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# Name:      Marina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 12%

# Scam scenarios:   Asks money

# Details: Hi my dear,hi my sweet Jorge!!Are you ok???I hope that..I do not feelrnmy body still..Oh...i just in mess...all my thoughts in isrnterrible.. do not know what to do, really, i do not know where to getrnthis stupid money at least for food ..rnrnI do not have any normal thoughts and variants...Just wish you werernhere with me now...i am so so lonely without you..i feel so first time i feel weak woman myself....I want to cry...irncry..i do not want to loose you because of all this circumstancesrn...Doctor told me if i will not get any medicine to treat Nadya shernwill have problems with her heart..Oh, honey, i cry now((I cry((Oh, myrnlove, it is very important for future of our daughter Nadya(((( I knowrnrnMoney are ruin relationship..i hate that..and i would never dare tornask you about help, but Nadya..I do not ask you to help mernconstantly...i know this black line of my life will pass soon... dornnot ask for me..just for Nadya... I will send you all back!I swear!!rnrnI really need you...your Marina and Nadya.. (09/10/2020).rnhoney, i so so need you...very very... (10/10/2020)rndid you read my letter?????I told you what happened!!!!I very need yournhelp!!rn12/10/2020.rnhere my bank account, honeyrnrnKiyrcheva NadiiarnrnACCOUNT:rn5168757398113607rnrnBANK OF BENEFICIARY:rnPRIVATBANK, 1D HRUSHEVSKOHO STR., KYIV, 01001, UKRAINE n SWIFT CODE/BIC: PBANUA2XrnrnCORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT:rn0011000080rnrnINTERMEDIARY BANK:rnJP MORGAN CHASE BANKrnrnSWIFT CODE/BIC: CHASUS33rnrnIBAN:rnUA103052990000026202864759699rnrn I really very need you.. (13/10/2020). (You can verify that the account does not correspond to the name, I have asked it and it tells me that it belongs to a friend or a Scammer, obviously.).rnrnit is my friend name, becasue i do not have bank account(( (13/10/2020).rn

# Date: 2020-10-21