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# Name:      Anastasya SKVORTCHOVA

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Cheboksary

# Seen at:   N/A

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: She asks money for passport and flight ticket..
  Scvona (12:54 AM) :
  Hello my love!!!
  Qnetuzer (12:55 AM) :
  Hellooo.. :-)
  Qnetuzer (12:55 AM) :
  How are you?
  Scvona (12:55 AM) :
  I am good now
  Qnetuzer (12:56 AM) :
  very nice Nastya.. you come here!!! Finaly!!!!
  Scvona (12:56 AM) :
  You to read my letter to you???
  Qnetuzer (12:57 AM) :
   you mean-- last letter!!!??
  Scvona (12:57 AM) :
  Qnetuzer (12:57 AM) :
   İ did read...
  Qnetuzer (12:58 AM) :
  why you ask??
  Scvona (12:58 AM) :
  You to understand my problem???
  Qnetuzer (12:58 AM) :
  Scvona (12:59 AM) :
  You can understand that I to not have money to arrive to you :-(
  Qnetuzer (12:59 AM) :
  thank you very much for you passport..
  Qnetuzer (12:59 AM) :
  hope.. i can trust you now...:-)
  Scvona (01:00 AM) :
  You can trust, I love you!!
  Qnetuzer (01:01 AM) :
  Qnetuzer (01:02 AM) :
  .. so ... very very big pity!!! you had .. so not many time ago.. your birthday....*KISSED*
  Qnetuzer (01:02 AM) :
  Scvona (01:03 AM) :
  yes yes
  Qnetuzer (01:03 AM) :
  my..... lately.. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1@}->--
  Qnetuzer (01:04 AM) :
  sorry.. my darling.. sore sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:'(
  Qnetuzer (01:04 AM) :
  say me.. please.. how is your day today????
  Qnetuzer (01:05 AM) :
  are you tired, my honey????
  Qnetuzer (01:05 AM) :
  it is soooo lately.. you are seating with me!!!!!
  Qnetuzer (01:05 AM) :
  Scvona (01:05 AM) :
  My day well today, I am not tired
  Qnetuzer (01:06 AM) :
  what did you doing.. this Sunday????
  Scvona (01:06 AM) :
  I to sit at home and to look TV as weather was bad
  Qnetuzer (01:07 AM) :
  ..... so.. wanna.. you will be with me... i had been today on the sea side.. weather was wonderful!!! sun.. so brightly... and .. hot..
  Scvona (01:08 AM) :
  I to wish to be with you, but I cannot it as I to learn that the price of the ticket in you it is 250 $ I to not have money
  Qnetuzer (01:08 AM) :
  OOOO... only... İ was.. so alone.. today. it will be.. so .. much better.. if you will be here.. beside me....:-(
  Scvona (01:09 AM) :
  Qnetuzer (01:09 AM) :
  Qnetuzer (01:10 AM) :
  Nastya.. please... say to me where is your more nearest ai-ro port???
  Scvona (01:11 AM) :
  It in Moscow
  Qnetuzer (01:13 AM) :
  ok.. where are you living now--- Cheboksary????
  Scvona (01:14 AM) :
  Yes I to live to Cheboksary
  Qnetuzer (01:15 AM) :
  Kazan... it is more close to Cheboksary!!!!
   isn,t it??
  Scvona (01:16 AM) :
  Kazan is 200 kilometers from Cheboksary
  Scvona (01:17 AM) :
  What for you to ask it??
  Qnetuzer (01:18 AM) :
  But.. you have also the ai-roport inKazan-- it is more close to you??
  Qnetuzer (01:18 AM) :
  and.. many directly flights from kazan to istanbul
  Scvona (01:19 AM) :
  I will think better to fly from Moscow
  Qnetuzer (01:19 AM) : iss more comphortable for you???
  Scvona (01:20 AM) :
  I to think what yes
  Scvona (01:22 AM) :
  And what for you to ask from where it is better to fly??
  Scvona (01:23 AM) :
  Qnetuzer (01:23 AM) :
  sorry.. honey..
  Qnetuzer (01:24 AM) :
  just checked all fights Turkish Airolines
  Qnetuzer (01:25 AM) :
   and.. they have the directly flight from kazan to İstanbul.. 12thof August!!!!
  Scvona (01:25 AM) :
  You will help me??
  Qnetuzer (01:26 AM) :
  sure .. darling..
  Qnetuzer (01:27 AM) :
  do you have the abroad passport??
  Scvona (01:27 AM) :
  Scvona (01:28 AM) :
  I can do it
  Qnetuzer (01:28 AM) :
  how you can come to my country??
  Scvona (01:29 AM) :
  I shall made the passport abroad
  Qnetuzer (01:29 AM) :
  Qnetuzer (01:30 AM) :
  when it will be ready???
  Scvona (01:30 AM) :
  If you will help me I should book a ticket and the passport
  Scvona (01:31 AM) :
  It about 2 weeks, you will give me money??
  Qnetuzer (01:31 AM) :
  but.. you tld me just now.. you shall make.. your abroad passport!!???
  Scvona (01:33 AM) :
  I should book a ticket and the passport together
  Qnetuzer (01:34 AM) :
  my darling Nastya i can book your tickets from İstanbul airoport, pay it . and sent you
   the confirmation about it...
  Qnetuzer (01:36 AM) :
   you can go to agency and receıve the tickets..
   when you will show the passport!!!
  Scvona (01:36 AM) :
  I to think I should pay it here how I shall receive the ticket in a hand??
  Scvona (01:37 AM) :
  Why you to not want that I to pay it here???
  Qnetuzer (01:39 AM) :
  my honey.. İ have the espessial discont card and can buy here .. in İstanbul the Tickets more cheapest....
  Scvona (01:40 AM) :
  But I to wish to do it, 250 $ it is many money for you??
  Scvona (01:41 AM) :
  My love, I should go now:-(
  Qnetuzer (01:41 AM) :
  Qnetuzer (01:41 AM) :
   you are not at home???
  Scvona (01:42 AM) :
  I to not have a computer of the house!
  Qnetuzer (01:42 AM) :
  itis.. not big money for me.. really.. not-- but İ only want to use my discount card..
  Scvona (01:43 AM) :
  I shall think you to use it later, my love, please I to wish to buy tickets
  Qnetuzer (01:45 AM) :
  how muc will cost your foring passport??
  Qnetuzer (01:45 AM) :
  how much??
  Scvona (01:46 AM) :
  I to not know, I will think it nearby 20-30 $
  Qnetuzer (01:47 AM) :
  ok.. hope.. you can... make your passport.. and İ will help.. you with your tickets??
  Qnetuzer (01:48 AM) :
  Qnetuzer (01:48 AM) :
  what do you think about my idea if you come here.. to Turkey .. 12th of August???
  Scvona (01:49 AM) :
  I shall go to travel agency and to learn exact date, ????
  Qnetuzer (01:51 AM) :
  i checked just 2 minuts ago.. this date-- 12th August they have the flight!!!
  Qnetuzer (01:51 AM) :
   it is not problem!!
  Qnetuzer (01:52 AM) :
   your passport can be ready till this date!!!
  Scvona (01:52 AM) :
  If you to send me of money for this week I shall go and book a ticket
  Scvona (01:53 AM) :
  I shall learn it and I shall speak you later
  Scvona (01:53 AM) :
  My love I should go, I like and to kiss you!!!
  Scvona (01:53 AM) :
  ok ???
  Qnetuzer (01:54 AM) :
   Uçus No Gidiş Varış Kalkış Saati Varış Saati Hafta Günü Sınıf
  1 TK1409 IST KZN 21:10 / 11.Ağu 01:40 / 12.Ağu Cuma G
  2 TK1410 KZN IST 03:25 / 23.Ağu 06:10 / 23.Ağu Çarşamba G
  Qnetuzer (01:54 AM) :
  look at this!!!!
  Qnetuzer (01:54 AM) :
  kiss you!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much!!!!!!!!!Q
  Qnetuzer (01:54 AM) :
  Qnetuzer (01:54 AM) :
  Scvona (01:55 AM) :
  Scvona (01:55 AM) :
  Scvona (01:55 AM) :
  bye bye bye bye bye

# Date: 2006-08-02

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