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# Name:      Nelly Mykolaiv

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Odessa

# Phone:    380666770383

# Seen at:   I met her originally on Anastasia Date, then she deleted her profile after 1 year in communication with her. We exchanged private emails, as I told her that the cost of reading and writing letters, then in addition to the high cost of chat. I wanted private contact. After 1.5 years together, I flew to Odessa, where she met me at the airport, then we went to Mykolaiv where she was living and working at the time. This trip was in February 2015, we met March 23rd, 2014 on Anastasia Date.. Then when I returned home her letters became less loving, and less frequent, she had already received from me many bouqets of roses and gold pendant from Anastasia Date. Which cost a lot of money. Then she started to ask for Western Union money transfers, and also Money Gram to support her. Which I sent many times on both. Then suddenly she just ended our romantic relationship, by saying she has moved into her parents home in Odessa after selling her home in Nikoleav. She said she could not be happier living with family, started a new career at Odessa Commercial Sea Port, Medical Department as outpatient nurse. SHe said she is no longer interested in romantic relationship with a foreign man as she has decided to live her life in Ukraine. She said she is a native Ukraine woman and is happy living in her birth country. She asked many times to be my friend, and I reluctantly agreed as I knew it would be hard for me. The reason it has been hard for me, is because Nelly and I were talking for 6 months after my trip to her. To meet her parents when I return this Christmas 2015. I was quite excited about this trip, as I was prepared to proposemarriage to Nelly. However, after her shocking letter and decision to live her life in Ukraine and no longer to pursue romantic relation ship with a foreign man, I needed some time to absorb this. Then shockingly , I find while I was sending Nelly money in the 2015 summer, she has already made brand new international dating photos for CharmDate site. I find her profile there with her new photos taken in the summer, while I was supporting her financially. I was heart broken, betrayed, angry, upset, shocked and feel, I a have been played and used for gifts, money, my heart, everything, I'm still really mad at her for stabbing me in the back, as she is clearly not interested in foreign man for love, she wants his money and riches, and then she will again tell him the same story she told me. Very much a liar and back stabbing, b@@@@@@@@.

# Dangerous: 18%

# Scam scenarios:   The scammer: Anelia (Nelly) Sakalyuk date of birth: March 16, 1978 birth city: Odessa, Ukraine old employer March 2015: Roshen candy distributor in Mykolaiv, Ukraine present employer November 2015: Odessa Commercial Sea Port Medical Departmen

# Details: The scammer: Anelia (Nelly) Sakalyukrndate of birth: March 16, 1978rnbirth city: Odessa, Ukrainernold employer March 2015: Roshen candy distributor in Mykolaiv, Ukrainernpresent employer November 2015: Odessa Commercial Sea Port Medical Department/outpatient care/nursernheight: 55"rnweight: 130 lbrnhair: blackrneye: hazel/greenrnphone: +380 666 77 03 83rnemail: nellynib@mail.uarnnelli-sladkaya@mail.uarnnellyrosehn@mail.uarnNellyRoshen@mail.uarnrnI paid for English lessons, which she rarely took.rnI paid for new designer clothes.rnI paid for restaurants.rnI paid for flowers.rnI paid for gold pendant.rnI paid the taxi.rnI paid for alcohol and all entertainment we shared.rnI paid her mortgage payment while she said she was injured and in the hospital for 5 weeks with no salary. Even though she was already chatting with new gentlemen on CharmDate.rnI paid for all our correspondence, including letters, sent and received from her.rnI paid thousands of dollars for all the chatting we did on Anastasia Date.rn

# Date: 2016-01-04
I sent money by Western Union and Money Gram many times. Name of Anelia Sakalyuk, this is her birth name. But mostly sent to Nelly (this is Slavic nick name for Anelia) Sakalyuk.

I have informed Anastasia Date and CharmDate, also NatashaClub (so not to allow her to register on site) CharmDate says since most correspondence is in private and Anastasia Date, their efforts are limited. However, CharmDate has agreed to monitor her profile.

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