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# Name:      Anastassiya Saifulina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Kazakhstan , Aktobe

# Seen at:   Phisching emails

# Dangerous: 17%

# Scam scenarios:   Standard Russian Scam from Kazakhstan supposedly. Less than 15 emails total. I will post a few random ones

# Details: Standard Russian Scam from Kazakhstan supposedly. Less than 15 emails total. I will post a few random onesrn

# Date: 2018-08-27

Hello! How is your day? My name Anastassiya.
I'm 29. I'm a lonely girl. I have no children. I have a higher education.
I want to find a person with whom we will understand each other, and share the opinion.
I want to meet a faithful, reliable, caring man, leading a healthy lifestyle.
For whom home comfort and coziness, which values warm relations andmutual understanding, are important. Ready for a family.
I'm not going to play games. I want to finda serious man who also will not play with me.
You can write me to my email address. I will be waiting for your answer.

With best wishes Anastassiya.
Hello my friend Chris!
How are you? Thank you for your letter, I was waiting for him with impatience!
I'm sorry that I did not write for a while. But I had the weekend.
And I could not write to you. I told you that I am writing to you from your work.
But I did not work on these days. And I have not had the opportunity to write to you ..
But please know. I am writing to you whenever I have the opportunity I have !!!
I hope you're not angry with me now ...
And please do not worry, my weekend went well. I was with my family ..
Chris I believe that it is very wonderful that we write to each other,
because of our letters, we learn about each other more and more!
I am very interested in our correspondence, it is very interesting to know you, your life and your country!
I read your letter with great pleasure!
Well, I hope you will be interested to know about my hobbies, I like to listen to Russian and foreign music.
In Kazakhstan, the very few singers who sing in Russian.
But how do you know that my native language is Russian, and I prefer to listen to music in English and Russian languages ..
And so many people in Kazakhstan .. Almost 40 percent of the population of Kazakhstan, said in Russian ...
From Russian musical executors I like to listen to songs from the following groups: 'BI-2', 'Splin', and even some of the groups.
Have you heard of these musical groups? Among the foreign artists I like to listen 'Bon Jovi', 'U2', 'Scorpions', 'Elton John'.
Actually, I like to listen to good music. What do you like music?
I would be interested to know about it. Please tell me, okay?
From movies I like to watch comedies, fantastic films, romanticism.
But huge impression I got from the movie 'The Lord of the Rings', 'Harry Potter'.
I hope you were watching these films? But it was especially impressed after the film 'The Patriot',
the main actor - Mel Gibson, which describes the war between England and America.
The film vividly shows the patriotism and love of country! This is a very important quality,
which should have everyone in the world! Really? Chris, I hope that you looked this film,
and that you had an excellent experience from watching this movie.
In my opinion, Mel Gibson playing a role as a very talented actor! I like to watch the film 'Cruel Intentions',
it is very sensual and instructive film for all youth. I also liked the film 'Me, Myself & Irene' with the comic actor Jim Carrey:-)
I hope that you looked this funny movie:-) From fiction I liked the movie 'Planet of the Apes',
this is a very interesting film in my opinion. I also want to tell you that I love to read books,
especially writers: Pushkin, Tolstoy, Chekhov.
But I was in a huge admiration from reading a book by Stephen King 'The Dark Tower', in my opinion, this is a very interesting book,
where the main character Roland purposeful man, he goes to the dark tower,
and I like the quality of Roland - determination! I consider this an important quality in any man.
I hope you agree with me? About the food... My favorite dishes: fried potatoes, various soups,
I also like the meat, and I do not want to hide it from you:-) I really like fish and chicken, you like chicken?
I also like the pizza, especially pizza with cheese. I love fruits and vegetables, there is a lot of vitamins.
Chris you like to cook? I cook very well, my family and my friends are very fond of my meals:-)
I also wanted to tell you about my favorite kind of sports, I like sports very much, do you like sports?
In winter I like to ski and ride a bike in the summer. I also like to play volleyball. But most of all I like aerobics,
me and my friends, in his spare time to attend classes in aerobics, I believe,
that this sport helps to support my body in good shape. I also wanted to tell you,
I like to dance different dances! Have you ever danced with a girl?:-) It's so attractive and beautiful!
I'm sure you would like to dance with me!:-) It will be wonderful! Perhaps in the future we will be able to dance with you, it would be unforgettable!
About my hobby! I like to collect various beautiful female magazines, about style, about female life.
For a small period of time, I have a big collection of different magazines.
I would like to tell you about my dreams. I dream to drive a car in the future, it would be very cool and interesting.
But I want to say that our family do not have a car, and for us it is very expensive,
but our father said that probably in 1-2 years we will be able to let our family to buy a car,
and maybe I'll learn to drive a car. Or can you teach me in the future!?:-)
Chris, among other things, my parents ask me about you:-) I told my parents,
that you are a good and decent man, my parents are very happy to meet you on the internet and our relationship!
My parents wish us good relations in the future! And perhaps in the future we'll be together, and I'm sure that we will be a magnificent pair:-)
I would love to live abroad and only person that I trust, with a man who will not betray me! You understand?
But remember Chris! We need to know about each other as much as possible! It is very important for me!
As I told you earlier, we need to know more about each other, from our emails.
I also want to tell you that I would like to speak to you on the phone, and I hope it's a good idea!
I have a great desire to hear your voice, Chris, and I hope you want to hear my voice too!
Please send me your phone number in your next e-mail, okay?
I can not believe I wrote you such a great email.
I hope you will be interested to read it and know more about me! I would be grateful to you,
if you write to me in your next letter about your hobbies, interests, and what kind of music do you prefer?
What kind of movies? What's your favorite color? My favorite color is blue, it calms me!
Incidentally, my parents, my sister and my friends ask me to tell you more 'Hello' from them!
Chris I'll wait for your answer! Please write to me as soon as possible!

Your girlfriend Anastassiya !!!

PS - I also regret the death of your dad. It's always hard to lose a loved one.
Please accept my condolences ...
And it's good that you are helping your mom. It means that you are a good son ..

Also, to tell you .. I've never been to the sea .. But it's my dream to live near the sea ...

And the history of Galina confirms only that distance is not a problem in the modern world!

I will finish today. And if I forgot to say something, please remind me. OK ?
I can be careless .. Because a lot of work today ... ok?
Hello my dearest friend Chris!
I am so happy to receive your letter again!
I just want to say thank you for your compliments !!! I'm really a little shy is now :)
But I thank you for what you are talking so well about me :)
I also hope you're not tired of waiting for my letter ... But you know, I am writing to you whenever I have the opportunity ...
I hope this is not a problem for you ...
My day was very good, when I saw your words.
Unfortunately today, I had a bad experience with a bad client in our bar.
He drank a lot of vodka and all the time prevented me from working. He always wanted to hug me,
and he told me insulting words. In the end, our security and the police threw him out of the bar,
and my mood was terribly bad. It was only when I saw your message, only if my mood became much better!
Chris please do not worry about this severe case of bad customers, okay? Now everything is in order!
My dear friend Chris, I see that we are interested in each other more and more, and I think,
it's very good for us, because I have a very good and a good friend like you!!!
I am very much interested in you, my life is much better than it was prior to getting to know you!
You - a very good friend, you can understand me, and it - it is very important to me in my life. I see that you trust me,
and I also trust you, and I think it's very important for our friendship! I hope you understand me.
I want to tell you that I believe in God, I - a Christian woman, I said to you earlier about this.
I like to go to church, it is not far from my house. Our Church - a very beautiful place.
In this church the priests sing beautiful songs and I like it a lot. It is very soothing my soul,
especially when I have a bad mood. And I want to tell you that your letters are also comfort me, I feel it Chris.
Some of my colleagues at work know that I correspond with you. They told me that it is very good and that they are genuinely happy for me!
I would like to know your full name and your home address to any emergency in life. Please send me this information, okay?
My director said that his computer may soon not work temporarily, and therefore there is a possibility,
that we can not communicate with each other! I think that God will not allow this, I sincerely hope that we will continue to correspond Chris!

I will give you my home address and my full name just in case, in my life!

Here are my details:
Name: Anastassiya
Surname: Saifulina
Republic Kazakhstan;
City: Aktobe, 030006
Street: Prospect Alia Moldagulova, 12-17

Please write this information on paper on any event of your life, okay?
On this I finish my email to you. I am very tired at work today, and I hope you will understand this.
I'll be waiting for your reply Chris.

'Hello' to you from my work colleagues!

Sincerely, your girlfriend Anastassiya.

PS - Also tell you. In the near future, I will send you some songs in russian language ..
I will put it in a letter ... :) I hope I do not forget to do it :)
And also to tell you about dancing ..
If we meet again, then I will teach you to dance !!!! I am a good teacher! :)
And I think you quickly learn to dance ...

And also to tell you. If we meet one day, I will have great pleasure to cook you dishes of Kazakh cuisine!
I am an excellent cook! And I would like you to know Kazakh. The kitchen is well :) For example, I cook well "plov" - it is rice with meat and some vegetables!
Also, "manti" - it's like ravioli, but they are larger and more succulent! And as the soup "Lagman" is the lamb soup with vegetables and noodles! This is delicious !
I'll feed you, when we live together !!

And I would be grateful if you could teach me to drive a car once ..
I think you're a good teacher :)

And I almost forgot the most important thing .. you forgot to leave me your phone number ..
I really want to call next week ... ok?

And yes, that's right. Dasha told you correctly.
What else does Dasha say?

And I will give "hello" from you, for my family!
Hello, my beloved, my Chris!
I am so happy! I got a letter from you, the joy is so happy for me,
to get your necessary love for me, your words are very warm my soul.
Also tell you ... I spent the weekend at work. Saturday and Sunday were very hard days ..
Because so many people were in the bar. And there was a lot of work ...
Chris, I love you so much that I can not live without you now my love.
You and your posts are so necessary for me. You - an inseparable part of my life, my love.
I say this very seriously and deliberately!
In recent days, when I close my eyes at night, I imagine our meeting with you Chris, I can not wait for this moment,
when we meet at the airport, my love, I want it very much!
I am the happiest woman in the world, because we met each other, my dearest Chris!
My dear, I want to wish all the people that they loved each other,
because I checked this feeling love with you, it happens so quickly over the Internet,
I want to tell you my favorite, that all the people who want to find a man or a woman, love,
then the man or woman will find her love certainly, I'm sure of it,
because I consider you my love through the Internet, and we love each other and I know,
that our love - the most expensive of all the sense of the feelings that exist on this small blue planet.
My dear, I love you very much, I miss you darling, I want to be with you, my man!
My favorite, I want to tell you that my friend Galina tried to talk to her aunt Tatyana who is in Astana,
to ask her about all the necessary information for my arrival to you, but I want to tell you,
it was a great pity for me that Aunt Tatyana was not in place at the moment when Galina phoned her.
But Galina told me that she would try to call to Tatyana to Astana soon in the near future, maybe tomorrow!
Me and my parents sure that Aunt Tatyana will give us all the information about my arrival to you my love.
I can not wait until we are together, I miss you terribly, my favorite!
Last night I could not sleep, I think about you all the time Chris! Before my letter,
in my mind came a lyrical meditation on you my favorite. I found on the internet one lyric poem,
I want to tell you that I love this poem and I want to show my great love to you in this poem,
I hope that you will love this feeling and a poem for you my favorite,

--- SO FAR AWAY --- (by Steve Forsythe)








I hope you enjoy this poem because of him I think of you often my favorite,
this poem from my heart is filled with our love for each other, my Chris.
My favorite, and again and again I want to tell you that my parents are very happy for us,
that we will be together soon. My mom and my dad all the time asking about you, and I understand they say that they love you,
like a son! My sister Masha keeps asking me about you:-) also big 'Hello' from my family to you, my favorite!
Also, again I want to share with you my some problem in my work, it's - again, Natalya,
the waitress at our bar:-( I want to tell you that I heard from Natalya swearing at me again.
As you remember, I told you before, Natalya thinking about our love very badly!
I think she just really jealous of us, do you agree with me?
She said that all men promise women a happy life and love in words, and she said that you are not an exception.
She told me that you say only nice words to me,
and that you can not make an effort for our meeting and she said, well, that all men - people,
that promise in words everything, but on the actions, she said, men are weak people. Also, she said,
that you will not do anything for our meeting, my favorite, it was insulting for me:-(
I cried from her words, she told me a dirty lie!
She thinks all men very bad, I do not know, I do not understand it! Why does she think that?
I want to tell you that I do not want to work in this bar because it becomes unbearably bad for Natalya.
I want to tell you that as Natalya - a distant relative of our boss of the bar, she is well aware of our directors and it is against me.
Natalya said, our director, she forbade me to use the computer to correspond with you,
she said that the computer is not for the feelings of love, she said that the computer just needs to work!
When I heard this, I was crying. Why Natalya so bad towards me and to us with you my favorite? Why?:-(
I do not understand that! My Darling, I want to tell you that I can not go against Natalya,
because it is - a relative of the director of our bar. I spoke with our director.
He said that I should not pay attention to Natalya,
but on the other hand, it does not go against Natalya, because they are relatives. He told me,
I can use a computer to communicate with you my dear Chris, because he's a good man and he said that,
that he understands my love for you, and he told me that he has a good wife,
he loves, and he also spoke about their love with his wife. I thank our director,
that he allowed me to use a computer. So that I can write you a message, my dear, but he repeats it to me,
that he will not go against Natalya, he said that perhaps Natalya will put pressure on me mentally,
He also said that it would be better for me if I do not work with Natalya in a bar,
Now I want to leave my job. My favorite, I do not want to insult me Natalya in accordance with its silly statement!
I do not want to work in this bar with this poor woman Natalya my favorite, I do not want to hear her insult never!
I want to tell you that my mother and my father comforted me after the words Natalya.
I cried on the shoulders of my mother. My parents told me that everything will be fine,
because you and I love each other, and Natalya and no one else will interfere with our love,
when we will be with you my love, they said also that it would be better,
if I leave from his work at the bar and I need to prepare for my arrival to you.
My parents told me that they were outraged by the behavior of Natalya, especially was very indignant at my dad.
He does not want his daughter insulted. My parents are confident that you will be a good husband to me,
and also that you will not ever insult me, I said to my parents,
that you are not able to say and do bad things to me as Natalya.
My dear Chris, please tell me that you will never offend me, please,
promise me this, my dear, I trust you, and I do not want you broke my heart!
I love you, I really trust your feelings of love for me, I can not live without you, I can not!
I want to be with you forever, I love you and I miss you terribly, my love,
I hope that we will gather all our energies of life, thanks to which we will be together soon my love Chris.
I love you and I miss you very much! Well, on this, let me finish my letter,
I want to tell you what I'll wait for your answer with great pleasure.
Well, again and again, 'Hello' from my mother, my father and my sister to you my dearest man!

I think only about you Chris,
I want to be with you as soon as possible,
Your love Anastassiya .

My love Chris... I received your letter just now. How are you? How is your day?
I want to tell you right away. When, I went to work, I was worried.
Because I did not know that you would answer me .. I thought all night about our meeting.
And I slept only two hours today. I really could not sleep a long time ..
I do not know why, but I was scared. I was scared to read your letter too ..
I was very much afraid that you would refuse to help us for our meeting.
But deep down I hoped that everything would be fine. And I knew that you would not leave me here alone ..
But when I read your letter, my mood fell to zero ...
I really cry now. I'm writing you a letter and I can not calm down .. I'm just lost now. And I do not know what to do ..
My love, can I explain to you why I asked you for money? Please, let me ...

The fact is that at my job I earn very little.
I get $ 115 a month. And from this money, I help my parents pay for the apartment.
For two loans. They took a loan to buy an apartment and furniture.
And so that you know .. I do not have the money to buy myself new boots and a computer even .. you understand?
I'm not a rich man. And I was never a rich man.
You must understand that now the crisis here in Kazakhstan.
And people do not have money ... I asked you for money not for myself. I asked you for money for our meeting .. do you understand?
Do you think I did not tell my parents about the price of the trip?
I cried the night I learned about the prices for the trip. I came home and cried ..
I told my parents about the price. And I knew that I would have to ask for money from them.
But the fact is that they paid just for the training of my younger sister. And they have no money now. IM telling you the truth .
I also asked for money from some of my friends who could help me.
But they also refused me .. They all said that they do not have money. People now in Kazakhstan are very cautious about money.
And no one will lend money. Now, when I read your letter .. I went to talk to the director.
But he also said that he pays a lot of credits. And he will not be able to help me.
I looked like crazy, when I asked for money from people, for our meeting ...
I would never ask for money from you, if I could make all the documents myself. You understand ?
You were the last person to whom I said about the price of the trip .. You understand?
I do not ask for anything more from you. I just want to be with you right now. This is my dream now and I do not want anything more ...
And I want to tell you. I will never use your money when we are together.
I'll find a job. And I will return to you all the money that you will send me.
And so that you know, I will say it again. I do not ask for money for myself. This money is for our meeting with you!
Please know .. I will say it again! You're the last person I could ask for money for our meeting !!!!
And I do not believe that we will stop now .. And I do not believe that these damned money can interfere with our meeting ..
Please tell me . Is this big money for you ???
And remember, I'll pay you back to the last cent when we're together. I swear to you !

My love Chris, I will finish my letter now and will wait for your reply soon ..
I hope you'll think before you make a decision ... ok? Please remember . Far to Kazakhstan there is a woman who loves you.
This woman is me! And I hope that we will do the right thing ...
I love you with all my heart . And I miss it very much! I'm ready to fly to you even tomorrow !!
Please have a good day.

Your Anastassia ..
Hello my love Chris!
I am happy to see your letter! Today, I learned all about my arrival to you.
I want to say that today I corresponded with my friend Galina email.
Galina told me that she was talking on the phone with Tatyana, on my arrival to you.
Galina said, I have to do a visa, foreign passport and a document of health insurance, and even some of the documents.
They will be ready in 10-15 days after payment, as Tatyana will help me make these documents in an expedited process.
I can be in your country 90 days, but if you would prefer, I can get home earlier than 90 days.
And also, if I want to say, if we get married ... So I'm staying in your country forever. Well, I hope you understand ...
Such an opportunity is perhaps only once in a lifetime! I love you very much, and I dream of our meeting.
I want to see you, my beloved. I mean, I need your help Chris.
My love, I do not know how to tell you this, I am very ashamed and it is not convenient to you, but I need you to help me $390 for registration of my documents.
With the money I needed to do, passport, visa, and I have to undergo a medical examination and to pay for insurance, for going abroad in your country.
If you can help me the money today, then I think that the next day I will be able to go to Astana to Tatyana, to start the registration of my documents.
Also, my love Chris, Galina told me that you will need some information from me to send me the money.

My full data:
My full name - Anastassiya Saifulina
Country - Kazakhstan

Today, on the way to work I went to the 'Western Union', is a system of instant money transfers.
The operator 'Western Union' convinced me that the transfer of money is very safe and fast.
Also, the operator explained to me that the transfer of money you will need to indicate my full name, and the country, these data will be sufficient.
My dearest Chris, I want to ask you if you can help me the money?
It will be necessary for me, as you'll have to send me important information,
after you send money through the 'Western Union' (this number - MTCN - Money Transfer Control Number).
This number you will have in the receipt, which will give you a statement. My dearest Chris,
you should know that these data are very important for me, so do not forget to send them to me at my email.
Without this MTCN I can not get money from you, which are necessary for my coming to you my dear Chris.
My love, I understand completely that it's - a lot of money, but I do not rely on anyone, so I have to ask you for help.
When I'm with you, I'm going to look for a job in the profession, and I will give myself completely, for our happy future. My favorite Chris,
I love you very much and we'll be together, I am confident in this. I dream of our meeting at the airport.
I'm sure I'll cry at this moment, when I come out of the air corridor, and when I see you, my Chris,
and these are tears of our happiness. I close my eyes and imagine I'm happy about this picture.
My love, I dream about how we will live together as we go for a walk together, holding our hands, my love.
I want you to show me your home, the place where you like to go, and where you like to spend more of your time,
I also want to meet your family and closest friends!
I want to be with you very much, you are my biggest love in life Chris! I love you and I miss you!
I want to tell you that I spoke to my parents about us, especially for my arrival to you. I want to tell you,
that my family has so many happy smiles for us and our loved ones they approve the feelings of love with you,
they are so happy, because we love each other very much, they just told me something,
that we will be happy with you, and they wish us much happiness together!
They see my feelings and my happiness from our love to you and they understand me,
that you and I should get together and wish us a lot of love! Big greetings from my family to you,
Chris, please take the love from my parents, they love you as his son!
On Sunday, I was in church praying for us, for us to be together, and that nothing could not separate us in this life!
Well, my love, let me to finish my email, I'll be your answer!

Your love forever. Anastassiya.

PS - And please, do not worry. Today everything is good.
Natalya again talk shit! But I just do not understand it, I do not want to hear it.
It's a great place for me !! I decided not to be nervous about that ...
My dear Chris! I have one option!
Listen to me now very carefully!
The fact is that I have an uncle, he is my distant relative, he very long ago went to live in India.
And he lives and works there now!
I literally talked to my uncle a few hours ago and he told me that he can help me with money for my arrival to you my love Chris!
But the fact is that India has a very strange system of government! I mean laws and politics!
Their laws and policies do not allow sending money from India to Kazakhstan, I do not know what it's connected with!
I was upset about it, but he told me that if I have a good friend and that if I trust him, then he can help us!
I was so happy about this !!! After all, I completely trust you Chris !!!
So I think this is an excellent way out of our situation!
His work is connected with different countries, and he has work partners and just familiar people everywhere.
My uncle will send you money, and you in turn will send them to me through the money system "Western Union" or "Money Gram"
And then we will soon be able to meet with you my love Chris!
I completely trust you, and I know that you will not deceive me and take this money yourself!
I do not even want to talk about it, because I believe you and totally trust !!!
Chris do you have a bank account?
Do you agree to accept money from my uncle? I think it's easy. And I hope that you have a bank account!
I'm so happy about this chance, and we just have to use it!
I will look forward to your reply!
Your forever Anastassiya!