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Comment from JdvZL

company website tramadol 200 mg extended release - tramadol ultram experience
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Comment from anonymous Australia

This lady is plastered over several other scamming sites , but mostly with the same pictures. She usually writes the same type of letter ,falls in love quick and hints for money for air fares and visa.Be very carefull of this one. Reported on this site under several names as early as Feb 06
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Comment from Anonymous

She is listed on this site under several names ,but the photo of her with the lion & owl always gives her away.One name is Natalis Shishkina
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Comment from Dameon

I'm Back. 4 weeks in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Calabria is so exhausting. Alright Wombat - make sure I get a wedding invite. Roamer, thanks for the shout out and as for Big Sis; my heart is broken that you will no longer be here keeping me in-line. And boys; if you really want to meet a FSU lady; just get on a plane and go. Now let me at these scammers!
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Comment from Big Sister

yes, Wombat. my new role is much more relaxing :)) as for the new WA..mmm..she is really tough cookie:)) you will see..
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Comment from Wombat

No worries Sis'.Thanks for the Congrats.I hope your new role will be more relaxed for you...if you like the job, rank is not so important,eh? What's the new W.A like...tough cookie ?? Want to know how to play my cards, eh ? :)Comments to flow over the weekend....God knows some of the postings need them !! Take it easy, I am being a "new" man and all that stuff. Chuckle ! :)
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Comment from Ex-Admin

Hello Wombat! You have some new WA now...but I will stay your Big Sister if you don't mind it:))We all missed your comments here.:)) My congratulations on the engagement!
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Comment from Wombat

Buenes dias mi amigos.I am in Santiago airport en route home from Peru to Australia.....11 hours connection wait !! Shit !!Yes,undercovers is the word...but in the literal sense....ole ole ole. I am now engaged to be married to my Peruvian lovely....I am a happy man, I can tell you all you regular blokes on this site. So having shocked you all into cyberspace....I will use my ¨boring¨free time here to go through a few postings. Hey, W.A , hope everyone has been well behaved...ha, ha. Ciao for now.
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Comment from freddyboy

I have seen this girl on lots of other dating websites but can't just remember which ones. It's easy to remember I have seen her because of the exotic aniamls. I think it was Lucky Lovers
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Comment from Mike

I knew wombat was working undercover while he was away.
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Comment from roamer

Look its wombat and he is right where he likes to be right between ekaterinas legs.Hope he is not spending to much money for the honey....It is getting out of hand here and we need our wombat and dameon back soon......this site seems to be melting away......hurry back men.....
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