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Comment from Jenny

Thanks for the comments! For my thgouhts on issue #10, please check out THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST!Martin Stein RIP In the original drawing by Yildiray Cinar and Ethan Van Sciver, Ronnie appeared at the top. On the final cover, he's obscured by the logo. So you are correct about the cover, even though he's featured in the art. Does that make sense? Also, good catch about the flashback to the Firehawk/Firestorm surprise kiss. I hadn't thought of that!Ryan I see what you mean. My thought is that FURY OF FIRESTORM has been a journey, not a storyline. Meaning that Superman tends to reset to normal at the end of each storyline (i.e. Clark Kent works at the Daily Planet, something happens, he fights a bad guy, then returns to being Clark Kent working at the Daily Planet). Firestorm doesn't have a status quo. It's a continuing journey. Personally I've really enjoyed that, it makes the book unpredictable. However, it also makes it a little hard for new readers to jump in.With these comments made, everything changes with issue #0 and #13. So we'll see what the future holds!Thanks again!
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Comment from Ayesha

This is great, i never clued in to cliff thing but i had thought about the hand being hers wasn't sure about it, also i cant think of a nmcnkaie maybe firesquared? I dunno! Gotta say I was skeptical before issue one hit, I mean firestorm is my favorite superhero so O had high expectations for what I wanted to see in issue one. Hardly any of them were met (beside the creation of firestorm) and in this case??¦turned out to be for the best. It was a fresh take on the character while still staying true to its core. I can not wait for issue 2 and so on! As for the cover they are blowing me away EVS has always been one of my favorite artist and to see him on firestorm is a real treat. I have met him a few times and hes a nice guy and I am confident that he will do no harm to the character seeing as he is such a fan as well. One thing I have to say that isn??™t just pure praise (which is warranted after reading issue one) is about the cover to issue #4. I haven??™t gone back through all my issue but I??™m quite sure this is the first time you can see hair inside the flame and it looks a little off to me lol. Not so much a complaint,just something i noticed. Anyways that??™s my rant! Fan the Flame!
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Comment from Muhammad

I can see where Bill's coming from. The other thing is that it seems prtety obvious now (this just in from the be careful what you wish for department) that they are pushing back toward a normal, Jason/Ronnie Firestorm again. The clues are all there even if we didn't have the zero issue coming up (though it's even more confirmed by Ronnie's new costume, which is practically an all-red prototype of the zero issue costume). I'm now beginning to get the sense of the story pushing toward the (yet another) revamp rather than telling a good story for its own sake. It was cool to see Prof. Stein again (even if I may have to change my internet tag) and I'm intrigued by the Fury symbol appearing yet again, but ten issues in, I'm starting to feel like, in the words of James Tiberius Kirk, I want answers, Mister! Tonya had a vision of the Fury symbol way back in issue #2, and eight issues later we see it dropped in yet again. I hope we don't have to wait another eight issues to get some context. Fortunately, given the pace of things heading toward the zero issue, it seems like we're going to get some of those answers in short order. I just hope they'll have turned out to be worth the wait.It's good to see Ronnie can still think for himself. I thought his being an unwitting acolyte of Pozhar would be a disservice to Ronnie's own independent character development. I am also intrigued by the Indian Firestorm's recognition that Pozhar seems to be a father of the rogue Firestorms and not a bona fide Firestorm himself. His alleged connection to Prof. Stein always sounded a little fishy to me sort of reminiscent of the way Danton Black always claimed to have been the real genius behind Prof. Stein's accomplishments.Did everyone catch the shout-out to the 80s series in the name of Russian agent? Comrade Zastrow makes his return! Oddly enough, he looks more like Boris Yeltzin now than an evil Igor Stravinsky.
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Comment from Nuttat

Same scenario asking for money but as I was burnt from another one before her I refused and she got disconnected.
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Comment from Shimi

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Comment from unal.cinar@hotmail.c

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Comment from joy

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Comment from

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Comment from Gomer knows

This one has been here before!
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