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# Name:      Viktoriya or Victoria Burachkova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Chernihiv

# Phone:    +380 935 42 8594

# Dangerous: 53%

# Scam scenarios:    International passport about 370 USD.(exactly cost 100 USD.) Laptop 600 USD. Money for life and family,education,support etc. overall = 4,900 USD.

# Details: International passport about 370 USD.(exactly cost 100 USD.)rnLaptop 600 USD.rnMoney for life and family,education,support etc. overall = 4,900 USD.

# Date: 2014-04-08

I would like to remind everybody about scammer VIKTORIIA BURACHKOVA 3406008487,Passport No.EP 957808,who got my money more than 4,900 USD. in 2012 and 2013 ago.
I have met her in a new name as Viktoriya or Victoria Burachkova scammer ID#5156 come back to some website.

She changed her name, she hoped to be clean after I removed her name from anti-scammer report or blacklist in dating site.
I expected she want to find new victim for take the money from men in this site.

In year 2012, She started to cheat for request my money 370 USD. for make international passport for come to meet me in Thailand. She would talked about money by she said to difficult and poor in her family and requested the support with me all time.
She has been taken my money many times i.e.International Passport,Laptop,expense in her life.
She has been cheating and postpone her trip 3 times and lied to me for made the stories about sick,learn.
She started to request me to transfer some money for make an international passport amount 370 USD.,exactly cost is only 100 USD. This was the first cheated.She requesed a laptop 600 USD.when she cheated to sick and lying in the hospital and her mother had come to request it from me by use the reason for she must relax when was sick. She would said about difficult,no money,personal problems that it is not concerned with me but why was I must be responsibility in her life all the time. She had brought money come to related with our relations always and everytime. I did not brave to talk about the bad things in her letter with me when she was in the site everything was so nice,kind,tender and full beautiful words in each letters.
Finally, she could get my money more than 4,900 USD. she was very greedy and pretended for get benefit and money from me, absolutely she well known I am a kindness and care man, I accepted yes! I was felt very pity her. I could help her by my purehearted and I would not complain or registered her name in the site if she was sincere with me. But impossible I wanted only see her in the real life and will help her and know about her life better. But she was only Evil woman for deceived and betrayed me.
1)30/5/2012 = 370 USD,2)18/7/2012=600 USD.3)10/9/2012=300 USD.4)14/6/2012=229 USD,5)21/09/2012=200 USD.,6)29/7/2012=200 USD.6)25/5/2012= 160 USD.7)17/7/012= 150 USD.
The end of stoty, I have met something after I was re-checked about the truth and last time, around 21/1/2013 she requested my money 650 USD.for cloths and learn. Actually I had already stopped my supprt and have ever told her. I would not used my money come to concent with my woman. She knew but she was trying to beg it from me. I could not be patient with wicked woman. She have been challenged with me and chose to risk with got benefit from a real man as well as she know very well. I am not a general man and I can do everything.