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Comment from radiocyclone

I played this scammer to the limit! She called around the hotels looking for me, waited outside apartment waiting to see me show up in a taxi cab. then I told her I fell in love with another girl in the next city. She threw a fit and claimed I deceived her. How is that for irony! I just dropped the bomb and told her I have known all along this whole thing was a sham.
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Comment from Senor Pescado

go get her Chris, she just wrote me again today 6-26-09 like my threats were nothing short 'sweet' note with pic #6 get her address if you need help, my partner in El Salvador, a grandson of dictator Martinez, his daughter is one of 7 with INTERPOL in Western Hemisphere, cut off her head
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Comment from Chris

I have decided to continue to bait this scammer into thinking I'm hooked. She now believes I have arrived in Russia to see her. For the past 5 days I have decieved her into believing I am enroute to Kazan to see her. She's so excited. :)
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Comment from speedy gonzolaz

Ah senior--getta yor hand from offa my ass!
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Comment from Senor Pescado

this one has written back and made some sort of russian mafia threats to me and says knows my IP, i use open dns, etc and says they will cut off my head etc I said here in my phone and contact bring it on I am surfer since 1964, know all surfers in carolinas and all shark fishermen they always need bait I will cut the head off any and all russians I find in Central America as I have 6000 fishermen and know all MS-13 fuck a bunch of russian scammers as it seems 99% of all these foul smelling, bad teeth, and mal nourished russian bitches are all you guys are idiots for blondy russians, when knowing all over the world, on,y Colombianas are the best no comparison
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Comment from fred

yes ... if men sending money to those would be paid back prorata of their brain capacities ... even USA could fill up their huge deficits with the money ... ha ha ha , keep going on guys ....
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Comment from kitzell5

it's strange how they do that. they don't get a pic of u but they still think ur a good looking guy. an they think all guys r just too stupid not to notice the change o email addy. this one's a familiar face tho, dunno where from, could b one o the freebie sites.
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