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# Name:      Anna Galina Lavrishina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lviv

# Phone:    00380506283229

# Seen at:   Skype

# Dangerous: 21%

# Scam scenarios:   We got in contact, by her invitation for chat on 15 February 2015 and we have changed the Contact Details and talked trough Skype. She is a single parent with a small daugther, Angelina. On March 13 2015, I received a message that Angelina,

# Details: We got in contact, by her invitation for chat on 15 February 2015 and we have changed the Contact Details and talked trough Skype. She is a single parent with a small daugther, Angelina. rnOn March 13 2015, I received a message that Angelina, the little one, is in the hospital. She has a cyst in her ovary and needs urgently an operation. She told me that she does not have enough money to make the operation in a private clinic. Their reward is too small and the Relatives, already asked for money assistance are not able to do it.rnO-Ton Anna (fom chatt by skype): "The operation (all for her care in the hospital for 3 weeks ) is 1200 USD. I have already 400. You know it is just very uncomfortable to ask you for something".rnAfter consideration, I offered her to send $ 400 without commitment. I know to send money to a woman I do not know personally, is not smart and I never would do it. But as a social person and for humanitarian reasons, I had compassion with her, decided to send the money without a commitment from her.rnO-Ton Anna (by skype): "oh my dearest thank you a lot for this, you helped me so much!"rnCopy Western Union: MTCN 1903525840, Auszahlungsbetrag 400.00rnBestimmungsland Ukraine, Empf?¤nger Name Lavrishina Vorname AnnarnO-Ton Anna (by skype): Oh baby thank you thousands of times my darling. Oh baby, I am with you! Oh my darling, do not give up, all will be ok and we both know it! I am with you, now my work day is finishing I will go home and go on the way to the bank. As I will finish I will infirm you darling.rnOh darling. you know you are just very handsome really and your life is full od energy and I really like it! I think one day we will have such a great fun together! I kiss you and remember that I am with you.rnSunday, 29. March: rnO-Ton Anna (by skype): Good evening darling, just came back home - after we finished our talk in 20 minutes I received a call from my mom - she asked me to go to the hospital again - blod continue to run, and we needed to give another injections ( because without my sign on paper that I agree with their decision - they cant do it), oh darling, it is so hard. after that I had a talk with doctors again - they told me and my mom that there is no time to wait - because she is too small to sit on those injections every day - it is really very harmful for her health and they asked me to do this operation. I called again to my boss and he rejected my question again. The reason is why I write it now agin to you - I have no one to ask and was tried all the half of the month - I am just not in time with that shit work - can you please help me with that sum that is left? I mean with left 500 and int his way I can start that operation tomorrow or on Tuesday... I feel so exhausted and you know underground because I never thought that I will do this in my life - ask for money, oh GOd.rnI decided, with her consent to pay this sum back to me, to transfer their money again in the amount of $ 500.rnMoney Transfer Control Number MTCN 2352937990, Auszahlungsbetrag 500.00rnBestimmungsland Ukraine, Empf?¤nger: Name Lavrishina, Vorname Anna GalinarnO-Ton Anna (by skype): "I am fine baby, I also have a little time, cause just got home and need to sleep before to stand up too early tomorrow int he morning, I got today your transfer baby - thank you millions of times! was today int he hospital - payed for the operation that will start tomorrow from 11 in the morning so I will be there tomorrow in the day and till the Thusday evening, just want to inform you for you not to be worry about me. I hope that everything will be done okay".rn"oh yeah now I really feel it, I feel you and your support, I will be calm and positive and bleive that everything will be good! I kiss you my darling, and think about you every second! wish you sweet dreams baby".rnBetween this chatts and speak by skype we had contact also by SMS and mobile. We agreed to meet personally in Lviv between 14.-17. Mai (to celebrate my birthday). Anna confirmed this on 28. April with O-Ton Anna: "Great love? Kiss you hard".rnOn Sunday, May 3, we had our last conversation via Skype where she assured me when I asked for a hotel that I could stay in her apartement, she has enough space. We agredd to stay in touch the next days. more on the following week. From this point, the contact broke off completely, my attempts to reach her by mobile, SMS or Skype was no longer possible.rnOn May 12, her birthday I sent her an electronic congratulation card - no reaction. Even my attempts to reach her by phone were not possible. On Wednesday, May 13, she tooked the phone and when she recognized my voice, she instant hang up.rnI have it transferred for humane reasons money for the operation of her daugther with the amount of $ 900. I had understanding and compassion for her as a single parent and trusted her. She was so sweet and loving as long as she got what she wanted. She has shamelessly exploited me, calculating abused my trust and pulled me across the table.rnThe lost money, with the cancelled flight ticket another $ 370 is bad enough. What me hurts much more, is to misused my humanity, my values, my trust and keep me warm until she got what she wanted. The complete cut of the contact concerns me and leaves me in doubt whether Ukrainian women are honest, looking for love or just for money.rnShes a terrible liar and deceiver, and I expect that she is a scammer and i expect that she is taken from the site before drawing other men across the table.

# Date: 2015-07-20