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# Name:      Elena Anatolevna Veselova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Jaransk

# Phone:    No phone she says

# Seen at:   None, she contacted me from the North American dating web site,

# Dangerous: 36%

# Details: It is a typical scam for money for helping an ill relative, that has been hospitalized (heart stroke). She says she has no money she is desperate, I am the only person in the world that can help etc. (Ridiculous !)
  It started slowly in late September 2005, she said she would not ask money and not deceived me, when confronted early to the fact that I had been approached by scammers. Than the 10-12 letters after were just pre-written letters where she never answers any questions, no dialogue, just presentation of herself: she sews, cooks, maitains cozy house, wants to create family, serious relations etc. When I insist to ask and answer questions she quickly answers by a PS at the bottom on a next e-mail. She looks nice and quiet, not bitchy, sexy etc. She sends pictures every e-mail.
  When I talk about phoning her or asking her adress for a gift (to check her adress), she answers that she has no phone, no money to phone me from the mail office, and ask that I send money on Western Union, it cost $50 every phone she says. Woops, the sacred words, Western Union. She gives me the adress but says the mail service is bad to send money through Western Union instead.
  We argue a few days later because I receive another approach e-mail from, from another Elena Veselova, she says she denies any fraud and say if "If you do not trust me than stop writing to me". The trust guilt !
  I reply that her explanation is OK but if she wants to stop writing I will understand. She replies "no no, I do not want to loose touch my sweat man etc. !"
  The next e-mail I receive this week is the fatal one. Here it is below.

# First reported: Daniel M.
# Date: 2005-11-28