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Comment from Anonymous

Hello. I have also been in contact with this girl. I actually just got new photos from her. So Michael you got her firt. I know the whole story. I oly sendt 250 Euro :) But now she is back and want to pick up the contact...:) We are in the same boat, but I thogth that was to be trusted. I think I quiet when I can:)
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Comment from Anonymous

Is it a scam if girl turn you down? A girl with this look get big interest. It is life and that you shut think of.
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Comment from Anonymous

michael don't worry there are enough men that can efford to have such a girlfriend. basicly you are not in the same leage with this woman.
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Comment from Skeptic

Seems the folks at Army of Brides don't believe you or your sad tale........they've posted 'your' Alina's profile (#16986) AFTER your scam story showed up. Nice move, eh? Yeah, that's how you build credibility.
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