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# Name:      Ekaterina Gakk

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Nikolaev

# Phone:    +380 (96) 533 77 35

# Seen at:   Multiple Ukrainian dating/marriage website

# Dangerous: 21%

# Details: We met on an international dating website. After multiple months of video calls and letters, we agreed to meet. I flew to Odessa, spent the weekend with her and her sister/cousin, and then took a taxi back to Nikolaev. After which, she refused to meet with me alone, until I met her mother. All the time she and her cousin acted like we were destined for marriage. We did things together, which often included shopping where she convinced me to buy her groceries and clothes. I paid for all food and drinks. Many things I paid for were inflated.rnrnWhen I met her mother she picked out an expensive amount of clothes for me to buy as a gift. Afterwards we were supposed to be alone, but she disappeared with the excuse that she had a sudden issue with her appendix and needed surgery. I returned home never to see her again.rnrnBack home, she continued to message me, but would not call or video. She would say she was working all the time to pay for her surgery. She asked me to send her money. I sent her some money. She then asked for 2x more of what I sent. When I would not send it, she stopped talking to me.rnrnLater, her sister/cousin emailed me and tried to convince me that Ekaterina had left to work in the fields to make money. The loan was growing fast because of interest and so I needed to send money quick, or she would toil in the fields for years and we would never be together.

# Date: 2021-12-29