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# Name:      Anna Syrova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Arzamas

# Seen at:   OLGA">cupidbay (Miss777), and also she emailed me her photos.

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: This woman from russia, first contacted me on 5th of june on cupidbay, her nickname in cupidbay is Miss777.
  she said she is interested in me and she gave her email address. she said she worked in a clothes shop.after exchanging afew emails, she said she wanted t ocome to uk to visit me and create a family with me. i said, it is fine if you want to come here for a visit. then she wrote to me about the cost of visa and ticket. she asked me to send money via western Union to pay for the costs. i knew at this point that she was a scammer.
  This is an example of her emails;
   Greetings road! I really want to arrive to you. I think that you that unique the
  man which are necessary for me. I feel to you. I never tested such feelings as
  to you. I cannot explain them. I grieve without you. You should be with me. I
  want that you were a number{*line*}. But unfortunately you cannot arrive to me
  to the city of Arzamas. It is military city and entrance here only under
  misses{*passings*}. And I cannot make to you the miss{*passing*} as you the
  citizen of other country. Let's pay trip together. I can pay 700 $. I should
  take the loan in bank. I for the happiness shall go even on it. But also you
  should help me. I ask you to send through Wester Union 750 $. My full name:
  Syrova Anna. My full address: Russia, Arzamas, Lenin's prospectus 5-11. I wait
  for your answer. Please answer me somewhat quicker. Anna.
  2d report:
  First name: Anna
  Last name: Saveleva
  Country: Russia
  City: Arzamas
  Address: Lenin's prospectus 5-11
  Seen at:, Miss 3808 Camp McCoy Wisconsin
  Details: This women is Anna Syrova she contacted me and suddenly was in love with me and wanted to come to the USA to be with me. After searching for Amzamas, Anna. I found out who she was, When I asked her who Anna Syrova was She responded her identity was stolen and she was not Anna Syrova. But her letters to me are text book scammer. They are the same letters she sends everyone.
  Reported by : Joshua F.

# First reported: zack
# Date: 2005-07-01