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# Name:      Aleksandra Sapunova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Cheboksary

# Seen at:   This one

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: I have had this girl chasing me for about 6 weeks now. Started with nice chats for about 3 weeks then she wanted for ut to meet. I said I would go over but she wanted to come to UK. The only way this could be because of the small amount of money she earnt was for me to send money for visa and passport. I rang Western Union and they told me not to send to her because lots of other people had been sending to her and they thought she was on the game. I confronted her about it and she said it must be a mistake. There are lots of people with the same name as her in Cheboksary, it is very common. She tried to get me to send it to her mum her friend and just about anyone in Russia for her. I told her if she wanted to see me I would visit her there and I would not send money at the moment. She is still trying and I am letting her waste her time because at least she won't have time to chase other suckers while she is trying with me. Give it another month and I will maybe let her know that I know what she is up to. For now, I am happy to cost her money on the internet. Beware she has some great, sweet photo's of herself and does not give in easily!

# Date: 2005-09-24