would talk much!
I shall not prevent to work to you! I wish on the contrary you to inspire. I would kiss you every day when you come home and I would embrace you! You would kiss me? We also could go to walk! I do not want, that you spent for me many money. Money are difficult and consequently we could be simply houses and I would make for you a supper! Also I can help you with work for the house and I can do the order! I already dream of our meeting.
I wish to tell to you that Coca Cola there is at us of 1 litre 2 dollars bread at us will accustom to drinking hardly less than 1 dollar and jeans are on sale different but cheapest 50 dollars.
Well, I then shall start to do some steps to our meeting. I shall do all is considered and is correct, that we met somewhat quicker. Well? I should do all things one. But I would like, that you wrote to me every day and also to inspire me!
I think, that our meeting is necessary for both of us!
I send my kisses to you! Also speak your friends and family Greetings from Russia!
Write to me soon! I shall think of you and to dream of our meeting. Only yours, Anna.

My Mads, I love you!
My parents and friends spoke you Greetings! Mum already asked as us with you business with our meeting. I have explained to mum, that all by way of. On work of problems with a vacation will not be, and my boss has told, that I can go to any day on a vacation.
Today I went to agency of travel. It is located in our city and the WORLD refers to! They render set of services. I have addressed to lady with questions and it has kindly answered me all my questions. I have explained, that I wish to visit Denmark and the first question which it asked me: you were in Denmark before? I have told was not present. You have the passport? I have told YES! But my passport had restriction and now it is necessary for me to prolong the passport. Also it asked my marital status, my earnings, whether I have children, and set of other questions. I kindly answered each question. I also have explained, that before I went to Prague. After that lady has told to me, that then you will not have a problem with visiting Denmark. It has explained to me about the politician of the European countries and also Denmark. Each country to care of people who arrive.
They choose from candidates on reception of the visa and do not give the visa to all. Material stability is very important. Also the social status and the purpose of arrival in Denmark.
Also to me gave some material in which details for reception of the visa are written all. In it the prices for various visas, terms of registration, the list of necessary documents have been presented. Lady has explained to me, that I should go to Moscow for reception of the visa. I never was in Denmark before and consequently my personal presence at embassy with payment of consular gathering is necessary. I think that I can stay to Denmark approximately through one or two weeks.
Also I should tell, that if I shall send all documents through agency in my city then I should pay much more money. Besides I should go to Moscow anyhow and personally be present at embassy. You understand about it? I learned there the schedule of work of embassy, and also the price for visas. These are 100 dollars. I should you tell, that it is complex enough and long process to receive the visa. To me have told, that I have more opportunities to receive the visa. By the way, I should receive the visa of the tourist because it is fast enough and is more cheaper. Besides I believe, that for us now there is no necessity to receive the visa of the bride because it is our first meeting. You agree with me? So, in embassy if I shall prove, that I come back back they will give the visa without a problem. Here in Russia I have good work, my apartment and it proves all, that I shall come back anyhow. Therefore I can safely go to Moscow and receive my visa!
I have a lot of information for this purpose, except for that I travelled earlier. I know also that it will demand from me time, my forces and money. I have time, I am valid!
I the strong woman and I also have money for this purpose. I should tell also, that I could save approximately 800 dollars for this purpose. I would have more, but I have paid taxes and also I helped to pay to parents training of my sister. I approximately considered my expenses. I should go in Moscow by train and back. I should pay also for the visa, for the passport, for many other documents. Also I should live in Moscow in hotel some time and pay for residing and for transport. I think, that 800 dollars will be necessary only for this purpose only. I read on the Internet, that it will be necessary for me to show the ticket back to Russia. Without it to me will not give the visa.
It has a little afflicted me, because tickets will demand many money. I have wanted to arrive to you and I do not refuse it. I am ready to spend for this purpose my working hours, money and my forces. Because I know, that I wish to meet you. I wish to be with you. Both of us we want it. For this reason I wished to speak with you about division with me parts of expenses. I wish you to ask, that you bought for me tickets aboard the plane. It should be return tickets. I think, that it will be fair, because I also to spend many my money and forces and time. You agree with me? I ask you that you bought for me tickets from Moscow up to your most close airport. I already accepted all things here. I am ready to go to Moscow and to start to take all things. Now if you will help me with tickets I can go to Moscow tomorrow already. Tell to me, you will help me with tickets?
You have money for this purpose now? I very much hope, that you will help me. Between us there is a trust and feelings. Both of us we wish to meet. Also for me it will prove gravity of your intentions. Please, you should not me refuse.
We do all correctly and I am confident, that we shall be happy together. I wait tomorrow your answer and if you have money and to me will buy tickets I shall go to Moscow. Write to me about it. Excuse me, that I ask you about the help. I think, that it is fair. You know my earnings and you should represent, that for me it is many money. I do not regret money and I shall do all for our meeting. But I should have your support also. We should be one command and then we shall be happy.
I wait your letter and with hope, that you help me also I shall go to Moscow soon.
I wish to tell to you that I tomorrow shall arrive to Moscow and all will be learned by me shall write to you that it will be better or to send me of money or to order tickets.
I love you. I wait our meeting. I wish to see you and to kiss. Write
soon, yours forever, Anna.

My Mads, I am happy to receive your letter. Even more I am glad, that you understand me.
I think, that between us there should be a trust and understanding. Now I am completely ready to go to Moscow. It is good, that you will be capable to help me with tickets. Now our meeting takes place really soon. I already today went to station of trains, and I ordered tickets for a train up to Moscow. Tonight after work I shall go to my parents and then we shall go to station of trains. I shall go to Moscow.
I already took a vacation on work and tomorrow I shall not work any more. My parents will see off me to Moscow. I should collect also some things for Moscow.
I love you, and I know, that you very much wait for me!!! As soon as I shall arrive to Moscow I shall immediately find the Internet-cafe and to inform you, that I have arrived to Moscow. I so am happy, that all things approach. It means, it soon we shall together! I so wish to arrive to you more soon and to connect our hearts! I promise, that I shall make all correctly and quickly when I shall arrive to Moscow.
We shall take together happy family and me to hasten to our happiness!
Wait for me, my love!!! I shall hasten to our happiness. Our love is only in our hands. I shall hold our love and to care!!! I should tell, that I now understand, that between us there is a trust. I sincerely understand, that you want that I have arrived to you. I the strong woman and my love to you will help me!!!! I on a correct way fortunately and I shall struggle for happiness with you!
For me it is very important to feel your support. I was solved on distant travel to meet you. I want that you wrote to me every day detailed letters. I wish to feel you, that you want, that I arrived also you very much wait for me. I do not think, that I shall be long in Moscow. Probably 3-4 days. I do not know precisely, but I every day shall write to you and to inform on all that I did. Well?
You asked me to write to you my address? OK!
Russia, Ufa area
City Ufa 181060
adress: Lenina street house 24-36
full name Anna Shatskaya
Well, I shall not write much today. I shall be going to go for Moscow. We on a correct way.
Following my letter will be already probable from Moscow. Write to me
also. With love forever, yours Anna.

Hi my love Mads,
What's up? I have so many news to you! I already have made much for our meeting. I already in Moscow.
From station of trains I took a taxi and I went to office in which for me found a demountable apartment. I did not begin to take a hotel reservation because it is much more dear than a demountable apartment.
I was seen off on a train by the daddy and mum. The sister was at home. I took with myself some things to Moscow, but I did not take a lot of prophetic. I think, that I can take all things here quickly and then I shall go home and to wait for the house while all of a thing are not carried out.
Now you should read closely. I today went by 10.00 to embassy and I wrote the application on that to me gave the visa of the tourist. Also I applied my photos for this purpose. They asked also about a place of my work, and on posts. I took the certificate of the property on my apartment.
They also have now data on my earnings. Lady who accepts documents has told, that now I the candidate on reception of the visa. By the experience it has told, that I have more chances to receive the visa. It already gave me probability of 99 percent, that I shall receive the visa.
Lady has explained to me, that will transfer documents to experts on work with clients now. Also it will be necessary for me to speak with psychologists and to pass medical examination. I got acquainted in more detail today with rules. It is very important, that I had tickets to Denmark and back to Russia.
I should have return tickets. This obligatory condition on reception of the visa. I have told, that I already about it know and also I have told, that for me will order tickets from Denmark. Lady in embassy has told to me, that I receive the visa of the tourist and consequently I should take all things independently.
At reception of the visa of the tourist I should not have any guarantors. I should prove personally my serious intentions for visiting with a view of tourism. Also I should prove my material stability. The embassy to care of it. It is expedient. I go as the tourist and I should have a stable financial position to have an opportunity to live in Denmark.
These are very complex rules and I should submit to it because I wish to arrive to you. So, today I have written all applications and also I gave all data on me. Following my step, is purchase of tickets. You understand about it? You also should understand, that I should buy tickets for cash money from my name here in Russia.
I should bring tickets in embassy as soon as possible and also receipts that tickets were bought by me personally. You understand? I shall prove this my material stability and embassy will be confident, that I shall be capable to go back to Russia. I should speak nothing to them about you because I go as the tourist.
Now I should as it is possible to buy tickets soon. It is good, that you have money for tickets. You should send me of money for tickets to Russia and I shall buy tickets here. I shall go now to the airport and to find out cost of tickets. You checked cost of tickets? If all will be under the plan approximately in 2-3 weeks I can arrive to you!
You understand about it? On January, 26th it can be day of our meeting! This day I shall consider my tickets! Mine Mads, I shall require from you the help. Tomorrow I shall find out, how many money is necessary for me. I shall consider the tickets cheapest and convenient for me. Well? I do not want, that had the big charge.
I shall inform you tomorrow how many money to you it will be necessary to send me and also I shall give you then the information on tickets that you could meet me! I am confident, that we shall take all things soon! We shall soon meet. By the way, I thought of that as I can I shall receive your money here.
I have no account in bank and probably we should use western union? I used it earlier and it quickly, conveniently and reliably. We should be confident safety of money and consequently it is a good way.
Well, I shall come back now to a demountable apartment. I wish to eat already! I got tired today and I wish to take rest. In Moscow a little more warmly than in my city. Here it is very beautiful also. I live in an apartment on 4 floor and many houses are visible to me!
Write to me soon! I love you! I do all things only for us and our happiness.. Do not forget about me. I require you. Yours forever love, Anna.

Hello my love love!!!
I have just received from you the letter.
And I am very glad that you have sent me of money for tickets of travel. Because now our meeting with you it will be very fast.
Now I shall go to receive your money so I shall not write much now.
I think that now for ours with you of a meeting everything is made almost that, and there was only the little, but I shall do it as soon as possible.
And I am assured that soon, very soon, we a meeting will occur to you, and I think that it we with you will very strongly change a life.
Already midday in Moscow, whether also I do not know I shall have time to receive your money today if I shall not have time to receive it today I shall receive it tomorrow, and also to buy tickets of travel.
I shall write to you tomorrow, and to tell about all.
Well, I shall go now. I very much love you, yours for ever, Anna.

Hello my Favourite Mads,
I wish to tell, that I have already received your money and have bought tickets aboard the plane! Our meeting already absolutely close.
I am happy that soon we shall meet. I am assured that you will make me the happiest woman on light. I love you.
On January, 26th there will be a day of our meeting.
But I should you tell that I have unpleasant news because when I was in embassy today and showed tickets to me have informed that
To receive the visa I should prove my credit status. They have told that I should have financial assets for a trip.
To me have explained that I should have 50 dollars on every day stay in Denmark and according to my tickets they have told
To me that the minimal sum which I should have for stay in Denmark these are 1500 dollars. They have told to me that I should receive a credit card in bank and put 1500 dollars on this card.
Mads, I am upset so strongly because I have missed this detail when submitted documents on reception of the visa.
I simply do not know what to do now because I have no such sum of money and I do not know where to find money to put them on a credit card.
Mads, so it is inconvenient to me to ask you again about the help but I am compelled to make it because we have made already so much for our meeting and I do not wish to throw all now and to surrender.
I know precisely that it is last step for sew meetings and we should make it! I understand that it is a greater sum of money but I wish to tell that we shall not lose this money because
I understand that such sum of money is not necessary to me if I shall be with you and consequently as soon as I shall arrive we shall remove this money from a credit card and you will receive them back.
I should have this money only that they have given me the visa, I should show only that I have this money for a credit card. You understand? Please send me this sum of money Mads.
I understand that our meeting takes many money and forces but I am assured that it costs that. I love you and I wish to arrive to you and to be with you.
Please make it as soon as possible because if I shall not have time to make all in time that they will give up to me in the visa and I very much am afraid.
I am assured that we shall cope with this situation if we together. Truly?
Mads, I trust you and I trust in our love. I understand that it has flashed so quickly but I know that I really love you and you mean much for me.
I shall wait your letter with the big hope. For ever yours, Anna.

Hello, my love! I was so glad to recieve your letter today and
thank you very much again.
Words cannot express my loving thoughts about you and what you mean
to me. You are the light at the end of the tunnel, brighter with
every thought and feelings I have for you. I 've never had such
feelings for a man as I do with you. Never did I dream that the
feelings I've encountered with you and the writings that we've sent
to each other would be this powerful. I tell you from my heart my
true feelings for you. The path to a solid relationship is truth,
honesty, and faith in your partner. I believe that I certainly have
all this in you and much more. Darling , I'm praying for you daily,
saying little prayers about you, and wishing the day will finally
arrive for us to be together.You are contantly in my thoughts and I have the
deepest feelings for you.
My dear now I need to go and receive your
money as I can not be in time in bank I shall write to you tomorrow.
I love you,Mads and wait to come to
you. I will write you tomorrow .Yours,Anna

Hi, my love, Mads!!
How are you my darling? You even can't imagine how I miss you Mads and
want to be with you!!
All I can think about is you and our future.
I know that you can make you happy.
It is hard to believe that I found someone half way around the world that I
care about so much and who cares about me as well.
I am very excited for our meeting.
The time will not pass quick enough for me.
I look forward to holding you in my arms and gazing into your eyes and
telling tender and love words.
I'll try to be patient and I enjoy your letters and your passion for
our meeting.
I can't wait to see you!! I'm happy to see things are coming together
for my trip so that to meet you.I hope you can feel my sincerity to meet and be
with you. And I keep up my faith and my strong will to come to be with
I also wish to tell to you that I shall necessarily learn you to Russian
and I think to you it very much it is pleasant. And also I very much would
want that we went to Russia in a place and you got acquainted with my parents
friends and also with our culture I think to you also it will be very
interestingly and curiously as well as me when I shall arrive to you.
I don't care of what I am going through and feel so lucky to have met
someone who feels the way I do and wants to be with me and approves
everything I do. I hope everything goes well with you and I'm sending you
kisses, hugs, and snuggles... do you feel them yet? Mads, write me
soon please! With all my love, yours always Anna

Hi my love Mads!!!!
I was very pleased to receive your letter today and even it seemed to me that you are near to me..
I am so happy that I met such a person like you and I can' wait to see you.
Mads, I am sorry but I have to tell you that I have not very good news for you but we should not stop on half of way because we with you
already have much made for our meeting and therefore we with you deserve a lot of happiness. Do you agree with me my love Mads?
I called at the Embassy today to ask about my papers and they told me that I have to insure my life. They told me that this
insurance is necessary for the visa of the tourist because they should be sure in that that if something happens to me my
insurance will cover these expenses. But if all will go normally as soon as my visa will come to an end they will reimburse 90% of the sum to me. In other
words lady from embassy told me that as soon as I finished my travelling in the Denmark two days prior to a start from the Denmark they will give me 810 $.
Therefore it is necessary for me to bring 900 dollars on my insurance.
I understand that it probably much money for you and I am so sorry to disturb you again and asl you for help, but I do not know another way out of this situation.
I hope that you will read very soon this letter, and I shall come to wait for your answer in the evening here.
I wil hope very much for you, yours for ever Anna..

Hello my dear
I am very glad that you have helped me last time I wish to speak you many thanks and to send you the most gentle kiss. Now I am ready to go to you and I am very glad to it. When I shall arrive to you we shall be the happiest pair and I think that at all of us you will be very good also my happiness and I your happiness.
My dear I very much miss on you but I am am pleased with those that we soon shall in a place.
Now I shall go to bank to receive your money and I shall write to you tomorrow so I think you will not take offence at me that I have written the small letter. I send you the most sweet kisses your love Anna.

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