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# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Mirny

# Seen at:   Phisching emails

# Dangerous: 17%

# Scam scenarios:   Standard Russian Scam - now wanting to use bank transfers instead of Western Union. The name presented on this scammer is the holder of the account, not the fake name given.

# Details: Standard Russian Scam - now wanting to use bank transfers instead of Western Union. The name presented on this scammer is the holder of the account, not the fake name given.

# Date: 2018-08-27

ello, my new friend Dameon,
I appreciate that you have answered to me!
I live in Russia, in the town Mirny in Archangelsk region.
I was born 16.02.1978. So I am Aquarius. I am 39.
I work as an accountant in the construction company now.
It's my second day here and I am a bit stressed to be in a new surroundings...
I have to change my work because I can't see how people suffer
and our "free" medical assistance doesn't help them at all...
In my free time I go to the gym, cook, meet friends.
I can speak English fluently. So we can chat without problems
I am single and my heart is open for new relationship.
Bye for now. Vika.
Hi, my Daemon,
My mood is good because I see your letter again!
Thank you that you appeared in my life.
Everything is great! Nothing can prevent us from building relationship.
Well dear I feel that we are close enough to share our secrets.
So as I promised I will always be frank with you.
And if I didn't like something I will tell you directly.
I hope you will do the same. As I see our interest is mutual.
I can't but smiling about this thing.
At this time I will try to be wise to keep our relationship.
I will respect you as my man and will try to find compromises in different questions.
I hope you support me in this.
Well my day is as usual. I am at work. Too much paper work today.
Then I will go to the gym.
Have a good day. Vika.
Hello my love Dameon,
I hope your stomach will be better soon.
Go to the doctor please. It's important.
I guess now I can call you like this.
We have become closer, not so much as I want
but now soon we will be able to see at each other.
I want to believe this. One day it will happen.
I even pray for it when go to bed.
I don't know how to explain this but I feel something.
It early to scream about pure love but you got my mind)
I think of you and us when I go to bed and when I get up.
So what to say. May be it is destiny and you are whom I looked for.
I have a lot of questions in my mind but soon I hope that
I will find answers to these questions.
Kisses, Vika.
Hello my angel Dameon,
Why didn't you give me your number?
I am sure we can be a nice couple
who can develop the relationship which will lead to a family.
Do you agree? I want to be positive about it.
So I called my friend in the agency today.
She told me that I need to have visa, insurance,
train tickets to Moscow, tickets to the USA.
Visa + insurance will be 100$.
Train tickets from Mirny to Moscow will be 80$.
because it is necessary to go for almost 42 hours.
Return tickets to JFK cost 825$.
So totally it will be 1005$ dear.
Well what can I say. I don't have much savings dear
and maximum I can afford 200$.
I do hope we can solve the problem together.
I don't want to give up because life is one
and we need to use all the chances which are given by the destiny.
Kiss you, Vika.
Hello, my big love Dameon!
I came back from my mum and decided to write to you
from the internet-cafe, which is not far from me.
Why don't you give me your telephone number please?
If you can help me with 800$, it will be great.
What do you think?
In life we both received a wonderful opportunity, and that is to love.
You love people in different ways and for different reasons,
depending upon how they have touched your life.
You have touched my life. I think it is the love at first sight that
came to us and changed our life. I do believe in it.
My feelings for you are growing.
And sometimes I am so much afraid to lose you and miss such a great chance.
Honey, I put these thoughts away.
I know that our love keep us till the day we be together.
I do want to explore a future with you. You seem to be the man that completes me.
The man that I have been waiting for. The one that will be my friend, my partner and lover.
My man Dameon!
Yes please give me your number! We need to talk on the phone!
I talked to the travel-manager, you can transfer money to their account.
Can you do this?
She gave me this information:
IBAN: RU40817840617264009876
Name of Bank: VTB24
holder name: PUZANOVA DARYA
her address: Lomonosov Street, 10, apt. 4
Mirny town, Arkhangelsk Region, Russia
zip-code: 164170
I remember the day we got in touch. You stole my heart, and made it skip twice.
You have been the highlight of my life. When I sleep, I dream of you,
when I work, we work together, when your heart beats,
mine beats with yours.
We have been friends for some time now; not one day has gone by without me thinking of you.
I think of you, and the biggest smile comes across my face,
I feel warm all over and my heart still skips a beat for you.
Sweetheart, just looking into your eyes still makes me feel like the first day we met.
I have the same dream we both want, and that's to fall in love with our best friend.
I fell for you so long ago. Do you feel the same way about me?