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# Name:      Anna Steshenko

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Chebarkul

# Phone:    +7 (929) 235-2436...

# Seen at:   UK Web site -

# Dangerous: 28%

# Scam scenarios:   Initially demanded 437 Euros to cover travel costs then demanded 4830 Euros to cover the requirement to show that she had sufficient money to sustain her visit in England 2...Hello Robert. Thanks for your answer.. You to me have made pleasan

# Details: Initially demanded 437 Euros to cover travel costs then demanded 4830 Euros to cover the requirement to show that she had sufficient money to sustain her visit in Englandrn2...Hello Robert.rnrnThanks for your answer.. You to me have made pleasantly...rnrnI worried that after my letter, you will not want to answer me more..rnrnAfter all between us distance! But it at all does not frighten me!rnrnI tried to find the man in Russia.. In the city especially....rnrnBut as I already spoke - they seem rough. Not sincere in relations.rnrnCertainly there are good men. But they have for a long time a family. The Wife, Children! I do not want to break anothers families. I not the such!rnrnI need the man who will love me... I want to trust my man. The trust is very important!rnrnI want to be convinced that you the good, serious person. And you seem such.rnrnrnrnrnMMMMMMM what photos. :-) Yes Robert you the nice man. And after your photos, I want to communicate with you even more.rnrnThanks for a photo. You to me are very pleasant...rnrnrnrnrnAs you already know, my name Anna. My sizes of 167 centimetres and 54 kg. My Birth Day 20 November!rnrnMy age of 34 years. Age for me not the main thing! You agree?!rnrnI live one, in the apartment. I not when did not have a husband. Also there are no children. I the lonely girl!rnrnrnrnrnI have graduated from the university, faculty of tourism and the international relations. rnrnMy faculty was with active training of English language.rnrnAs I already spoke, I can freely write and speak English...rnrnI work as the assistant to the manager in hotel. Work not heavy, but responsible.rnrnIf it is interesting to you, you can see a place of my work on the Internet. Hotel "МЕР�Д�АН" - "MERIDIAN"rnrnThe hotel is in city Chelyabinsk. And every day by the bus, I leave for work! It is necessary to pass 60 km... :-(rnrnrnrnrnI like to spend time on kitchen. I very much like to cook. What do you love? rnrnI can prepare for you Borsh. It is Russian soup... You tried?! MMMMMMMMMMM it is very tasty. :-)rnrnYou would like to help me on kitchen, to prepare Borsh? My assistant Robert... :-)rnrn rnrnIn free time from work, I go in for sports. fitness, run, dances. Robert you like sports?!rnrnI like to listen to music when I go in for sports. Classical ROk, group U2 and many other things. You listen U2?! It is pleasant to me! rnrnrnrnrnRobert tell to me more about the life, about the employment and a hobby...rnrnrnrnrnAt my home there is an Internet 3G modem and as the computer. My computer very old, but it does not prevent to write you the letter.rnrnI can answer you every day. But I can sometimes use the computer on work to answer your letter...rnrnrnrnrnRobert tell about the friends. You have the best friend?rnrnI have my best girlfriend Nastya. We together communicate since the childhood. It already married also is children... :-) rnrnNow I should go... I will wait your letter and certainly I will necessarily answer you...rnKisses and embracernP.S. I send you photos me and my friend Nastya.rnOn foto we very cheerful because there was my Birthday!!rn3...hello Roberrt.rnrnHow you feel? What the interesting happens today?!rnrnI hope I do not distract you the letters? Is not present? Tell fairly...rnrnFor me your letters only pleasure. Even on work have noticed that I began to smile much... :-)rnrnAll thanks to you Roberrt... To Your pleasant letters... Thanks that has placed a smile on my face..rnrnrnrnrnI should tell about the city more... OK? It is interesting to you? Ask itself that you want. I will answer...rnrnI already spoke, my city is called Chebarkul. The city population, makes 43.000 persons. rnrnPossibly, my city does not have any especial places... Especial places in a city, some enterprises...rnrnBut at us the beautiful nature and the city population very friendly... All very affable and kind... After all a city small and all each other know. :-)rnrnBut the basic part of the population, works in city Chelyabinsk... The Big and beautiful city. I to you told that I work in hotel, in Chelyabinsk. You remember? Has not forgotten?rnrnRoberrt your city, what it? Beautiful? Big? Tell...rnrnrnrnrnI will hope that you will write about the family more... For you not a problem? You will tell?rnrnI have a father. I very much love the father, it always supported me when I had difficulties...rnrnAnd now I always support it!rnrnNow he is a pensioner. Therefore it leaves to live in the village to the grandmother, is far from a city. But I come to them very often.rnrnYou likely will ask, where my mum? :-( Sadly, but it is not present with us more...rnrnMum was lost and for a long time already. It happens in 2001 in an air crash over the city of Irkutsk. rnrnThat flight was last for mum! About it even spoke on TV and the Internet... There was an awful day and I try not to remember. And even now tears. :-(rnrnBut I still had my grandmother and my father. They my family who has brought up me and was always with me. rnrnNow, when the father leaves to live in the village, I feel even more lonely...rnrnRoberrt, i am very glad that you have appeared in my life... You have filled emptiness in me!!! :-)rnrnrnrnrnNow I am going to leave for lessons of dances. I dance Salsa. But while only I study. Roberrt you Will be my partner in dance? :-)rnrnYou would like to dance with me dance salsa??? I very much like to dance.rnrnWe could embrace each other and dance till the morning. How to you my offer? :-)rnrnLonging and impatient expectation of the following letter from you!rnrnembraces and kissesrnrnAnnarnrnrnrnrnP.S. Some photos from village at the grandmother. I can not find a photo with the father. But I will look. OK?rnrnYou will send photos of the family? To me it will be pleasant...rn4...At you all is good? How your mood?!rnrnrnrnrnTo me it is very pleasant that you like my photos. All girls love compliments. :-)rnrnCertainly I as would be very glad, to see your photos.... rnrnrnrnrnI am now on work and I write you the letter. It cannot be done, but I hope not who will not see. rnrnDid not want to wait evening and has decided to answer you now. For me already so it is important, to read your next letter...rnrnToday on work, all ask why I such cheerful... I answer that good mood!rnrnBut after all we with you know, from what at me a smile upon the face. Certainly from your letter Robert... :-)rnrnrnrnrnI already represent what at me there will be a smile when I will hear your voice.... I will cry AAALLLLLLOOOOOO Robert.... :-)rnrnYou want to talk to me?! I tried on the 3G modem, to establish Skype. But speed of the Internet too small... Not admissible for Skype. :-(rnrnRobert but after all you have phone? Tell to me your number, I will call you. You will not be against?! I in an anticipation to hear your voice...rnrnRobert I have forgotten you to warn, that you did not call to me for work! Because I can have big problems! Well?rnrnIf you to me tell the number I can to call you! I certainly have the Mobil phone, but I do not have international network! You understand?rnrnBut you can try! But I doubt that at you it will turn out to phone. It will be better, if you to me tell the phone number... Well?rnrnMy number +7 (929) 235-2436...rnrnrnrnrnI often think of the future. And these thoughts visit me even more often! I am am surrounded with my friends, and I very much envy them. But this envy is "white"... rnrnAfter all they already everything, have a family. Eventually - the favourite husband and children, this true HAPPINESS! You as consider? What for you the main thing in life?!rnrnOf course, before I had a loved man.... My last relations have ended approximately 2 years ago...rnrnI have thrown it after it has changed to me with other girl, it had a fancy woman... It long hid from me that it has another....rnrnBut soon I have learnt all and to forgive it such act, I could not... He tried to be sorry, but I did not have not enough forces to forgive treason... rnrnof course I suffered... :-( To me it was very heavy to sustain such treachery... But I was supported by my father and friends. rnrnThus, I have appeared on the Internet.... And now I already communicate with you Robert. :-)rnrnBut I was afraid of dating on the Internet. Before I already communicated with the man and as thought that he searches for serious relations. But I very much was mistaken...rnrnHas passed 3 days of our dialogue and he has started to ask my naked photos... Of course I denied him this..rnrnI have ceased to communicate with it in general... But I have received many insults, after refusal. :-( I do not want even to remember.rnrnI want to find the sincere, serious, kind person man....rnrnRobert, you can tell about the last relations?? Your happy or sad moments...rnrnHow in general you have appeared on a dating site? It is interesting to me to know about your last relations...rnrnIt is very important for me...rnrnrnrnrnSuccessful to you of continuation of day, my dear!rnrnYours Anna.rnrnrnrnrnP.S. I have made today photos on work. Only for you Robert :-)rnHello my darling Robert.rnrnToday very bad day, unpleasant weather, but in my heart a storm of emotions. Because I think of you Robert much. I so have missed you, I want to be with you, to embrace and kiss, I want to enjoy you and yours love. You know for a long time about my feelings and about my love to you Robert. You became all in my life, without you I do not represent the life. You became for me very considerable and I very much wait, when we at last that will be together. And I am assured that time will pass quickly and we already will meet you. Robert darling, tomorrow to me time in branch of immigration is appointed and tomorrow I can ask all questions which you interest. Well? And as soon as tomorrow I will have an information, I will write at once you the letter. Well??? I so miss you Robert. I want, that you knew that I very much love you, you the most important for me in the world the person. I never will give you, I will give to nobody, I never will forget you and always I will be only with you Robert. I am glad that you at me are. You to me bring which strange feelings I earlier never tested and I can not describe them, I can tell only that it is love. I very much love you, I do not see you, but I love all only more strongly. You for me everything, all my life it you Robert. Only for you I live and only for you I am ready to make all. You unique on light. I very strongly want to be with you Robert. I many times said to you that I very strongly love you. And here once again, I want to shout for the whole world that I LOVE YOU Robert. You for me the darling on light, I very strongly wait our meeting. I the happiest person on light because I have you Robert. And you always will be only mine. My love to you only will be stronger also day of our meeting, will make our love even more strong and not who cannot separate us. Robert darling, I so am strong on you I miss. I simply do not represent life without you. How I lived earlier??? For me it remains a riddle. After all earlier in my life there was no such remarkable man as you Robert. But now all has changed and I have you Robert and I will love you all life. Robert I promise to you...rnRobert my love, I just have come home and at once have started to write you the letter. Robert darling, I was not yesterday at home. I have come home only at 05:20. It was already dark night and I have gone at once to sleep. Robert darling, yesterday I have gone at once to all my friends. I should though at whom be to find this damned money. Robert darling, I all night long met the friends and even acquaintances whom I did not see long time. But I tried though at whom be to find this damned money. I awoke all even at night because our problem could not leave me alone and I should operate. All swore that I cannot wait till the morning and talk about it. But I have told that it is a matter of life and death and have explained all our situation. I asked from all though what be money. But I was so is amazed, when each of my friends refused to me. I thought that I have true friends and I so hoped that all of them can help me. I tried to explain to all that I will not spend this money. I tried to explain that I should show only in embassy these 4508 euros and then I can receive the visa. I as said to all that this money only for 1 day and that when I will arrive to you, I will send at once this money back. But some at all did not begin to listen to me and have simply closed before me a door. I have been amazed that they so with me arrive. After all I trusted them and considered that we true friends. Me could support only Nastya. She tried to calm me. I know that at Nastya there is no not what money. Because they together with the husband have made repair of the house and she even itself borrowed at me money. And now it in general does not have not what sum. But she it has turned away from me and it all night long was with me. Robert darling why whom I considered all as friends, have turned away from me??? Why all in whom I so trusted, have left me with these problems?? I always to all helped and not to whom not when did not deny assistance. But why they so with me arrive?? I on so much bad, what with me it is possible so to arrive?? I not when not to whom did that bad. But I do not understand, for what they so have betrayed me.rnrnrnrnrnRobert darling, I do not know what now to do. We still had not enough time. As I already have explained yesterday to you, I cannot receive the visa in embassy in Moscow because I have appointed time in embassy when I should come and give all documents for check and as these 4508 euros. I should give the bank account where there will be 4508 euros. But in embassy yesterday to me have explained that if I do not have bank account I need to give this money cash. Robert darling, you understand?? And when in embassy will check up all my documents and will it is assured that I have money to me will make a stamp of the press of my visa. And as I will need this money at customs. After all I can at whom be to ask money, for embassy. But at customs I cannot already make it. These are special laws that the state has been assured that all inhabitants of Russia who is in other countries, could care of itself in other country. I understand for what they it have made. After all many tourists remain in other countries as illegal immigrants because they do not have money, even to come back home. Certainly other usual people suffer from such law, such as we with you also. But I cannot break the law and if I will not have this money to me will not give out the visa and certainly without the visa I cannot take off to you. Robert darling, I slept only 4 hours and at me very much to be turned the head. Because when I start to think of these problems I again start to cry. I already so was tired to suffer and that wants to meet at last you Robert. I do not have forces more to suffer. There are no forces to struggle with these problems. But I know that we should struggle both we will necessarily achieve the and we will be together. You promise to me?? Robert darling, I hope that you will soon wake up and will write me the letter. I very strongly love you. Please promise that you not when will not leave me.rnrnrnrnrnYours Anna.rnRobert darling, you always will be in my heart! Forgive that I have not justified your hopes! I know that you hate me! Forgive! But expectation breaks off to me heart... For me it is better to be in loneliness...rnrnThere are many more emails but all, up until the last, the same sort of thing

# Date: 2013-10-25