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# Name:      Elena Patrusheva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , St. Petersburg

# Seen at:   She contacted me on American Singles. This woman appears many times on all the scammer lists - but I was able to get a recent photo of her. Played along with the scam until the very end. Gave her a fake Western Union Number. Along with my fake name and address - Franco Ino Urascama - Nochance Ave. She actually went to Western Union and was questioned about the transaction; but let go. She is not happy.

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: It was a typical visa/ticket scam. I recognized her picture from this and other websites. She did not use pre-written letters and actually tried to answer questions. She did not send many pictures - but I told her that I knew about scams from Russia and she sent me a picture of her from just the other day. She had something in the picture that I asked her to put into the photo as proof that she wasn't a scammer.

# Date: 2006-01-26

Scam Letter:Hello my dear and loved! How at you mood? How your health? I think,
that all well lovely. Has received from you the letter. I was very
glad to your letter loved. I so am glad that soon we with you shall
together. We shall see each other in a reality. We shall spend time
together you and I. Lovely you asked in the letter, how many it is
necessary for me for a package of documents.
Dear the information:
The passport for travel abroad costs 145 dollars.
The insurance policy costs 253 dollars.
The medical information costs 102 dollars.
The visa costs 80 dollars.
Dear still it will be necessary, his work will pay to the tourist
operator, there are 153 dollars.
Dear I has counted up and on all it will be necessary for me of 733
Loved I already wrote to you, where you should send me the necessary
sum on a package of documents. Lovely The information. I was in bank
and have learned in detail, what is necessary for remittance using
Western Union. All is very simple. You should specify my name
completely and the sum of transfer.
My address is: Russia.
City of Shishova. Petrov's street 25.Index 612387
My name:
Patrusheva Elena
The address of Palantay str., 112. The bank refers to as
"Vneshtorgbank" and I need for reception money to me your full name
and your surname, it's necessary to know. And the sum of transfer.
Your city and state. And ten-character control number of transfer. All
is very simple. dear I think that to you all clearly. Dear if you will
send, as you wrote on Wednesday that I already tomorrow I shall
receive money and at once there will be in tourist agencies and to do
all package of documents. I am very glad, that you want ours with you
of a meeting. You have made me such happy lovely. I very much love
you. Well like and the information which to be necessary for you. And
now I have run. It is necessary to go to work. I shall wait for your
letter tomorrow. Whole it is strong.
Your Russian girlfriend Elena.
No Money:Hello my dear! Today I was late at work. Very much waited for your
letter. And I have received it. I very much was upset lovely. You
write that someone took away this money. But understand road I as has
received the letter, at once has gone to bank. And the operator has
informed me that in general such translation is not present. What now
to do? I can not present myself at all. And I so hoped, thought that I
shall receive translation and there will be in tourist agencies to do
a package of documents. Also there was such awful situation. Lovely
already it is time to me to leave. I shall wait your letter tomorrow.
Your Elena.