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# Name:      Anna or Anya

# E-mail: and

# Address:  Ukraine

# Seen at:   The scammer contact me.

# Dangerous: 12%

# Details: This was too funny. At first, I received duplicate messages from the two emails. As soon as one arrived, I knew another would be coming a minute or two later. The originating IPs were identical. After a few days the scammer may have realized this, as messages from the nyura24 email address ceased. Several mentions of translation costs, finally the suggestion here that I send some money - but only if I want to do so of course.

# Date: 2007-03-01
Dear James!
How are you,darling?How was your evening?
Yesterday I was sitting at home in the evening and I felt so great
desire to do something romantic. Thinking about you I wrote you tender
letter. I hope you will like it:))))
I devote these words to you and these words reflect every my deep
feeling to you:))))
I want to be a butterfly to fly into your arms, I want to be the star
and you would admire of me and I would always show you the right way
to life energy, I want to be the flower and your lips would touch my
tender petals and you would protect me from the raining.
I want to be the breath of the wind and whisper you the most
desirable words and touch your face by my wings.
I want to be the fire to light your feelings, I want to be the water
to appease your desires, I want to be fresh air to give you life and
power, I want to be blue sky to present you freedom and eternity.
We have to be the whole one and create harmony between us, we have to
be like water and fire, like light and darkness, like mind and soul,
like day and night...
My Sweet,I want to meet with you so much and to spend the life with
you,i want just you and no one else in this life.
I miss you so much!

James,ok I agree to meet you face to face,only you and me but I don't
know English,how we can understand each other?
May be I need to start learning English?Will you help me with it?
I know your attitude to sending money for unknown girls,but I think
that I'm not unknown for you...If you can't I will understand,I don't
press on you:)

With the most tender feelings for you.
always yours and only yours Anna

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