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Comment from Oga

People should rellay choose a more secure password, or change it up regularly. My former twitter account was hacked before and it tweeted a lot of stupid advertising.Also, it's best to be wary of ads that promise an easy way of making money online. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. I believe one can earn decently through the internet but I also believe that comes from great effort and wise decisions.
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Comment from Shaila

Love the polish! I had my green this wekened, but this whole interviewing stuff is really getting in the way. Why won't they hire me if I wear green polish? About to go take it off now actually :( then I shall repaint tonight. I've offically mastered doing my own nails!
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Comment from Mayra

Hi Lewis, great video review as alywas so a huge Thank You. I did have one query .. how are you getting on with Google Sniper? I assume you continue with the Courses/Systems that you find to be valuable after you've finished your Review of them? I'm about half way through the manual am getting into the swing of things slowly but surely. How many active GS Sites do you have now?
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