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# Name:      Natalia Smirnova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Norilsk

# Seen at: is where she contact me from.

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: I will be sending email from her.
  Hello my dear Richard Its me again!!! How are you today?
  I am very glad that you still write to me. And would like to see all of your pictures, cause its very intresting for me.
  It makes my day. I am happy to read your emails. I see we have a lot of common thing and i like it very much. I think we are becoming more closer to each other. Ive choose your profile cause i like you very much, when i read your profile i think you are very interesting person. And i think i am always looking for you.
  By the way i have something more to tell you about me. I didnt tell you that i like travel.I have been in Moscow,i ve been there some years ago with my friends. Also I have been in St.Pitersburg. It was wonderful to see good places. But unfortunatly i had no chance to visit any foring country very often, i think its very intresting to know about culture of other countries. I ve been only in Turkey 2 years ago.
  Some more information about me:
  - i have a blue eyes
  - i am 5'7 height
  - i am 55 kg
  - my size (88-63-92)in cm.
  Also i would like to tell you that i work in a hospital in my town. I am a Dantist. I know that in your country i can earn a good money, but here its too small. Its about 300 Dollars per month. Can you belive it? Soory for this.Dont listen.!!!
  Lets talk about good things:
  Now i would like to tell you about my last weekends.
  It was -1 C digrees ( this is a teperature in Celcius), and i with my frends went to the forest for a camping. And it was very funy.Do you like camp?
  By the way, I will be 35 years old soon. My birthday 25th November .Can you belive it!!!. But its nothing special for me in this day, cause i will stay at home this day.I am very lonely in my birthday cause i dont have a man who love me.
  Now i am very sad that you are so far away from me.
  I have a dream to have a family, to take care about my housband. Its all i want in my life, i just want to be happy.And its doesnt matter in what kind of country my future husband is living. I will be next to him, and i will find any job i can to help have a good style of life. But i think its only can be a dream. Its so sad.
  Ok there are some more questions for you:
  - what did you do on weekend
  - what did you do for fun
  I will be waiting for your replay very much. Goodbay for now i have go for a work.
  P.S XOXOXO Sorry if iam not answer all of your questions cause my English is not very good.
  Hello sweety!!! How are you today? I hope everething is ok.
  I am very happy to read all your letters for me.Your letters makes my day. And my friends are also happy to see that we have correspondence.I have to tell you that you make my life full of happyness. And now i know there is somebody who are thinking about me and now i am not alone. Thank you for that. And i dont want to put my profile on again cause i dont want to see other emails, just want to have corespondence only with you. I dont know why but i like your profile at the first sight, i cant explain it, its difficult to explane for me.
  We have a good weather today its about -2.
  Its time to go for a walk but you are so far away, and i dont like walk alone.
  That is why i am in internet cafe now and writing this massage. I dont know what else i can tell you about me i fill that you have already know all things about me. I have fillings that i know you very long time. By the way yesterday my girlfriend and i went to the cinema it was "The Legend of Zorro". You should see it, cause its very good movie.
  As for me i want to hear your voice very much,but i dont have a phone at home and you cant call me but if you want you can give me your number and i will try to find a way to call you as soon as i can, it will be great, but i dont know how it will be cause i dont speak english very good .
  Its very difficult to use messenger because of time diffrence, and i dont have computer at home.
  You know , when i stay alone evening i am thinking about our first meeting, how it can be, i imagine when you see me in the airport and give me flowers take my hand and kiss me and we go to your home to celebrate my birthday.
  It will be the best gift on my birthday in the world.Or you can visit me and we will celebrate it here alone, only you and me.I am thinking about it all the time. Did you imagine it or not?. What do think about it?
  By the way what is the closest airport to your place? Mine in Norilsk its about 20 km from my home.
  I cant stop writing this letter cause i like it very much, but i have to do some housework and need to go. I hope you are thinking of me cause i am thinking of you and sending a pictures for you i hope if you see it you will think about me.
  I hope you like them.
  Ok i wish you good day!!!
  Kisses for you!!!
  From Natalia Smirnova with love!!!
  Russia, Norilsk, Pushkina 21-7
  2d report:
  First name: Natalia
  Last name: Smirnova
  Country: Russia
  City: Norilsk
  Details: Wanted to come to America for her birthday to spend it with me.
  989 dollars to be sent to for the plane ticket.
  Western Union was the way the money was to be sent.
  Reported by: Frank G.
  3d report:
  Here at StopScammer:
  ID# 765 Natalia Smirnova
  ID# 836 Nailia Mamleeva
  ID# 629 Aleena Sokolova
  ID# 582 Elena Mesheriakova
  ID# 482 Maria Shishkina
  First name: Natalia
  Last name: Smirnova
  Country: Russia
  City: Norilsk
  Details: Same as for Frank G., and was 1st. reported on this site by Richard on 11-13-2005
  Exact same Emails and pictures as used for Frank G. and reported by Richard above.
   Where to begin?
   This is one busy and persistent little parasite.
   I find it impossible to believe that she is doing all this alone.
   I "knew" her as Natalia Smirnova, a Dentist working at a hospital in Norilsk, Russia.
   Her scam remains basically the same...... MONEY!
   It is very sad that such a sick and twisted individual is still in business. Anyone who tries to make a living off the loneliness of others is pathetic.
   She and whoever is helping her needs to be shut down.
   Watch out for her guys. An attractive female who knows how to flatter and sweet talk you.
   She seems so sweet and innocent, but she is anything but. She is an ice maiden. BEWARE!
  Reported by: David J.

# Date: 2005-11-13

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