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Comment from Tondano

Thanks, Hilton. You bring up an angle that I had not considered, and I apercpiate that. I'll be curious to see what other people think about what you're saying here. And I wonder if all of us marketing people have bought into the notion of one size fits all. While some like more detail, others do not. Just goes to show it is certainly a challenge to balance the need of the marketer to get the message out in the best way possible, and not alienate those who, like yourself, want the info in a more brief format. The discussion continues!!
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Comment from Open

Just found out that my mom had this message on her phone; Winner nuebmr:80084 You've won a iPad or a $1000 Walmart gift card from Netflix for being a lucky customer! Redeem your prize .. I immediately searched it up, found this site, and telling you guys a new offending #. Offending nuebmr: +1 (573) 340-5118. Watch out people!
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Comment from Susu

I'm sure that there must be some work from home opportunities out there but if you don't pay antihyng, chances are that you aren't going to get much out of it. Instead of thinking of what it's going to cost, think in terms of return on investment. That is what the rich do. Would you invest $25 for a chance to make $100's within a few months. I did.
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Comment from Teosr

? ???? ????????.
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Comment from jaguar123

These photos are of American model, Nikki Sims, whose photo's are used by a lot of scammers.
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