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# Name:      Anastasiia Mersikova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Moscow

# Seen at:   The scammer in question contacted me privately to my email address, sending me photos and a video, to show me that he was a real person.

# Dangerous: 15%

# Scam scenarios:   While she said she was in Moscow to get the visa and the necessary documents to the consulate to be able to come to Italy, she asked me to send money through MoneyGram, in order to buy airline tickets that were too expensive for the i, as she

# Details: While she said she was in Moscow to get the visa and the necessary documents to the consulate to be able to come to Italy, she asked me to send money through MoneyGram, in order to buy airline tickets that were too expensive for the i, as she had spent the last money to be able to buy a new laptop.

# Date: 2018-03-21


Hello my favorite Davide!
Finally I write to you from Moscow! I rented
a room. The landlady of the department is a very good woman. I'll write you the address where I stopped now: Pervomaiskaya Street, house 87, apartment 17, Moscow, Russia, 105077. Mark, today I visited the embassy
and the airport. At the embassy, ​​I filled out all the necessary documents for the processing of visas. I liked that good people work in the visa department.
They absolutely helped me in everything. I have
delivered all the necessary documents for registration, and I also took pictures for the visa. Now I have to wait for the information about the preparation of my visa.
At the embassy, ​​I met a girl and asked her how long it would take to get a visa. She replied that now everyone does it quickly, since there are so many people who want a visa and, therefore, the embassy works much more
Quick. The embassy also told me that I should buy 2 airline tickets.
Air tickets are required for visa processing. He
fact is that the embassy staff must be sure of the exact dates of my departure and return to Russia and must take into account the exact dates of the visa. This is also related to security.
I thought that the tickets can be ordered through the Internet, but at the embassy they told me that there are now very strict rules and tickets must be provided to ensure that the embassy assures them. The employees of the embassy must see the exact dates of my flight to their country and return to Russia.
They explained to me that this is the main condition to obtain a visa. I was very surprised, but they told me it is important to get a visa quickly! Today I visited the Sheremetevo airport and examined the prices of air tickets. The choice of airline tickets is very
Dear ones, we have to hurry with the purchase of plane tickets, since the tickets must be sent to the embassy, ​​so that my visa indicates the dates of your stay in your country. The cost of an air ticket is $ 600. I need $ 1200, so I can buy two airline tickets. Davide, I did not want to ask you for money, but I bought a laptop and I also had unforeseen expenses.
I have almost no money to buy air tickets. I paid the visa at the embassy and health insurance. And he paid me the accommodation in an apartment of the week (while the visa approval process is). Now I have very little money left and this money is necessary to live in Moscow.
My dear Davide, will you help me buy air tickets? I already told you that I should buy airline tickets in Russia, so that
the embassy will secure my tickets. On the Internet, I learned that you from your country can help me very quickly. In Moscow, there are points for the transfer of money, which operate throughout the world. This is "Money Gram", "Western Union" or "Unistream". I will write the information you need so you can help me.
My full name is Anastasiia Mersikova.
Name of the bank: "SBERBANK".
Address: Verhnaya Pervomayskaya Street, house 59/35, building 2, Moscow, Russia, 105264.
Telephone number: +7 (495) 500-5550.
My dear Davide, after giving me your help, the bank officer will tell you the secret number. You have to write me this room, so that I can receive your help without problems. I hope you understand that I have spent a lot of money and I need your help. My favorite, when can I get your help? I must know that, from tomorrow, I will go to the embassy
and I must inform the staff when I will bring the tickets to reassure me.
There are many banks in Moscow, the city is very large,
which is the capital of Russia, but "Money Gram" is near the house where I now stopped and it will be convenient for me to get your help in that department. My visa is already in process, soon I will get to you! I'm glad to have managed to start the visa process!
At the visa center they told me that if I buy tickets quickly and take them to safety, then the visa can be done very quickly!
I hope we are together very soon! Yesterday I imagined our first romantic night ... I want to make you a delicious dinner. Oh, how I dream of that! I am very tired today, Moscow is a very big city and the distance here is much bigger. Please do not leave me without letters. I am completely alone here and I need your support!
I always think of you! I try to install Skype on my laptop, but until now I can not do it. I made a photo for you in Moscow.
I hope you like it I am waiting for your letter, and now I will have my things in my suitcase, because today I have not had time to do so. I gently kiss you Davide!
I really hope for your support!