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Comment from Sandra

These books sound wonderful! As I teahecr I can imagine how difficult a decision she had. I admire her courage! I am sure all her years of teaching make her the perfect person to speak to and reach young children! I made the tough decision to place my teaching career on the back burner to spend some time at home with my sons. I have not regretted the decision at all.
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Comment from Preeti

First received one of these calls about two years but stpoped when we got to the request run their software. Indian caller is plausible I'm intermediate skill level so shudder to think how many people get conned. Three more calls in the last two weeks. All from Tech Dept Windows Op System in California, I was told. First two callers put the phone down when I mentioned their scam, the third one listened almost apologetically to my rant while still insisting no scam.
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Comment from Raquel

Mad photo skills, Charles!! Sounds like a great day at camp! Even if I am the only one who levaes comments on here, thanks for the time you put into the blog. I know you are tired and want to sleep before you head to breakfast at 6:45. But I LOVE hearing about how God is doing His thing with our youth. Wish I was there with you guys. I for one wouldn't miss the Sonic trip in a heart beat! Have a great day today (after midnight, I just noticed) and grow closer to Him!!Love and miss you guys!Kim
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Comment from Norbert

Hello! Norbert, 60J.174g.ca76kg. , I'm from Germany (Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia) , I can only head the German language. If you are willing to come to me, then please write to me openly and honestly. During long correspondence I have not interested. There are only two possibilities, either you learn to know them personally or have it, everything else is useless. Please write me with your mail address ok, thank you. E. Email: ( Skype: Norbert00056 Norbert Kiss.
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Comment from yeah

this is ann angel to
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Comment from Ernő.

Gyönyörű vagy Ha szeretnél tőlem valamit kérdezni,írj az E-mail címemre!!!!! SOK-SOK CSÓK
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