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# Name:      Darya Kolpakova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Sokol

# Phone:    79093688795

# Seen at:   Iskrica

# Dangerous: 21%

# Scam scenarios:   Hey. I'll start with my name, "DARI." What's your name? We recently met on a dating site. First I want to know why you signed up for the dating page. Where we met. I want to meet the right man. I'm looking for a marriage

# Details: Hey.rnIll start with my name, "DARI." Whats your name?rnWe recently met on a dating site.rnFirst I want to know why you signed up for the dating page. Where we met. I want to meet the right man. Im looking for a marriage partner.rnI hope for an honest answer.rnWith this message I am sending you a picture. How about my pictures?rnIm waiting for your answer, as well as your picture.rnDARI.rnAt the end I send her 8000 Euros using W.U.rnThis person is very dangerous scammer.rnShe uses great real life stories, pictures and flase documents to make you to belive her and to gain your trust. Then she strikes and takes your money and disappears. I used Western Union for money transfers.rnShe is very dangerous and she must be punished for that.rnPlease help before she hurts somebody else.rnSometimes I think this could be a case of stolen identity but it is hard to tell because scam if very detailed using false documents. That is how they gain your trust and take your money.rn

# Date: 2021-01-06