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Comment from Fatima

Hi Debra- I was going to recommend you check out the jobs page on this site as Skip trace is ulsaluy available in many industries. The last I saw Sherwood was hiring skip tracers as well as time share companies. Mortgage companies desperately need skip tracers right now as they cannot do the repossession without proper service. It is a issue working from home, but perhaps you can negotiate a better deal. Problem is companies do not like classified info outside so remote may be a tough option. In any event, good luck to you and be sure to stay in touch at the blog.
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Comment from Tatjana

Great idea! I'm going to purchase this app, but I have a ssuoegtign or two. The lat/lon of the drawings that you overlay in this program must be stored somewhere. Might it be fairly easy to have a button in some settings popup that could export that data to kml, gpx or just csv? I help manage land for a bunch of companies and our members might not have an iphone but they have a garmin or something, and a lot of stuff accepts gpx.About 8years ago there was an old version of gpsdash or gpstuner that you could calibrate custom maps on your wm handheld for, and navigate, set routes, waypoints, etc. This is 50% there already. You've got the data for paths already. Waypoints like cabins, gates, blowdowns, etc., should be a tweek of your main code. Take a look at the My Maps' app. And nice job on this from a soon to be customer.
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Comment from mesut325i

anna canım selam urkısh den cok cok yatlısın turkce biliyormusun
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Comment from Tracer

I will put it all together and put on rapidshare all the like or you guys, this is a one man operation, using photos of about 6 girls, i do not have the email addys yet only his ip is dynamic but Moscow. will keep you posted.
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Comment from ppantherp

Tracer, sound advice from R. In addition, I would also recommend listing by name AND IP addy... That way, in future you can compare IP's and may be shocked to see how many are actually originating from the same person!
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Comment from Roamer knows

Tracer, create a file and keep it all......Things like that are very useful later and great to have for comparisons later....Save evertyhing and from all scammers.....I have shared many letters with others and they have seen for themselves.......Usaully they use a type of standard format with only the names changed.....
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Comment from Tracer

Off Topic I know, but need a little help, I have recently got to the root of a small scam operation, i have photos they are useing and the scammers email address but not details of the scams, basicaly the first contact emails and some phone numbers. where do I put this?
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Comment from

tasty, tasty, ---very very tasty!!
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Comment from tony

These pictures are from a romanian model Alina Vacaroiu. Its a romanian model.
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