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Comment from Mesbah

Ha ha, I just remembered, I think the last time I saw Murdervan (almost two years ago), they plyaed at Cherry St. with Black Noise Scam also... those dudes need a break.
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Comment from Daniela

You co'ulndt pay me to ignore these posts!
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Comment from Tanya

Inspector Gadget!That was one of my favorite moievs ever when I was a kid...I loved the idea that you could always be prepared with a billion different things for any occasion :)Ooooh that clutch is gorgeous Ivania! I wish I could find as many amazing things when I go shopping as when you shop/thrift.The business cardholder is really cool as well! All the dark and the light in these pictures is fascinating to look at. I love that you're usually a combination of black and white (in terms of clothing and belongings) but you play with different shapes and structures to add interest.Maybe that didn't make sense.What I'm trying to say, Ivania, is that you always look so timeless but also very present and "now".Thank you for always fascinating and inspiring!Have an amazing weekend darling! <3I'm looking forward to hearing about your time at London Fashion Week. ~Alice
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Comment from dopema

Esta mujer Samira algunas de sus cartas y fotos.Siempre pide dinero....¡¡¡Cuidado...!!!
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Comment from jcorcoran90

This women also says she is Christiana Mensah having no parents and living with grandmum Mercy Ofori in Kumasi
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Comment from grady

this is samira larry or samira jamals.or samira jamlula on facebook .samira jamals 30 or samira larry check it for your self.
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Comment from grady

this woman is smaira larry,on facebook.smaira larry or samira
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Comment from

yes its ann angel
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Comment from Andreas Knispel

Wonderful girl WOW
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Comment from parketman

ann angels pics ann
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Comment from Dario

Stolen photos of the porn model ANN ANGEL.
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