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Comment from Omotoso

What is Californias definition of taerpsss to computer services?Does the definition of taerpsss to personal property in your text differ from the California definition of taerpsss to computer services? The in text definition of taerpsss to personal property states that Under California law, to prevail in a suit for taerpsss based on accessing a computer system, the injured party must show the defendant intentionally and without authorization interfered with the plaintiff's possessory interest in the computer system, and the defendant's unauthorized use approximately resulted in damage to plaintiff.
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Comment from Peres

I might have been a little naive, but gave Amanda a scnoed change with only a small amount. As can been seen from total deposits, the overestimated Amanda's goodwill with investors. Having said that,I've been paid 4 times daily so far without delay. Another 4 days for reaching bep !
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Comment from Dameon

They have been doing this for years Tom.
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Comment from tom

from my recent experience, the scammers are now saying that they are from the usa, but are on a business trip to, either ghana, nigeria ect.once they tell you, that they are from usa, beware,beware,beware.these "people" are becamming more creative.?
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Comment from ethan

I think Roamer was talking about the different eye color in some of the pics. I think colored contact lenses explain the different eye color Roamer, I noticed that her eyes looked purple in one pic too, then blue in another, then brown in another. Apparently this girl has alot of different contact lenses of different colors. It kinda goes bac to what Dameon said in another post....If the girl has money for "cosmetic" colored contact lenses, which are not very cheap, and she has several different pairs, then she's not that poor.....Ethan
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Comment from dameon

Where do you see 2 different chicks? And this is clearly a Filipino scam.
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Comment from Roamer

This one reeks of Nigerian scammers...You can tell by the e-mail address...Plus the pics are of 2 different women, you can see it in the eyes.....
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Comment from kitzell5

very true that dameon. i've heard and read some stories about the phillipine women, a lot of them only want a passport out of their country. a few guys here in the UK have went there, married one, brought her home only tae have the bitch divorce him as soon as poss. there are real ones tho, like in every country, but it's the assholes who only want money, which some stupid me send, and women get scammed too i've seen, or the bitches want a UK or US passport an green card. an everyone wonders why the governments in our countries have made it so damn difficult for them to come here. these idiots who think wi their dick make me mad, do they really think that a photo is a good reason to send money??? an i thot my teen daughter had no intelligence.
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Comment from Dameon

WTF is going on? When you meet a chick in the cyber-world and her e-mail address is "hotsexybabe" or "hotsexychik" or "lonelygirl" or some other come on, she is not real. Sorry that everyone is losing their $ lately, but it is your own fault for not using your brain. If you were suspicious, why did you continue to send money? It is not possible to fall in love with someone without meeting them. All you are doing is falling in love with the idea of some hot young foreign babe bumping your bone. I admit, it is a lovely idea, but it ain't happening, at least not like this. That money could have gotten you to the Phillipines and then you could have at least gotten a vacation out of the deal.
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