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# Name:      Christina (Kristina) Varvashenko

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Belgorod

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: Greetings mine loved and unique O.........!!!!!!
  How at you an affair? I'm fine, every day all I feel that you far more
  strongly and more strongly, that you now as are lonely as well as I!
  To me so it is bad, I long can not fall asleep at night, it would seem
  to me that you beside all would be on another, we would fall asleep
  and woke up together, then would go on kitchen and had breakfast, and
  then again in our favourite bed and would like each other.....
  I each day go to church and I ask the god that it has helped us will
  meet. That we were together, you at all do not imagine as me without
  you poorly. I constantly think of you, but I wait for one, I wait our
  meeting, I wait for that moment when I can embrace you to kiss, take
  you for a hand, and never to not release any more from myself!!!
  I very strongly love you my kid!
  All documents to me have started to do simply to me it is necessary
  To show to them money
  That they have started up me in your country, because if I him not I
  shall show money to me will not do the visa because itself you
  understand that in To your country and so it is a lot of refugees and
  consequently me can not start up, so That I should prove that I can to
  pay the residing at yours To the country, you understand to me it will
  not be necessary to spend this money, it is necessary to me of them Is
  simple to show, you understand? If you can send me money that Have
  gone please as soon as I to you shall come I of them to you I shall
  give therefore That I should not spend them as I do not have now
  passport it That lays in travel agency have gone money to the address
  of my girlfriend, Her I call Julia.
  Echina Yuliya
  Russia, Belgorod area,
  index 308600
  City Stroitel
  August 5 street
  house 14-18
  For ever yours Christina!!!!!
  I send you of 1000 most gentle kisses!!!

# Date: 2006-08-28
Dear Christina,

please, this page look you. I have often written to you that I have nothing secretly on the Internet. As you can answer this to me well? This photo very much looks like you.

Excuse Christina but I will not send money so long until I do not have the papers which I would like to have of you. This is my last word to this. The papers are easy to get and this know you. Do not misunderstand it, I am not angry with you if you also make something like that because it is definitely known for me as it is in the country among you. High unemployment, no view of a future. But this is not the right way. You have never asked me for money what surprises me. I do not know at all now what is right or wrong. I know this only when I have your documents. Why do I not get these?


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