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Comment from Remington

This bitch has some big balls guys!! She was recently writing to me. I found her on and she was using the name of Marina Ivchenko from Galich Ukraine. She said that she was in medical school and that she would soon graduate. She told me that her father was a doctor as well. Remember guys! When she picks up the money at Western Union she has to have an ID with the same name as you sent it to. So it would appear that her real name is Maria Effimova and she lives in Cheboksary, Russia at Moskovskiy Prospect 12,5. Rule No. 1: NEVER NEVER NEVER SEND MONEY!!!! Rule No. 2: SEE RULE NO. 1Good luck with this little b***h.
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Comment from gilles jeanjean de france

hello I was made trap by this girl, I have to send 1350 euros per western union to him. it said appeller Maria effimova living itself in Russia has chebocsary moskovkiy prospective customer 12-5, the money withdrawal was done with an identity paper has this name. after that it made me the sénario traditional aggression and flight of bag. since more news
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Comment from Bob S. from Pennsylvania

This woman also tried to scam me for money for visa and airfare. She said she was a pediatrist, lived in Krasnoyarsk, Russia and called herself Nataliya Kapustina. The address she gave me was: 660018 Russia Krasnoyarsk city Lebedevoy, 98-12 Kapustina Nataliya She sent me many photos but stopped writing because I refused to send her money. She asked for money in many letters. She refused to go thru a K-1 Fiance visa. She refused to answer when I told her I would come to meet her in Russia but she still insisted I send money in every letter. BIG RED FLAGGS!!! BEWARE GENTLEMEN!!!!
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