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Comment from tom

Shopia asante again 01123324397350 Shopia asante @ She lie until she gets caught, then will disapeare
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Comment from Tom

The people who are using her pics and videos are certainly making a lot of money, because idiots keep sending to them .?
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Comment from Beally

...yea it´s her again, Raven Riley, a well established pornstar since many years back. It could be that she´s selling her pictures for scam-use, I think she is, how else can the scammers get hold of all those private shots. Or, prob. not, some or someone hacked in to her private photoalbum. She´s been seen in these sites for at least 4 years and so far she´s done nothing to stop it, so my guess is that she´s making good money from this.
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Comment from Tom

Haa haa, yep and they are pics of of our good auld Ravin Rilly again.Her pics and videos can be found in almost every part of the dust bowl,(and on every dating site too) and the funny thing about all this , she now living in the U.S.A , or so i am told ??A lot of poor guys have been burnt by all this .??
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Comment from

Tom, your favourite....again.....
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