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# Name:      Angelica Bazhanova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Bobrinets

# Phone:    380 990088572

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 35%

# Scam scenarios:   money for travel

# Details: I first saw Angelika at I thought she was pretty and we began to correspond. We e-mailed for about 3 months. Her letters were not pre-written. She answered questions. I thought we became very close. About 3 weeks ago she hinted about coming to see me. She needed $480 for a visa. I explained to her that she could not get a visa in 2 weeks from her travel agency like she was telling me. We decided to meet in Ukraine. This week she told me that she wanted me to send her money for a camera so that she could send me some erotic pics. I told her that I would never send money to a person I have not met. Her attitude has changed a lot. Her letters have become short and angry. Today I saw another profile on the same site using pics of the same woman only this woman says she is 28 and from the US.

# Date: 2008-07-05
April 10
Hello, dear Wayne !
I`m very excited to recieve this nice letter from you!
How are you? I appreciate American easy 'goingness' and open hearted attitude to many things!
I`m very glad to communicate with you, Wayne.
What do you usually do?
What is your attitude to life, to women, Wayne? What are your other hobbies?
I like many different occupations, but I work now as a nail art designer and I work in a kind of salon. I live in a small city of Bobrinetz, Ukraine with my family. English is not my first language, Wayne. I am a versatile type of person. I am interested in many things like music, art, dance, movies, literature, sport, nature. I am romantic, funny and frank. I am a good friend, Wayne. I want to find my soulmate no matter where he might live. I believe in true love and I hope I will find it someday. I appreciate family values and old traditions, I don`t like much noise or big crowds, Wayne. I like to spend time with my friends and want to find a man who will love me as I am. I think when there are two people in love, having a lot of interests in common and similar opinions and viewpoints the age gap doesn`t matter. If both partners enjoy each-other`s company then everything is ok in their partnerships. For me the age difference doesn`t really matter, if you ask me, Wayne. If I love the man and he loves me then it`s happiness...
I`m waiting for your next letter, dear Wayne. And for another nice and funny photo of yours.
I think in my next letter I`ll tell you more about myself.

April 18
Hello, Wayne !
I am very glad to receive your letter, at last... :) Thanks for a lovely Russian attempt. But you know the machine will NEVER be better than the person, no matter how bad their English is... D`you know what I mean Wayne?
OK, more about me... I have always lived in Ukraine, in a small town of Bobrinets. 4 times I visited different cities in Ukraine and I went to the sea side. I studied English only at school and at the additional classes so it is hard for me sometimes to express all that I want to say Wayne. Let me tell you about myself if you do not mind. I live with my family, my mother Natalia is a housewife and my father Alexander is an accountant, I also have two siblings a younger brother Artem who lives with us and an elder sister Christina who is married and lives with her husband in a different city in Ukraine Wayne. I graduated from school and entered a college to get an education of a financist-accountant, there in the college I spent little time on the lessons and study, partially because the choice of the college wasn`t mine at all, I was made to study there, and partially because those days are gone and I no longer like such way of life, say, I`m a little tired of the crowds and club careless atmosphere... I liked very much to be with my friends and mates, we threw parties many times and had a lot of fun there :) :) But now I work and my priorities and values have changed Wayne...
I used to adore discos and club music, dancing and being out with friends in my late school days... I don`t have bad habits, but I like slight alcohol drinks when I have fun; I love bright sexy clothes which showcase my body. I enjoy being in the centre of attention everywhere I go :) :) I still like when people tell me compliments, and show their adoration of me Wayne! :) :)
But I also think that you have to be a nice and a good person too, because if you are rich and bad you`re worth nothing Wayne.
Most of the time I am jolly, but there are times when I feel thoughtful; I`m a little bit dreamy person, I`d like to open a bussiness someday, maybe connected with health and beauty salon... At present I attend club dance class, soon perhaps I`ll become a profesional... What do you think about dancing? Do you enjoy this kind of art? I think, if you love sport you should love dancing as well. :) :)
my profile will give you all the neccessary information, and as for the bed preferences - well, I like tenderness, passion and care. That`s it.
Yet I terribly love music and singing in particular Wayne! :)
What do you habitually do when you are free? Do you spend time out in the cafes, clubs, cinemas, etc. or do you prefer to stay at home and enjoy sitting in front of TV under a wool plaid with a can of beer and a piece of pizza? :) :) :) Alright, alright... :) When it rains, I also like to stay at home and watch funny films with my dog. I adore pets like fluffy puppies and kittens Wayne :) They`re so cute, don`t you think so? It`s nice to play with them and watch as they grow bigger :) I actually like everything nice and funny :) I adore funny cartoons and teen comedies...especially American and French funny movies. We often go to the cinema with my friends or watch the video at home...We also visit a pool and swim a lot, in the Summer we play tennis and volleyball. Sometimes my sister Christina comes to us and we hang out a lot, go shopping and meet our friends Wayne. My sister still misses me and says she`d like to return to our city. She and her husband started to date back at school, then decided to get married...Now they are thinking about having a child. What about you, are you into something? What do you enjoy mostly? What kind of music do you like? What are you favorite singers? Have you participated in any contest, like sport or music Wayne?.. I`m sure you are a talented man and always get what you want, am I right?
Once I took part in one photo-model contest, we had to send the model company our best photos and then they had to choose the coolest shots and call us back, one week later they phoned me and told that I won, but didn`t send anything in return neither did they return the photos...
I looking for your next letter, Wayne.

April 19
Hello, dear Wayne!
I`m glad to get your letter! :) :) That`s very nice to communicate with you! You know it`s very funny to read this Russian letter! :)) You`d better write me in English... Coz there are a couple of freaking weird things in this Russian translater! It mixes words, like the thing you said you grow the to matoes and you said thet the PLANT was 4 metres long, but the translator said the plant in the sense of FACTORY; or the last phrase was probably '...clear and PLAIN answer', but in Russian it was said as plain=stupid !!! So, please, bettr write in your OWN language Wayne :)))
That`s really interesting to read everything you write to me, and to see that we have many things in common!.. :) :) :)
Today my dance lesson was canceled, so I had a bit of free time to go to the Internet-cafe and to write you one more letter Wayne!
I also tried to find some information about my favourite singers. I love music and love to sing a lot! Sometimes I record my voice on my old tape-recorder... I`m not feeling well today, I guess I`ve cought a cold, I fell asleep late yesterday because me and my friends were at the night-club, my best friend Alena had a birthday party, and I think that going home, I was cold, so today in the morning I`ve had a fever... Well, I actually don`t often visit such places as discos or night clubs, I used to when I was at school, but I couldn`t help going to that night-club, because my friend, as I said, had a birthday party Wayne... yeah, when I was a teenager I liked that all, but these years I appreciate more a peaceful calm existence, more family oriented and not as loud as that :)
Now I`m feeling a little better, your letter lifted my mood up, I didn`t think you would answer me so quickly, but I`m glad I was mistaken :) :) That`s nice to get letters actually, and it`s fun to write them, it`s like some people like to give gifts and some like to receive; I`m the one who likes to give presents, because it means a lot when you make a present for someone! Especially it`s very pleasant when you can give your friend a gift without any special event, just because you want to give a present... My friends often give me presents, too, souvenirs from the sea or somewhere they come from :)
thru the Net Wayne?
If so, how long have you been mailing each-other? Were you looking for a soulmate or just for a pal?
For me it`s very exotic to talk to foreigners, I think for you it`s the same: how many of your friends have ever comunicated with citizens from distant countries like Ukraine? I think, we don`t differ too much from those from other countries, I want to say that the only difference is in our cultures and parts of upbringing Wayne... But on the other hand we all are the same and we all need the same.
You know, I look not only for a close friend, but also for a long-time partner who will love me and respect Wayne. My bed-preferences are to be told under the certain circumstances ;)
You may ask why do I look for love in the Internet, because here in my small town there are not so many opportunities to find serious relationships, and I being, quite tolerant, won`t mind to have a long-time partner from a different country, if we match each other Wayne.
Ok, my friend came to visit me today and we`re going to meet another friend of ours, who stays at her granny now. She also wants me to paint her nails for a special occasion, I am a nail art designer and I work in a small 'salon', I have a few elite clientele and some ordinary ones, who ask me to paint their nails beautifully, etc. and they pay me for it Wayne. I think, that this kind of activity is an art too, because you paint various patterns on the nails which have to fit the style of the girl and her clothes, sometimes you can even add some glittering things and make a sort of 'piercing' on the nail !! By the way as for the body piercing or tatoo, do you like that Wayne?
Well, I wanted to do something like that in my late teens, but then I changed my mind...You know, if you do it, then you`ll never get rid of it, besides there are many 'fake piercing things' and you can easily put them on if you want... :) Well, my job is quite interesting, but I wouldn`t like to do it all my life, you know :) I`d like to try something new, more prestigious and more exciting, like dancing, of figure skating with elements of different kinds of dance: eastern dance, maybe latin and even classical waltz Wayne :) Well, to be a pro-figure skarter you have to start to do it in a very young age... We had a TV show in Ukraine where pop-stars had to learn to dance and to figure skate and to make a sort of performance with a professional figure-skaters and the jury had to decide who was the best pair, that was very exciting, a lot of my friends wanted to learn to figure skate as greatly as those stars Wayne! I think, it`s very useful to do such shows, because when they are popular, more people want to be like those who participate in them and so they start to go in for sport and keep themselves healthy, they stop smoking and do more physical excercises and the whole generation becomes healthier and stronger. If you just say something like: ' do some sport!' or 'stop smoking!' it won`t work out Wayne... You need to make people become interested in these things, to make them care about it and then you`ll really get the results.
We all do something for the sake of something else, with a purpose of getting something, so if we don`t see any outcomes of our work it frustrates us and we give it up Wayne.
But if we see that something ( e.g. dancing ) makes us look attractive and we just feel good doing it and there are no side-effects, you start enjoying it and stop thinking about how healthy it it... But it continues to do its thing. And if young people find out that dancing is probably even sexier and more passionate than any other kind of sport. ;) it`s easier to engage them into it. I love dancing! I`ve always dreamed to become a dancer and a singer. Because through the dance and the song you express every thing you feel and especially if you dance in a duet, then you both 'act your imaginary romance', or something like that Wayne. And what about you, do you like dancing? If you do, it`s great! Because it means that there`s one more thing that we have in common :) :) :)
Please, tell me more about your friends, your job, your hobbies, your tastes. I want to know everything of you, and I hope very much that you like to read everything I write to you Wayne! :)
I am a very communicative type of a girl, so I very soon get used to people whom I meet, I begin to behave naturally almost at once. I don`t like to pretend and so I am who I am. And I`d like others to be themselves with me too.
Thank you again for writing to me Wayne!
Sincerely yours,
Angelica ;)

April 23
Hi, Wayne! English is much better :)
I`m glad to write you a reply, because I`ve been waiting for your letter! :) Thank you for the advice, but if I chewed garlic my cold will pass away just like all people near me will pass away too ;)
How are you doing?
I still have a cold in my head, but my temperature has fallen down. But I all the same go to work... There`s no sense to stay at home and moan over this illness, besides it`s just a simple cold, not a big deal, right?
I see, Wane you are a tricky man! ;) Well, a piano player in a whorehouse is not quite bad, indeed :) :) I see, you have a nice sense of humor! Why have you desided that I DON`T read your letters??? Any way, you are definetely not boring!
All this Wayne is not in vain, is it? ;)
And that makes me like you :)
Recently my friend gave me her old portable player, Wayne because she`s got a new one now and now my favorite music accompanies me everywhere... If you have a portable player too, haven`t you noticed that when you listen to it in the street it seems as if all people you see around move in tune of what you listen Wayne? :) Once I listened to the music with a fast rhythm through my headphones and one very big man seemed to move as if he heard this music and tried to dance :) ( in fact he was just walking and didn`t hear any music) That was really funny. I thought it would be nice to make a kind of video to this fast song, featuring this big man! :) Well, Wayne I`m kidding of course...
Maybe in a week I`m going to dye my hair in a more blond color, because I like when hair is almost white, eyes are blue and skin a little bit tanned with bronse :) That`s very beautiful to look like this... Especially I like to spend time on the beach in the sun, every time it is Winter I miss Summer and when it`s Summer, Wayne I miss Winter :) It`s all the same... Am I too romantic? That is because I see how people, especially women sometimes sell out their love in order to get money or expensive gifts. I would never do like this, no matter how little money I may earn. So, Wayne I don`t think it`s good when you sacrifice love, because love is such an utter and sublime thing that it can be given only with pure intentions..., besides our life is too short to waste it on chasing money! Besides, we always want more than we have! That`s why it`s pointless to care only about money. Independece is very great! You have enough money, maybe not as much as you want, but it is your OWN and you are proud of yourself! I remember, when I first got a job of a waitress in a cafeteria, the salary was very little, I couldn`t afford to buy myself cool clothes, but I was very glad to have a job! Because that was MY money, even though it was little... That`s why, I know that it is hard to earn it, and I think it`s good what you have, even if it`s little...
There`s a new shop is in the process of being built in the centre, they say it will be something like a super-market which will have a few attractions, like a skating-rink and a dance-floor Wayne... It`s going to be actually the only big place for entertainment in our petite town. /can you please explain what does the phrae 'scheme of things' mean/
Yesterday my friend told me her boyfriend had presented her with a bunch of 51 roses, ( it`s 51 not 50 because in Ukraine all even numbers, ( 'even' I mean 20, 22, 24, etc. and uneven it`s 21, 23, 25..., my English is not so good, so if I don`t know how to translate a word, I try to explain), so I`m saying in Ukraine all 'even' numbers are regarded as unlucky ones, so we don`t include them when we want to give a present for someone... But when it`s funeral we use 'even' numbers...Such a tradition.) But you know, I rather prefer to admire wild flowers in a field, because they are dead when they have been cut off... I feel sorry for them, really... The same I feel when it`s Christmas eve, Wayne when we have to decorate a Christmas tree, you have to drag it into a house and actually, decorate a DEAD tree that somebody once killed and be glad about it! Isn`t it craziness Wayne?? And I feel so extremely sad when we throw those trees away after the holiday season is over. ;( Gush!.. That makes me cry like a baby!.. :( I remember, when I was a child my mum had to tell me that those trees were especially 'made' to be cut off that nothing really suffers from it. I know she said it to comfort me, even if it were lies... Because you should never traumatize a child...You know, Wayne kids are so tender that their psyche can be damaged very easily... That`s why you should never make them feel fooled. Like, never tell them that Santa doesn`t exist... :) Let them believe in him... It`s so hard when you get the disappointments, no matter how old you are... Because the age it`s just a number written in the passport, Wayne you know. The true age is how you feel. My mum troubles too much over her age, although I try to prove her wrong!.. She worries too much over her grey hair. I don`t understand that Wayne!.. I mean, she is very sporty and energetic, and quite a modern kind of mum. I love her very much! I keep on telling her that her age is a part of the inevitable life process, and if something is inevitable then it is natural! D`you know what I mean?
I mean there`s something we should be humble about. Because we actually have no choice... Well, we can do girlish make-up and dress like a teenager, but would it be as nice as we anticipate? We only will look ridiculous. i`m sure it`s better to grow old nobly, with self-respect and self-dignity... When I am in my old years, I will be a very elegant and smart lady, even if i am an 'old lady' :)
Bye, till the next letter :)

April 25
#1 you are a tricky man indeed!
well, thank`s for your letter and for exlplaining the meaning of the phrase :) I didn`t gave you my profile data, coz the exterior beauty doesn`t matter, don`t you agree Wayne? You are not a familiar person to me yet, so I don`t give you the full adress, I can tell you my full name Angelica Bazhanova. You seem like you are playing with me, dear.
#2 as for the pic of the girl well, I wish I could dress like that! ;)
And why do you send me this phrase all the time 'I am voting Republican because not everyone can be on welfare!!' ?????????
See ya!
Evil Angel

April 26
Hi, Evil Wayne! ;)
You have a wonderful niece, and I see it`s hot in Texas, isn`t it? Do you also celebrate Easter now?
We spend the Easter with the whole family, we paint eggs and make some special Easter cakes; some people visit church and pray... We have day off on Easter and enjoy ourselves. Actually, it`s quite a glorious holiday :)
PS Ok, now I see the meaning of the phrase :)
PS #2 My cold is going away :)
But be aware! Coz I am -
Wicked Angel

April 29
I see lady is doing very well, Wayne! Well, good for her!
here`s not hard to understand what the cryayfish is, isn`t it?? ;) Unfortunately, i don`t have a bikini-picture... I think if our relationship is going well you wll see them (bikinis) someday. ;)
By the way you look very nice in that photo with long hair and denims! :) Very stylish, Wayne.
I didn`t know about Black Crim sord of tomatoes... That`s interesting :)
PS Thanks for your unique way of correspondence!
Angelic Devil/ Devilish Angel ;) (the former is more of a truth, I guess...)

April 30
Fist of all thank`s for the nice picture ! And the puppy is so cuuuuuuute!!! :))
By the way o you wear shoes at home?? Coz in Ukraine we walk in socks or barefoot or in special slipperes in a flat... Why do you want to know the biggest city near my Bobrinetz? Look at the map, honey! :)
You are really a funny guy, Wayne!
That`s a shame your hair is short now... can you grow it for me? :)
Hope the fence lady is doing fine ;) Haven`t anyone else to rescue soon? ;))
Have a super day, Wayne!
Black Angel

May 1
Hi, dear Wayne!
I see the lobsters on the pictures ;) is this the same as a crayfish?
I see now you become less naughtier ;) Have you got a lack of strength? ;) well, you are a nice guy if you leave all those jokes behind... But well I should admit that it alives the conversation :)) An I like it indeed! You know good sense of humor is very sexy, Wayne!
Sorry, got to close; I`ve got some work to do...
You should keep yourself in good fit to be ready to rescue any time! ;) But you are in a good shape already :))
PS It`s cold in here that`s why I wear too much cothes :)
PS 2 Do you like to exchange these wicked, biting remarks? Do you have someone else to exchange with?
The city is in Ukraine, keep on searching ;)
Naughtiest -Angel -of -all -times...-taht will never give it in!

May 2
Be careful about what you wish for, it can come true someday, Wayne ;)) (and about wishing to pinch me on the bum )
You seem very honest, I trust you 99.8 % :) You know there`s always a possibility of being wrong :) Ok, the lobster is good :)
I`m glad that you have found my city on the map :) Now you see such city exists :)
Wayne, I`m waiting for your funny biting remarks, but if they are with good intents, you know :) I like your humor and the game of words :))
Do you want me to write you more about ordinary things, Wayne?
Take care of yourself!
A bit less evil Angel

May 3
Hi, Wayne!
You are really an honest person:)
Well, I guess you have a chance to see the Naked angel someday ;)
I mean, I can`t e-mail forever ... but let me tell you, if you want to haev fun in here it won`t go... Coz if you really want to have me as a long-time partner and exchange our humor puns in person... See, Wayne you are a very special guy and I like you indeed! (jokes apart!) But do you really take me serious? Do you want to have relationship with me? Probably a family?
PS You look much more attractive now, than on that old pic! I swear Wayne
Thanks for the tomato pic, I`ve never seen it in here! :)
Ok. Please, tell me what do you think of us?
Less naughty Angel... and hope a less naughty Wayne :)
PS the pic is me with my sister`s husband :)

May 5
Hi, Wayne!
Let me comment your comments :)

My friends say that I am blatantly honest.
They are right! And I like this.

I am not sure if you are serious yet. I do not know enough about you. I know your first name, your occupation, and the city where you live. You refused to tell me your full name, your address, your age, your height, your weight, or what you like or dislike in the bedroom. You see, intimacy is very important to me and I think 2 people should be compatible in the bedroom.
Ok, my full name is Angelica Bazhanova, Bobrinetz, Kyrova street, house 19, flat 8. Post index 27200 My height is 176 sm, weight 51 kg.
My likes in bedroom depends on a man, mutual desire is important. Dislikes are excessive aggression, violence. I welcome experiments, 'games'. Well, you wont be bored with me ;)

I will NOT be having more children.
that`s fine. I don`t want to damage my figure :)

She is honest, devoted, and trustworthy. She is intelligent, attractive, has a nice body, has long hair, is a lady in public, and can be naughty behind closed doors if the time is right. She likes to wear dresses and skirts. Ladies look nice in dresses. She knows what she wants in life. She is my equal. She is romantic, passionate, sensual as well as sexual. She would be submissive to my desires as well as aggressive in her desires as I will be for her. I am not looking for a cook, a maid, or a whore for my bed. I am looking for a friend, companion, partner, and lover. I am looking for a special lady that enjoys intimacy with her man. I am seeking my best friend.
well, in fact I could tell you 'yes. it`s totally about me!' But it wouldn`t be true... Some of your demands correspond to what I can give. But some I don`t have in my personality.
If that is ok for you I guess we`re quite compatible.

May 9
Not yet!! :) (my comment about Naked Angel)
Well, that` s very interesting that you said. Cool!
So, if we got it cleared up, what shall we do next?
What do you want to do?
Do you want to be with me, Wayne?
PS You look very sexy in the pic behind your tomato plantation :))
Just like Angel ;)

May 13
Hi, Naughty Wayne!
I`m very pleased to get another letter from you!That`s good that we comunicate for so long, well it`s not SO long of course, but it`s long enough to get to know each other, isn`t it? We have become almost familiar people...
You know I never knew it was possiple to fall for a foreigner but you turned out to be very nice and I'm really falling in love with you! I like all the things you write me and I hope when we meet we`ll spend hours and hours talking and not only talking ;)... and remembering our e-mail past :)
You are a very open about sex, well that`s good I guess... But sometimes taht happens that if there are too many words, there are no actions... :( Don`t take it personaly, it`s just an supposing thought :)
You are a very unique man!
I mean I`ve never met such open and direct persons like you....
Maybe we`re really meant to be together?... By something`s power? And you are the nicest and the best man I`ve ever met! Though, this niceness is not in a common way... I see, you are quite naughty but you are a good man, Wayne!
Coz I could never imagine that a man from a different country would understand me so well!... I still can`t believe it! :) And what about you? Do you feel this magic? Am I special for you? Have you ever anticipated to meet someone like me?? I think, after all these disappointments we have found at last what we were looking for!.. It`s a kind of reward, isn`t it? For me it`s amazing! And I reconcider my already tolerant opinion about cultures...I`ve become even more tolerant!! :) I see, there`s NO difference between us! At all! We are all alike: we have the same dreams, needs, desires, attitudes!...
Well, now with our aquaintance a new page in my book of life has been turned! :) It`s complitely a new experience for me!! And it`s so great! I hope very much that for you it is as special as it is for me!
Oh, maaan I`m heading into this romantic side.... :) Well, yes sometimes I can be very sentimental...
My friend has just lend me a VHS copy of the film 'What dreams may come' in English!!
I`ve already had it in Russian (I say Russian because in Ukraine most of the people speak Russian, but not Ukranian; the Western part of my country speaks more Ukranian, and the Eastern one speaks Russian), and that was such a joy to have copies in both languages! Now I can compare these two versions and see the difference :)
I`ve just read the news about what I`ll have this week according to my star-sign, it says there will be some surprise and that I should be careful about wishing things... ;) I have no idea of what they talk about. But I already know that I`ve found my happiness! And I hope you`ll be happy with me too! We are the two in this crazy world and we have already built our own special world! Our hearts are together!...
What do you think of the horoscope? Do you believe in fate? In destiny?
Well, I do believe in them only when they offer me something good :) Like, I believe that your soulmate is given you by the Destiny...and if it`s meant to be, then someday the two people will be together, whatever it takes... We kinda live in the same 'house' called Earth, and there`s the one who is the best for you... He may be just in the next 'room' and you can find him only after he comes out, or after you step inside...:) But he IS somewhere in the house! So I believe that everyone needs someone and everyone continues to seek until they find the one...
Well, I like to hear from you, dear naughty Wayne.
I`m tired of our biting letters :) So let`s write like this.

May 14
Hi, Wayne once again!! :) :)
How are you doing?
I`m very happy to get your letters, indeed!
Thanks for commenting :)
I want to tell you that today I`ve got a new job, a better one, but I`ll have to take a bus to work, and it`ll take more time and skills, so I`ll have to work hard, but I was so glad to have a new job! :)
Well, you know when your mood is great, everything around you looks so great TOO! yesterday, walking home, I was 'high' on good emotions, and felt so great, I believed that life really gets better now, all people seemed so friendly and nice! Then I saw a woman with a baby-stroller and and an older child near her; she struggled to push the stroller upstairs, but probably the size between its wheels differed from that of a 'special road' that is built on ordinary stairs ( we don`t have many special roads for this need in Ukraine, let alone in such a small town as Bobrinets); no one was around to help, and though I`m a pretty slim girl, I felt a sincere desire to help her to drag that stroller up. And I did! :) She was pleasantly surprised at this and thanked me many times! Dispite this being a simple formality which any polite person would do, it made me happier somehow :) I`ve realized that helping people without expecting anything in return is really pleasant!! I`m telling you, I thought it was... you know, just pretty words, but it turned out to be true!!! I mean, I`ve heard many times that 'if you help people without asking anything in return you`ll feel happy about it...' but I thought it was just a sort of, you know a 'gimmick' to make people be more polite and less selfish... :) But after this event I really changed my mind!
Even if you don`t know them and probably will never meet them again, if you did something good for them from the bottom of your heart you didn`t give a part of your own happiness away,(I mean, you haven`t become poorer because of it...) or if you taught someone something you know well, or if you shared the knowledge you`ve had, you haven`t given it away!
You have it but the other person has it too!
The same with love and friendship, you won`t lose love of friendly attitude if you give them away to someone!
You`ll only become richer. And I do care for you even thru the distance, even thru the time... you should feel my love coz my heart is there beside you, you make me believe in true love!...
I guess, that`s the only thing that grows bigger every time you share it with somebody. Don`t be greedy about your emotions, be generous in everything good that you do! Let them go!.. And they will fly like white seagulls over your sea of love, to me... straight to my hear! I will be happy to feel your love, my darling! Coz if you feel happy I also feel happy! And good emotios can heal your soul... Because when you feel low, all the people around seem so hostile and aggressive, no matter how nice they really are. But a good attitude to life is sort of a catchy thing :) if your spirit is high, then everyone around you will take it all easy.
And humor does help a lot! When I`m angry with something then it looks like everyone is against me, but as soon as you laugh at your problem it goes away; all your pressure is gone and you`re relaxed and everything looks better in a moment Wayne!
The best way to fight with your bad and angry mood is to try to make someone laugh! I`m sure you`ve heard about it. The life is the way we see it, and a look at it depends upon our own emotions at the time, and it`s we who choose how to feel today...I didn`t tell you anything radically new in here, and even if you`re older than me, it doesn`t mean that we can`t teach each-other something, yeah? I just want to remind you of this and to know that you`re happy, that you don`t let anything spoil your life, alright? :) coz I feel something special for you, darling! My blood pressure is going up when I think of you! And I always think of you! I feel you are for me, I know it deep inside! You are so great and I love you more and more with every momemt!
I can`t say about what I would like to do in bedrom, it depends on a partner...
You are just obssessed with sex! :)
Kiss you, dear....
Angel ;)

May 17
Hi, dear Wayne!
You are a very kind and a genuine gentleman, even if you 'still work in a whorehous' you still remain a gentleman :)
My new job is of the same profession, just different location.
You`ve got a big potential and I want to support you, to see you through when there are hardships on your way!.. It`s never late to stand for your dreams and strive to gain what you want!
I want to give you inspiration, dear Wayne! I want to show you something different from what you`ve had.
I want you to be happy!! I like to help people I care for!.. If you need me, just give me a sign, alright? There`s no need in hiding something under wraps, you know, secrets separate people, the more we know about each other we more united we become, the better we understand each other, the stronger connection we can build and the fewer troubles we`ll have between us :) And revealing secrets only makes us stronger, because the hidden truth can`t control us anymore, we`re free! We can be real ourselves Wayne! Isn`t it the thing we all dream about?! You, know I dream about long time relationships, with lots of love and long time of our own happiness...
You know, I had a class-mate from school, who was merely terrible at that time, I hated him then, he was an amazingly horrible person, it seemed that nothing was going to change him!.. But I`ve met him a couple of days ago, and I couldn`t recognize him - he really changed, he now 'goes steady' :) he has a constant girlfriend, and he`s after monogamy now :) That was shocking indeed! He changed!! He respects her and she respects him too... That`s wonderful when your relationships consist of mutual love and respect... that`s exactly what most of us need, isn`t it?
That is so good when someone supports you even when you don`t know them too well, even if you didn`t count on their understanding and soothing your worries... It makes them your friends straight away Wayne :) Why not become closer than we are if we`ve found out much about each other? Don`t be afraid to listen to your heart, it won`t advice you anything bad... It knows what you really need, even if you try to resist... ;)
Don`t you think, that sometimes when a man becomes mature and gets involved with things he himself once planned and obsessively goes into them, he suddenly realizes that life slips away from him, that there`s something he loses, some important part of his soul is empty and firmly closed and it`s not right even if you have everything you need. Yeah, many people don`t need strong emotions they need only sort of one-night stands, but how do they feel when they fall ill or just need a simple human comfort when they`re sad and hopeless..? Yes, sometimes we all need some fleeting emotions that don`t give us any responsibility, any shame in the eyes, any confusion when you come across with your one-night 'stander' next day...It has a sort of advantages, but all the same a deep feeling of affection is necessary; there are so many songs about love that have been sung and only as time goes by, you realize that you need true love more and more Wayne; it`s pleasant to spend weekends with a good-looking girl and do not care about anything else, and I'm sure you appreciate a long-time relationship, with mere affection growing into big love, when partners trust and share everything together, when they become really close...
I think it`s senseless to demand too much from the one you care for, it ruins his personality, it tells that you don`t like him as he is, that you actually want someone`s not respective and not fair towards his personality. So I try to take everyone as they are and see their good sides, because everyone is not the same, and there`s no absolutely bad person in the world, and at different times people are different, they can be sorry for what they`ve done, or feel a desire for some things they never wanted to have, people really can change! Not exactly for better or for worse, just change and that`s all... I believe, you have felt this way at least once, haven`t you Wayne? It`s pity that sometimes you change, but the others don`t notice it and continue to take you for the one you used to be. And it`s hard to prove them that you are different now, that you have different kinds of priorities and values, that you are in harmony with yourself now.
I`m very happy to have such a close person, even if we haven`t met yet!! :) :) :) Please, think about what I`ve said.
PS What do you think I don`t know English?? I write the letters to you, why do you ask can I speak English??
PS Probaply someday I`ll help myself to your tomatoes... :)
Have a great day!
Love, Angel.

May 23
Hi, dear Wayne!
I told you NOT YET (about naked angel..., even in some way) :)
You know the more I communicate with you the more it seems to me that I`ve known you all my life...
I just enjoy mailing with you! :))) It cheers me up...
Probably I misspell words not because I don`t know how to write them, but because I`m in a hurry, coz the Net servise costs me money... But anyway thanks for attention.
Yesterday I had a dream Wayne, as if me and you were walking in the dark unfamiliar park, but it was not scary, quite on the contrary, it was warm Summer wind and sweet smell of blossoming trees in the air, we were going down the river with a small waterfall, we sat there under the green leaves, and you held my hand and told me that you would love me forever and that your love would grow with every day and that you`d show me all the world glories and marvels, that you would never let me go...And then I cried because of your moving words...You really make me feel happy! I woke up and felt so good!! :) :) But it was only a dream...That was breaking my heart! How much I wish my dream to come true!!
Without you I feel so insecure, but with every dream of you and every gaze at your picture ( which I hung on the wall near my bed ) I feel so safe!!. As if you were made for me... We surely were meant to be together. There are millons of people in the world but you`re the one I need! I feel for you more than words can say...You can only feel it with my look, my touch, my kiss... We can dance a slow sweet dance together... just you and me!
You know, for this road I`m travelling on I really need someone to love me. In this life which is a long winding road indeed :) you shouldn`t have to walk alone, but if you find a right companion you won`t feel so worn out and lonely when you crawl... It`s better to have someone by your side to lean on, and to be sure in, right?
I think, it`s you that I need, honey Wayne! I close my eyes and I remember the day when your sweet love filled this empty room of my poor heart, you are so beautiful you can`t even imagine how much!!!!! ;)
I`ll never love another person the way I love you, believe me... You know, the hesitation is fatal, so let`s not be hesitating!
Let`s surrender to our love! And have the chance to be happy together!
Oh, you`re a thousand miles away and I miss you so much! How much I wish to be where you are!! To be in your sweet arms! I want to be with you, my lovely! Are you feeling this way too Wayne? I will visit you this Summer, deal? Coz our fntasies should come true ;)) We both want it. At least you probably want not only love but sex too, then it`s fine... I think you put sex on the 1st place and then love, ..or am I wrong Wayne?
Actually, I didn`t believe that it`s possible to find the love through the Internet, because I thought how could you feel something for the person you never met, never talked to. That was odd, really odd. I never knew that love could be the sunlight in your eyes and such a calm in my heart... It`s just a mere good feeling :) :) Do you want to meet me too??
Do you want to hold me and kiss me?
PS You asked me, show me like what - it`s a surprise! ;)
Oh, my love... I`m waiting for you.
Your sweet angel.

May 27
Hi, Wayne!.. I am a bit sick of this games... I am serious, I want to meet you! And make our dream come true! And you still play... Stop it! :)
I will consult with the travel agency and visit you this Summer, want you or not! :)) Coz I bet you do! :))
So be prepared to meet NNA (Naughty Naked Angel!) :))
I am sure that you are as serious as well-humored and funny! :)
Take care, my darling :)
PS I`m angry on the pic... but not with you :)

May 30
Hi, dear Wayne!
you are still naughty as always :))
Thanks for regarding me as a compatible one... :) I don`t know what it is a KI visa, I found out that to come to you it`s needed to make a passport and a touristic visa, and a ticket of course...The travel agency will do everything necessary. I`m told it`s 480$ without a ticket... This Summer I really can meet you, Wayne. For me it`s a big sum... I can`t afford. But if you help me with it, we`ll have a chance to be very happy soon :)
I`d love to visit you in the US, why not showing me your country? For me it`d be something extraordinary... If you care for me so much, will you do it for me, Wayne? And the reward will be worthy ;)
Soon Naked Angel.

June 4
If I shouldn`t believe to my travel agency ....why should I believe you, Wayne ??? Maybe you don`t want to spend money on your Naked Angel-to-be?? :)) How can I know, my darling?...
Why Turkey/Egypt are not acceptable to you?? What about Europe??
I want you to know one thing, Wayne. If we are going to be partners, you won`t be the only who makes desicion, clear? :) I want something, and my opinion matters too. Don`t forget it. If you want to be my man, it`s not enough just to be charming, honest and sexy...:)

June 6
Hi, dear Wayne!
Thanks for the letter, I have a very little time now... I think Holland will be great. We will talk about it later.
I have a bit bad news, the Internet cafe I use, will be closed for a reconstruction for 1 week, from 7 June till 15 June. Don`t worry then it will work again and again :) But we can mantain our communication with the phone,
+3 8099 00 88 572.
Write soon!
Take care!

July 1
Hi, dear Wayne!
Good to hear from you again!
And my congrads with tomato thing!
You know, Wayne, I`ve found a couple ideas about 'bedrom menu' :) I remember you wanted so much to hear from me things like that... ;) Well, you have a chance now.
We`ll have romantic shower/bath together. I`ll wash you and you`ll wash me... :) What do you think of that, Wayne? We give each other sensual massage using Aroma Oils/Lotions to relax us and get us smelling nice and in the right mood...Hmmm
I explore your body to find out your favorite pleasure points and stimulate you with foreplay...Do you enjoy foreplay?.. ;) I am sure you`re the master of it ;) I`d love foreplay with you!
So, you`ll then explore my body and discover my pleasure points and stimulate me. Proper foreplay should last at least 1 hour since we both take time to warm up and get horny... We then engage in making love and indulging each others' fantasies, desires and wishes...;)
We then pour honey, chocolate or maybe even ice-cream on each other's body and lick it it all off slowly with passion... We play with toys and make love again and again , but now with blind-fold. Making love blind folded is the most erotic of all experiences!!..
How about that?
We can try.
But fantasies alas may stay fantasies without material support...
Have an exciting day!
Trully-Naughty-Angel-competing-with-Wayne`s-naughtiness ;))

July 2
Hi, dear Wayne!
Wow after I read your email, I could not sleep for wanting you and I nearly died when you said it all... It almost killed me, the images of you being with me in those very intimate descriptions of yours, Wayne! I had erotic dreams about you all night! :))
Well, it`s all very cute of course, but I prefer not to dry screw (I have a big command in American slang, see?) but to practice it all in reality, I`m sure you agree with me Wayne. :) By the way I know that there are a lot of names for a penis, like meat, gun and willie (you say you don`t know why it`s called dick, maybe coz it`s like human`s name Dick and Willie is a name too :) ) Anyway, thanks for this thoughts :)
You didn`t sound rude. Right! You are honest and I see how you enjoy the sex games... Ok, let me try to say what I dream to have with you, Wayne.
I want you to kiss my lips and sweet face... let your lips wander down my neck... your lips and tongue fleetingly play with my magnificent firm breasts, wander down my navel... lips playing with the inside of my thighs and then move upwards towards my sweet womanhood, the odour of an aroused woman in all her beauty overwhelm your senses, Wayne...I`m entangling my fingers in your hair and pulling you into me, wanting more and more, thinking only about your filling me ....our hearts pounding as one wanting time to stand still... Well, I`m not really a good writer in such topic, but I`m ready to learn :)
So we may exchange a couple of intimate detailed scenarios :) But not e-mail for ever like that, coz I said I don`t want to dry fuck, ok (sorry, a bad word).
Those pics of me you have were taken a year ago...
I don`t have a camera, but I can figure it out what to do then. Funny that you want to pose with a sheet of paper signed 'hello Wayne' :)) I thought you`d ask to put the breasts into the cam ;) Ok, sorry, am too wicked. I didn`t mean that, Wayne. I am 'acid-tounged', you know it.
Maybe if I had a camera, I`d make a special shoot for naughty Wayne only :))
Ok, have a nice day! And sweet dreams, darling :)

July 2
Don`t try to shock me or embarass...
Better think of the meeting plans, my passion won`t wait for a long time, Wayne
I`m tired to play like that, Wayne, I want to meet you and show you all my naughtyness.
I`m waiting for your actions as for our meeting.

July 3
I`ll be waiting for the exact plans as for meeting in Ukraine :)
PS I`ll think about the camera stuff :)
Hi, dear Wayne! :)
I`m working on finding a camera... But there`s no success :( The cameras are very expensive here, they have to have 'an automatical shoot processor' (so I can use it without any helper) Besides, i don`t want anyone (even the photographer) to see me naked...only you, Wayne ;))
So, if you help me to get the finance for a camera, I will make a great photoshoot for your eyes only (and not only for eyes...) ;)
PS Don`t send it over the post, coz the money may be lost along the 'dark Ukranians channels' :)
A-very-naughty-Angel-to-be ;))

You were scammed by those 'ladies' but you adjust scores with me!!! Excuse me, Wayne, if you want those ladies to pay off, deal with them, NOT ME!! I am sorry that you were scammed or whatever it`s called... You were hurt and now you think all Ukranian girls are like that (including ME!)..Ok, I know 90% of Americans are fat and stupid, but I don`t think YOU are just like that!! I don`t generalize. And I want you not to generalize me with the rest of Ukranian population!
You just told me you had at least 3 failed romances on the Net... but you still continue, you still hope that this time, this one will be the right one! I know you believe it, Wayne!.. But with this mistrust and 'pay off' of your 'ladies'` problems YOU PUSH ME AWAY!! Don`t you understand this Wayne?? I`m not going to tell you how I`m going to 'suck your dick', coz it`s very private and you have to LOVE & CARE for the man soooooo much to want to 'suck his dick', ok. At least it`s my own opinion...
I feel that there`s something good could have been between us. That`s why I keep on corresponding with you.
Your personality attracts me, Wayne.
But I have my needs, maybe their strange for you... But, my dear, I live in Ukraine not in America!..
I still hope that we have future, and that the 'making clear' right now will only make our friendship stronger.

July 4
The fact you 'explaining' me means you think about me the same... You hint that I look like those ladies and have TOO much in common with them. They look like models (I do too), they ask you to pay for the trip (I do too).
Yes, you never met me. Yes, you don`t know me in reality.
But if you don`t do what I ask you we will have no chance to meet. Unless I earn that money to fly too you on my own... wait for some 40 or 50 years, then the time will be just right.

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